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Barry Thornton  
Brian Letton  
Col Elliott  
Dianne Lindsay  
Terry Gordon  
Jeff Brown 
Ian Quinn  
Reg Poole 
Owen Blundell  
Graham Roger  
Justin Standley  
Emma Jene  
Naomi Therese  
Evelyn Bury  
Clelia Adams
Lindsay Waddington  
Alice Benfer  
Anita Ree  
Anne Montgomery  
Arthur Blanch  
Barry Brady
Barry K Chandler  
Becci Netherey
Benning Brothers  
Beryl Imhoff  
Bill Newman  
Billy Freeman  
Bluey Francis  
Bob Easter  
Bob Ferris
Brad Blanck  
Bryan Watkins  
Bruce McCumstie  
Buddy Williams  
Charley Boyter  
Charmaine Pout  
Christina George
Clelia Adams  
Coad Sisters  
Col Edmonds  
Connie Kis Anderson
 Corinna Cordwell  
Craig Giles  
Country Bob Brown
Daisy May
Dale Duncan  
Danny Mack  
Darryl Lamb  
Dave McCallum  
David Croser  
Dean Johnston
 Deniese Morrison
Don & Elvie Featherstone  
Doug Dayman  
Doug McIntyre  
Doug Rowe  
Dusty Rankin  
Eddie Youngblood
Elvie Nichol 
Ernie Constance  
Gail Smith  
Gay Brazel  
Geoff Brown  
Geoff Williams  
Ginny Peters
Glenn Jones  
Gordon Parsons  
Graeme Hugo  
Graham O'Toole  
Greg Williams  
Gunbarrell Highwayman
Herbie Laughton  
Ian B McLeod  
Jack Pledge  
Jeanette James  
Jean Stafford  
Jim & Margaret Coad  
John & Avon Kilcullen
Johnny Greenwood  
Johnny Grills  
Johnny Heap  
John Major  
John O'Dea  
Jude D Lasselle  
Judy Stevens  
Karen Williams
Kel Anne Brandt  
Ken Chainsaw Lindsay  
Ken Hill  
Kevin Shegog  
Kirsty Lee Acres  
Kristy Schneider  
Lee Brittan
Len & Rosalie Hill
 Leo Reynolds  
Les Lawson  
Les Partell  
Lex K  
Lindsay Hammond 
 Lloyd Back  
Loose Connections  
Mal Brodie  
Mal Coad  
Mal Podmore  
Manfred Vijars  
Marcia Armfield  
Marc Roberts  
Marge Graham
Mary Duff  
Mathew Tiedeman  
Matt Manning  
Melinda Johnstone  
Mel Sommers  
Melissa Bajric  
Michael Pincott
Michelle Styles  
Mike Casey  
Nathan Charlton  
Neil Buttsworth  
Nev Molloy  
Noel Dobell  
Norma Jean
Norma O'Hara Murphy  
Oberle Brothers  
Pat Pincott  
Patti McKinnon  
Paul Seils  
Pete Smith
Peter Coad  
Peter Salata  
Peter Simpson 
 Phill Davies
Randy Roots
Ray Savage  
Rex Dallas  
Rick & Cathy  
Rick & Thel  
Rick Aitchison  
Rick Carey  
Road Apple  
Roger Knox  
Ron Peters
Ross Hunt  
RP White  
Shane Hogan
Shirley Thoms  
Shorty Ranger  
Singing Kettles  
Slim Newton
Stan Perkins  
Steve Brodie  
Terry & Jenny Bennetts
 Terry Gordon  
Texas Rose  
Three Generations
Tex Morton  
Tracy Coster  
The Sparrows  
Ben Jacobs  
Brett Dallas  
Random Selectionl
Tom McIvor  
Tony Shepherd  
Trevor Adamson  
Trevor Day  
Trevor Keilar 
Truckin' Stevens 
Warren Nielsen
Wayne Appleby  
Wayne Pascoe  
Webb Brothers  
Yolande Gibson

Compilation Albums

LBS Country Collections
(Volume 1 - 15)

The Music Lives On
(LBS Salute to Slim Dusty)

Aussie Superpickers
(Volume 1)

A Century Not Out
(LBS Music 100th album)

Call of the Bellbird
(Volume 1 - 3)



MP3 Samples
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Alan Dale


Nice íní Easy
# PWCD9115

Nice Ďní Easy ~ All Of Me ~ Summer Wind 
Come Fly With Me ~ What Is This Called Love Unforgettable ~ How Little We know
All The Way ~ Iíve Got You Under My Skin
You Make Me Feel So Young ~ Chicago
Saturday Night Is The Loneliest Night Of The Week Pennies From Heaven ~ South Of The Border
Alice Benfer


Mustering Up Country
# KKR146CD

Lovesick Blues ~ Wayward Wind ~ Home
Rockin' Over ~ Drifter ~ Mocking Bird Yodel
My Pinto Pony and I ~ Harper Valley PTA
What's Wrong With The Way That We're Doing It
Returning Home ~ Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Star
In Care Of The Blues ~ Leavin' On Your Mind
Anita Ree   

Under The Blue Australian Sky  
 # LBS083CD  

Under The Blue Australian Sky ~ Cold Wind
Muddy Mary River ~ Guaranteed To Last
Three Cracks Of The Whip ~ Sunlander Van
Learning To Ride ~ Little Aussie Schools
Answers of the Call ~ Ron the Roughrider
Old Cow Bales ~ Joy and Slim
Anne Montgomery


Still Waters
# PWCD 9101

Train To Your Heart ~If Loving You Wasnít So Easy Crazy ~ Home Away From Home ~ Still Waters
Slowly Going Out Of my Mind ~ Stand By Your Man Peaceful Easy Feeling ~ Love To The Rescue 
Sheís A Lady ~ I Have You ~ Head over Heart
I Tell It Like It Used To Be ~ Still Waters
Someone Is Falling In Love ~Murrumbidgee
Arthur Blanch  
How Can I Thank You
# TCD 109
Beautiful Life ~ How Can I Thank You ~ Slowly 
Only You Did ~ What's On A Womans Mind
He Needs To Do Some Work At Home ~ Teachers
Just Bein' Me ~ The High Road ~ I Just Need You
Do What Cowboys Do ~ Better Day Comin'
No More Sings to Sing
Arthur Blanch  
Wollun One
# Book
The Story of the Blanch Family over 50 years penned by Berice & Arthur Blanch 25.00
Arthur Blanch  
Praise and Inspiration
# TCD 101


Glory Be To God On High ~ I Love To Tell The Story
How Gentle God's Comand ~ Rock Of Ages
Shepherd, Show Me How To Go ~ Trust The Eternal
He That Hath God His Guardian Made
Give me, Oh Lord, An Understanding Heart
Father, We The Loving Children
O Little Town Of Bethlehem
I Need Thee Every Hour ~ Saw Ye My Saviour
In Mercy, In Goodness, How Great Is Our King
There's A Wideness In God's Mercy
No Eye Hath Seen, nor Tongue Declared
Abide With me, Fast Breaks The Morning Light
I Walk With Love Along The Way ~ Onward Christian Soldiers ~ Dear Lord And Father Of Us All Gracious Spirit, Dwell With me 
The Heavens Declare The Glory
Through The Love Of God Our Saviour
Arthur Blanch  
Gems & A Few Jewels
(vol 3)
# TCD 105
My Country ~ Australia's Robin Hood ~ Nobody
I Don't Wanna Cry ~ Simple Little Words
Music Man ~ Rose Coloured Glasses ~ I'm Lonely 
I Can Love You ~ You're Such A Stupid Man
I've Cried A Mile ~ Send All The Ghosts Away
I've Already Stayed Too Long ~ Sing A Sad Song
Another Pretty Country Song ~ Morning Breeze
I'm Not Losin My Sleep ~ For Better Or Worse
Young Blood & Sweet Country Music 
This Broken Heart
Green Light In Your Brown Eyes
I'm Not Getting Any Betty At Goodbyes
Arthur Blanch  
Lifes' Been Good To me
#~TCD 107


For A Song ~ When Your Rock Turns To Stone
Strollin' In The Sunshine ~ I'd Better Write It Down Wellingrove Girl~I Just Wanna Make Love With You
Roots and Wings ~ It's A Lovely Lovely World
With Every Breath ~ Still They Call Me Love
Back In Baby's Arms ~ Life's Been Good To me
Arthur & Jewel Blanch


The Lady & The Cowboy
Video (1 hour)
This special is a country fantasy for everyone who, once in a while, feels like saddling up and riding off into the sunset.  "Country is a feeling and "Cowboy" is a state of mind, so relax, kick off your boots, hang up your hat and let yourself dream. 25.00
Arthur, Jewel & Berice Blanch


Blanch Family Classics
# AX 1183 (vinyl record)
Little Child (Daddy Dear) ~ The Strange Little Girl
Mummy's Pretty Clothes ~ Brother Bill ~ Gary
Keep It A Secret ~ The Funny Little Voice
Eva Magdalena ~Twitterpated ~ China Doll
How Long Must It Be ~ Our Best Man
Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
If I Had Television On My Telephone
Ashley Cook

Cattle Dust and Leather
# LBS087CD
Paddy ~ Calling It A Day ~ Blue Queensland Dogs
Stringybark and Greenhide ~ A Ringer in the Making
The Last of her Line ~ Cattle Dust and Leather
Ride Ringer Ride ~ Lead Me Down to the Stockyard
Life of the Black Soil Plains
When The Saddle Was His Throne
The Chestnut, The Old Man and Heeler
Ashley Cook

Beneath the Queensland Moon

# LBS103CD
Big Cod Fishing Hole ~ I'm A Dragline
The Dam on the Dawson ~ A Bushman's Life
Happy Birthday Mate ~ The Road to Kakadu
Beneath The Qld Moon ~ Drovers Lament
The Gympie Stockhorse Stampede ~ Memories
Another Day Another Load ~ Trains
Ashley Cook 


I Remember Buddy Williams
# LBS115CD
Heading For The Warwick Rodeo ~ Wild River 
Little Jackaroo ~ Riding Home At Sundown 
The Flying Doctor ~ Away Out On The Plain
Music In My Pony's Feet ~ Little Red Bonnet
Where The White Faced Cattle Roam ~ Dingo
Over Hilltop & Hollow ~ Buddy & Grace
Ashley Cook 


Highways of the Great Outback
# LBS128CD

Highways of the Great Outback ~ The Stranger
Itís Not Like That Now ~ Cane Cutters Cordial
Riding Down The Valley ~ Ball bearing Ringers
I Love You Ten Feet Tall ~ In The Front Row
Chip Off The Old Block  ~ Cuban Heels  
Heís just The One ~ Bulls, Buckles, Beer

Ashley Cook 


Salutes Brian Young
# LBS149CD

Big Fella Wudumbah ~ Richard Head
Land of the Flying Jabiru ~ Chip off the old Block
Black Man Jacky Jacky ~ Ships of the Desert
Dark Eyed Brothers ~ Thistles on the Hillside
The Horse That Could Do Nothing Right ~ Broke
I'm Proud To Be An Aussie ~ Lost

Athol McCoy


Your Tassie Mate
# BMCP509
Tassie Tears ~ My Swiss Moonlight Lullaby ~ New Tassie Waltz ~ Eleven More Months and Ten More Days ~ Just Because ~ Wandering On ~ Freight Train Yodel ~ Tassie Is The Star ~ How Are You Mate ~ Mustering The Woollies ~Scobies Hangover ~ Shepherds Lament ~ Hut Beside The Trail ~ Darling Nellie Gray ~ Land Where The Crow Flies Backwards ~ Pick Me Up On Your Way Down ~ We're Going To The Old Barn Dance ~ Things Are Really Changing ~ Answer To How Are You Mate 29.00
Barry Brady MP3 N/A

Spirit Of Rock Ďní Roll
# CMMA041

Spirit Of Rock Ďní Roll ~ Love Makiní Heart Breakiní Son Of a Gun ~ Dusty Road ~ A Little Bit Of Summer ~ This Is Love ~ Working Is The Curse Of The Drinkiní Man ~ I Still Love Rock Ďní Roll ~ Boogie Woogie Country Boy ~ Another Rainy Night ~ Iíd Like to Catch the Sole Who Put the Rock in My Roll Still Got The Blues For You ~ Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

Barry K Chandler MP3 N/A My Own True Life Country
# BKC001
Our Land Australia ~ Buckle Up With Jesus
God Don't Take Baddies For Angels ~ King Dingo
Beenalong Time ~ Wood Heart & Strings ~ No
Picture On The Wall ~ Cathy Freemans Dream
Barry K Chandler MP3 N/A My Squatters Chair
# BKC002
Drive Truckie Drive ~You Gotta Stand For Something
Cradled In Grandads Squatters Chair ~ Simple Life
Through The Eyes Of A Little Girl ~ Mody Rockin
Day Dreamin Shearers Hand ~ Chickens & Eggs
The Ballad Of Uncle Migrant Joe ~ No
My Old Clapstick Friends ~  Mystery
If I'd Only Taken Time ~ Jasons Farm
Barry K Chandler MP3 N/A Scrubber Bull
# BKC003 (EP)
Scrubber Bull
After All These Years
Mummy Darlin Mummy
We're From This Land
Barry K Chandler MP3 N/A Smoko Time
# BKC005
Goodbye Slim ~ Memories With A Smile
Lassetters Gold ~ The Devils Dice ~ Simple Life
Wild Eyed Steer ~ Beenalong Time ~ Toby
Red Velvet Poppy ~ Women Of The Outback
My Old Clapstick Friends ~ We're From This Land
King Dingo ~ The Soldier That Never Returned
Barry K Chandler


Memories Mailbox
My Memories Mailbox ~ My Box of Coloured Chalk
FG Unknown Lighthorse Soldier ~ Old Rivers
The Dog Without It's Mack ~ Cradle To the Grave
Mum Would Be So Proud ~ We're From This Land
Rusty, Dusty Sheep Dog ~ After All These Years
Lifes Railway To Heaven
My Boomerang Won't Come Back
Sunday Morning Coming Down~ The Blowfly Waltz
Barry K & Lin        Chandler MP3 N/A

The Highways Of Life
# BKC011 CD

Go Somewhere & Sing My Song Again ~ White Line, Wife Line ~ These Gentle Hands ~ The Old Iron Bridge ~ Little Tin House ~ Love Of My Life ~ Where Did That Little Town Go ~ The Ballad Of Willie Mahr ~ Follow The White Line ~ Dark As A Dungeon ~ Coal Miners Daughter ~ The Man By The Side Of The Road ~ If Iíd Only Taken Time ~ Chickens & Eggs 25.00
Barry K & Lin        Chandler MP3 N/A
Country Music Dreams
# BKC 010
No Old Bold Truckies ~ It All Goes Round Again
Cradled In Grandad's Squatters Chair ~ Hobo Ben
I'm Proud Of What I Am ~ Mummy Darlin' Mummy
Jighplains Gallop ~ Mummy Please Don't Cry
Those Red Rocky Hills ~ Women, Wine & Song
Scrubber Bull ~ I Could Have Been ~ These Strings
The Scrub Where White Cedars Grow
Barry Thornton MP3 N/A Gospel Guitar
# PCD059
It Is No Secret ~ The Old Rugged Cross
Joybells In Your Heart ~ Calvary Hill ~ Jesus Who
When The Golden Sliprails Are Down ~ Silent Night
I Went To Hear The Music ~ Lord I'd Forgotten
What A Friend We Have In Jesus
Gloryland March ~ One Day At A Time
What The Man Said ~ Lonely Sunday Song
Just A Closer Walk With Thee ~ Royal Telephone
 The Travellers Prayer ~ In His Hands
Barry Thornton MP3 N/A Country Dance Volume 1
# PCD075
Gypsy Tap ~ Silver Bell, Winter Winds, Scotland the Brave
Varsovienna ~Fred Holland's, Put Your Little Foot,  La Va
Quickstep ~ Wagon Trains North, Caribbean,  Old Bush Mates
Three Step ~ With My Shilelsgh Under Me Arm, Scatterbrain,
                    My Dreams are Gettting Better All The Time 
Foxtrot ~ Queen Of Ice, It's a Sin to Tell a Lie,
               My Heart is Where the Roper Flows Tonight
Barn Dance ~ Drover's Dream, Barn Dance Seranad
In An Old Dutch Gasrden
Schottische ~ Click Go The Shears, Mudgee Schottische
Cock o' the North
Old Time Waltz ~ June Rose, Mudgee & Greentrees Waltz
Maxina ~ Side By Side, Little Green Valley, Waltzing Matilda
Pride of Erin ~ Come Back To Erin, After the Ball,
                        When Irish Eyes ar Smiling
Lancers ~ By the Eumerella Shore, Drinkers of the Territory
Rose of Red River Valley / Irish Jig ~ Garryowen, Wandering Joe
Medley ~ Goodnigh Sweetheart, Show Me the Way to go Home,                 Now Is The Hour
Barry Thornton MP3 N/A Country Dance Volume 2
# PCD092
Quick Step ~ Baby Face, Roll Out The Barrel, Dominique,
Under The Double Eagle, Marie, When The Rain Tumbles Down
Old Time Waltz ~ Westerway Waltz, Lara's Theme, Sandys Waltz
When We First Fell in Love, Where the Lovelight Shines,  Pauline's Waltz
Scottische ~ Tip-toin', Waltzing Matilda,Brians Theme,
Bazza's  Bounce
Gipsy Tap ~ The Marines' Hymn, Easy Country,
                     Brown Slouch Hat, Bush Country, Old Bush Mates
Barn Dance ~ By the Light of the Silvery Moon, Ramblin' Rose, Roll Along Covered Wagons, That's the Kind of Life I Live, 
Harry Cotter's Barn Dance
Barry Thornton MP3 N/A Plays Slim Dusty
# PCD705
Country Livin' ~ When Snowy Sings of Home
Many Yesterdays Ago ~The Man From Snowy River
Born To Be a Rolling Stone ~ Old Love Letters
Men Who Come Behind ~ Winter Winds
Those Old Bush Mates of Mine ~ Lonesome Feeling
I Must Have Good Tebaccy When I Smoke 
Sunlander ~ Way Out There ~ Losin' My Blues
Where Country Is ~ The Big Heart of the North
When The Moon Across the Bushland Beams
Walk a Country Mile ~ The Biggest Disappointment
By the Fire of Gidgee Coals ~ The Territory Ringer
Bany of My Dreams ~ Isa Rodeo ~ Brigalow Bill
St Peter ~ Namatijira ~ Sweeny
Barry Thornton MP3 N/A Country Way/
Something Country

# PCD709
The Country Way ~ My Grandfather's Clock
Paper Roses ~ Meryl's Theme ~ Greentrees Waltz
Talking Guitar ~ Guitar Express ~ Brigalow Bill
Old Thunder Schuffle ~ Brian's Tune ~ Winter Winds
 Rainbow Waltz ~ Tambo River Blues ~ St Peter
What A Friend We Have In Jesus ~ On The Inside
Somethin' Country ~ Country Festival ~ Wheels
Freight Train Yodel ~ Over Hilltop and Hollow
Where the Bellinger River Flows ~Old Rugged Cross
There's A Bridle Hanging On The Wall  
Charters Road ~ Back To Those Rolling Plains
When the Moon Across the Bushland Beams
Gibb River Roundup
Barry Thornton MP3 N/A The Other Side Of
# PCD723
Po Kuri Kuri Yama ~ The Creaking Old Mill ` Verdi
Kimberly Cool ~ Angelene's Lullaby ~ Is Rodeo
Pauline's Waltz ~ Silver Threads Among the Gold
Music Box Dancer ~ Faded Love ~ La Golondrina 
Baby of My Dreams ~ Waltz of the Willows
Sunny Australian Swetheart ~ Stockmen in Uniform Swedish Rapsody ~ Lara's Theme ~ Cockatoo Waltz
How Much is That Doggie in the Window
Barry Thornton MP3 N/A Lest We Forget
# PCD096
The Boy Soldier ~ The Kokoda Track ~ Stockmen In Uniform ~ A Brown Slouch Hat ~ Suvla Bay ~ Weíll Meet Again ~ And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda ~ Twenty-one Guns ~ Song Of Aussies ~ Rusty itís Goodbye ~ No Manís Land ~ A Spring Of Rosemary ~ Medley 25.00
Barry Thornton MP3 N/A

Tunes From Australiaís Top End
# PCD712

Kakadu Safari ~ My Heart Is Where the Roper Flows Tonight ~ Hobsonís Choice ~ Camooweal ` A Town Like Alice ~ Drinkers of the Territory ~ A Flying Doctor ~ The Overlander Trail ~ By a Fire of Gidgee Coal ~ Namatjira ~ Darwin, the Big Heart of a Town ~ Where the White Faced Cattle Roam ~ Victoria River Waltz ~ The Territory Waltz ~ The Territory Ringer ~ Mataranka Moon ~ The Droverís Boy ~ Arnhem Land We Call Down Under ~ The letter ~ Sayonara Nakamura 25.00
Barry Thornton MP3 N/A

Country in the 90ís
The Thornton Way

# PCD081

Boys From The Bush ~Circle Of Sawdust ~ Let The Canefields Burn ~ She Waits By The Sliprails ~ Ringer From The Top End ~Papa Whisky November~ Droviní ~ Waltz On ~ Kosciusko ~ Chainsaw ~ This Land Australia ~ Countryís Really Big These Days 25.00
Barry Thornton MP3 N/A

Bazzaís Best
# PCD058

Kakadu Safari ~ Iíll Take You Home Again Kathleen ~ Country Festival ~ Where The Roper River Flows ~ Brianís Tune ~ Moon Across The Bushland Beams ~ Hobsonís Choice ~ Galway Bay ~ By A Fire Of Gidgee Coal ~ Talking Guitar ~ Danny Boy ~ Tambo River Blues ~ When Snowy Sings Of Home ~ Somethiní Country ~ Paper Roses ~ Winter Winds 25.00
Ben Jacobs MP3 N/A Poet Of The Bush
# LBS111CD

The Bullocky ~ That Old Belt Leather And Awl
I Remember Who You Were ~ Up Town
 Nelsonís Bog ~ The Old Felt Hat
My Grandad Ploughed With Clydesdales ~ Paddy
Gone Are The Big Trees ~ What About Him
You And Me ~ A Mate Of An Old Mate Of Mine

Benning Brothers   King Sound
# PIN507CD
Garners Polka ~ Lady Of The Desert
Born To Lose ~ Great Sandy Desert
When It's Lamp Lighting Time In The Valley
Djilim Bardi ~ Back Home ~ San Antonio Rose
The Shadow Of A Doubt ~ Relics of The Past
Kimberley Country Singers ~ Wheels
Benning Brothers   Kimberley Country
# PIN503CD
Spring Is Nearly Here ~ Guitar Boogie ~ Mexico
Praise God ~ Have I Told You Lately ~ Budala
The Blue Mountain ~ Some Kinda Cool ~ Rosita
Every Time You Turn ~ Paper Roses
10th Avenue ~ Believe Me ~ Nobody's Child
The Breeze and I ~ The Benning Boys
Just Because ~  Alone ~ Carribean
Benning Brothers MP3 N/A Barry Benning & Friends
# PIN512 CD
Torture ~ Light Years From Home (Shaza Leigh)
Winter Winds
(duet with Lindsay Butler) ~ Mexico
Dark Eyed Brothers
(Ashley Cook) ~ Detour
Bennings Boogie ~ Bunuba Man
(Brian Young)
Kimberley Wind
(Lindsay Butler) ~ Desert Dreaming
Footprints In The Sand
(Shaza Leigh)
The Benning Brothers (Tom Maxwell)
Beryl Imhoff MP3 N/A A Coloured Life
BIO 407
A Coloured Life ~ When Will The Rivers Run
The Depression Years ~ A Mother's Love & Loyalty
A Grandfather's Tale ~ Thoughts Of Yester-Year
Flat Mates ~ The Tales Of A Pioneer Woman
The Hailstorm ~ From The Inland To The Coast
State Emblems Of  Australia ~ Looking For A Mate
Divining For Underground Streams
Mary River Waters ~ A Different Way Of Life
A Little Boy's Plight ~
Billy Freeman MP3 N/A
From The Pen

# BMF100CD
From The Pen ~ Old-Time Music Man
Sanity Road ~ The Lights Of Lismore
My Old Mate Huck ~ Spare A Thought
The Old Blue Cattle Dog ~ Lady of the Land
Forgotten Country ~ In Jimmys Memory
Rolling Hills ~ My Marian
Billy Freeman MP3 N/A
My Kinda Town

# BMF101CS
My Kind of Town
Ride The Legend
Old Time Music man
Jimy and the Boss

Bill Newman


Sings For His Friends
# MOS2036 CD

Sunshine Of My Life ~ For Once In My Life ~ House Of The Rising Sun ~ If I Ruled The World ~ And I Love You So ~ My Way ~ Begin The Beguine ~ What Kind Of Fool Am I ~  They Call The Wind Maria ~ The Impossible Dream ~ Till ~ Old Man River 25.00
Bluey Francis MP3 N/A Bush Bred Ballads
My Memories ~ The Wave Hill Spur ~ The Big H
One Last Look ~ Road Kill Menu ~ Yellow Alice
Geordies Famous Ride ~ Banjo Sing A Song
Thirty Over Sixty ~ The Picker From Goodooga
The Bush Is Getting Closer ~ Stolen Generation
The Woman Driver ~ Mothers of the Outback
Different Kind Of Memories ~ Bingo
Bluey Francis


Faces On The Rocks
Am I Aussie ~ Murrumbidgee Mud ~ Plastic Bushman
The Droving Family~Faces On The Rocks~The Man From Bourke
From My Old Homestead Verandah ~ The Old Camp Oven
Two Stone Lighter ~ Take My Saddle Down To Corryong
I Love Sunshine Too ~ Fred Hollows Walk Tall~Hurdy Gurdy
My Old Converted Bus ~ The Corner My Country
Rodeo Time In The Alice ~ The Things We Do
Here's To You Cindy Lou ~ Calabonnas Guiding Light
The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves ~ For Fun
Bluey Francis MP3 N/A Songs From West Of
The Darling

The Old Balladeers ~ Old Mate You'll Be Right
The Condamine Horse Bell ~ Hand Of Fame
Pub With No Beer ~ Darling River Drover
Shakeys Home Brew ~ Where Are They Now
City Born and City Bred ~ A Word From Bluey
Wouldn't Be Dead For Quids ~ Lady Truckie
Where Are They Now ~ Relics Of Their Dreams
Out On Those Rolling Plains
Bluey Francis MP3 N/A Through My Grandad's Eyes
The Ghan ~The Blue Dog In The Ute ~Old Memories
Where The Bushmen Lived The Stories ~ Dorothy
Treasures In A Tin ~ Old Memories ~ Ode To Roo
Australia Through My Grandads Eyes
So Long Slim ~ One Last Look ~ Trumbys Mate
He's Been A Drover Too ~ My Land Down Under
Bob Easter  
Land Of The Big Blue Sky

# DE001CD
The Truckies Salute ~ My Last Old Dog
Aussie On My Mind ~ My Old Home Town
Whoa Bullocks Whoa ~ Many Yesterdays Ago
Why Do Legends Die So Young ~ Exiled
To An Old Stockman ~ Land of the Big Blue Sky
When You're Short of a Quid ~ Relics of the Past
Bob Easter  
By Request

# DE007CD
Rambin Shoes ~ The Old Mans Kingdom
The Old Gidgee Tree ~ Australian Bushman
The Coloured Lad ~ Song For The Lonely
Do You Think That I Do Not Know ~ Saddle Boy
Back Where He Belongs ~ Just Rollin
Log Book Blues ~ It Takes a Drought
Bob Easter ~
   Melissa Bajric ~
      Graham Rodger
Drovin' All Over

# DE006CD
Missing In Action ~ Hero of the Land
One Last Look ~ The Lady and the Rodeo Man
Like Family to Me ~ Old Heart of Mine
There At the Side of the Road ~ Mr Dusty
The Kingdom I Call Home ~ Drovin
Bob Ferris


All My Life
# BFCD001
Crazy ~ Don't Worry Bout Me ~ Maggie
Amazing Grace ~ Of Tomorrow Never Comes
He Stopped Loving Her Today ~ Carmen
This Love Is Burning ~ Danny Boy
I'll Leave This World Loving You
I Will Love You All My Life ~ Crazy Over You
Brad Blanck   On My Way To Somewhere
# DE005CD
The River Runs Wild ~ It Could Have Been Me
Forty Years A Railway Man ~ Surely Night
Going Inland ~ My Old Ute and New Guitar
Another Day Of Sunshine ~ The Bottle Is Empty
On Our Way To Somewhere ~ Burning Desire
Brett Dallas


A Bit Of This A Bit Of That
# BDCD002

The Man Who Let Him down ~ Acoustic medley ~ In My Next Life ~Farmhouse Shuffle ~ Donít Cheat in Our Hometown ~A Bit Of this A bit Of That ~ When You Say Nothing At All ~ Redwing ~Life Turned her That Way ~Country Cafe ~ He Wide Brimmed Hat ~ Pan Handle Rag ~ Retired Showman ~ Struten Around ~ Runaway ~ Train 25.00
Brian Letton

The Man From WA
# LBS001CD
I'm Aussie All Over ~ Nobody's Queen
I'm Back In The Doghouse Again ~ I'm Movin On
Song of the River ~ Eight O'Clock Blues
When We First Fell In Love ~ Somebody Cares
My Bushland Home ~ Sounds Of The Bush
One, Two, Three Waltz ~ The Place That I Call Home
Brian Letton

A Song For Us All
# LBS005CD
Only In Dreams ~ You're The One Thing On My Mind
Toy Tin Drum ~ The Silent Sound of Nothing
Truckin 'Til My Dyin' Day ~ A Song For Mum
She's Gotta Be Emu Export ~ Hand In Hand
I'll Get There In The End ~ The Grass Is Always Greener ~ The Old House On The Hill ~ Dingo
Brian Letton

Songs Of Faith And Inspiration
# LBS007CD
When The Harvest Days Are Over Jessie Dear
Showers of Blessing ~ Softly and Tenderly
Just A Closer Walk With Thee ~ Whispering Hope
He's Just The One ~ How Great Thou Art
The Salvos ~ The Old Rugged Cross
I Saw A Man ~ The Lonely Bell ~ Hornets
Brian Letton   My Hearts Still In The Bush
# LBS011CD
The Old Rocking Chair ~ When The Wattle Blooms
The Shearers Cook ~ Do You Really Know The Bush
When Dad Played The Old Piano ~ A Dream Ago
The Digger And His Dog ~ Give It A Go
My Hearts Still In The Bush ~ Waltz On
This Land Australia ~ Lasseters Reef of Gold
Brian Letton  

The Many Sides of Brian Letton
# LBS014CD
A Stones Throw From You ~ Beautiful Dreamer
This Lands a Part of You And Me ~ Granny Adeline
A Picture of The Bush ~ In The Arms of a Memory
Where Legendary Stockmen Ride ~ Sing
You'll Never Walk Alone ~ The Wheels of Cobb & Co
Only A Memory Will Last ~ In His Loving Care
Brian Letton  
The Tribute Album
(Jim Reeves)
# LBS018CD
I Love You Because ~ Four Walls ~ Mexican Joe
I Missed Me ~ When Two Worlds Collide
Blue Side of Lonesome ~ I Won't Forget You
Yonder Comes A Sucker ~ He'll Have To Go
Welcome To My World ~ Am I That Easy To Forget
Waltzing On Top Of The World ~ Billy Bayou
Distant Drums ~ Snowflake ~ Bimbo
Brian Letton  

# LBS031CD
The Age Of Innocence ~ Take Me To Your World
Where Have All The Old Ways Gone ~ Footprints
The Gold That Poppa Found ~ Happy Anniversary
A Friend Indeed ~ The Wells of Beersheba
Don't Forget To Remember Me ~ This Is It ~ Home is Where The Heart Is ~ Through The Eyes of a Child
Brian Letton  

The Gift of Christmas
# LBS033CD
Mary's Boy Child ~ An Old Christmas Card
Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy ~ Christmas
Blue Christmas ~ The Merry Christmas Polka
The Little Drummer Boy ~ Silent Night
The Greatest Gift of All ~ The Gift
I Remember Christmas in the Bush
Brian Letton   For The Farming Families
# LBS038CD
Farming Families ~ Give Me Australia
Grandfathers Immigrant Eyes ~ For Old Times Sake
There's Work To Be Done ~ A Man of the Land
Will We Still Really Be Australian ~ No Less A Man
Some Things A Man Can't Fight ~ The Return
Just Ask The Saddler ~ We've Done Us Proud
Brian Letton  
By Request
# LBS044CD
Love Is A Beautiful Song ~ Happy Anniversary
There's a New Moon Over My Shoulder
I Will Love You All My Life ~ My Woman My Wife
She Wears My Ring ~ All For The Love of a Girl
Don't Fight The Feelings of Love ~ I Believe
Near You ~ Words ~ Danny Boy
Brian Letton  

The Best of Brian Letton

# LBS052CD
A Stones Throw From You ~ The Toy Tin Drum
The Digger And His Dog ~ Am I That Easy to Forget
I Will Love You All My Life ~ Give Me Australia
A Song For Mum ~ When We First Fell in Love
The Old Mitchell Run ~ The Brumbies ~ Footprints
When The Harvest Days Are Over ~ The Salvos
She's Gotta Be Emu Export ~ One Two Three Waltz
Rolling Wagons ~ Blue Christmas ~ Nobodys Queen
Granny Adeline ~ Grandfather Johnson
Brian Letton  
The Land of Waltzing Matilda

# LBS059CD
The Land of Waltzing Matilda ~ Sing Australia
The One's Who Remain ~ The Legend of Old Billy
The Bush Land Here at Night ~ Two Hundred Flags
Only A Trooper Would Know ~ Who's To Blame
Half the Man ~ The Man From Snowy River
Grandpas Scars ~ Rocking Horse
Brian Letton  
I Have A Dream

# LBS065CD
RM Williams Brand ~ The Bushman ~ No Medals
Hard Calloused Hands ~ Try A Little Kindness
Come On In (and Make Yourself at Home)
I Wouldn't Change A Thing ~ My Kinda Country
I've Gotta Take The Time ~ I Have A Dream
Tale of an Old Gum Tree ~ When I Dream
Brian Letton  
My Australia

# LBS075CD
The Fighting Side of Me ~ I'm In Australia Blue
You'll Do Me Mate ~ Forty Thousand Reasons
Who Could Ask for More ~ Our Flag
When We Were Just Kids ~ My Country
My Australia ~ Have You Paddled Down the Murray
I'm Too Old To Try Something New ~ Sunsets
Brian Letton   For Mums
# LBS085CD
Medals For Mothers ~ Mothers Chair
A Mother As Lovely As You ~ Maggie
M.o.t.h.e.r ~ The Worlds Greatest Mum
Mother Was The Strong Side of My Life ~ Mama
May The Good Lord Bless & Keep You ~ Roses
Mama's Hungry Eyes ~ Mother Sang A Song
Brian Letton   Today
# LBS095CD
Two Chords ~ On Your Wedding Day
Roll With The Punches ~ Old Love New Love
We Thank The Roses ~ The Carnival Is Over
Walking With Banjo ~ The Pictures In My Wallet
I Still Wonder ~ Waltzing With Matilda
A Red Rose From The Blue Side Of Town ~ My Son
Brian Letton Somewhere Over The Rainbow
# LBS105CD

Over The Rainbow ~ Mansion Over The Hilltop
What A Friend We Have In Jesus ~ In The Garden
I Know A Man Who Can ~ Across The Bridge ~ He
The Poorest Millionaire ~ On The Wings Of A Dove  Royal Telephone ~ The Night Watch ~ I Saw A Man
From The Shelter Of The Cross ~ Amazing Grace

Brian Letton


'The Best Of Brian Letton'
- Volume 2'


Kiandra Gold ~ Driving Through A Postcard ~ Strum
Sorry Mate ~ Battered Billy Tin ~ Wrapping Paper
Two Chords ~ Let Me Go Lover ~ Son of Aussie Soil
Roses In The Winter ~ Two Mothers
Two Hundred Flags ~ Song of Freedom
Kootingal Calling ~ Fighting Side of Me


Brian Letton   Timeless
# LBS119CD

Sheíll Be Right Mate~ Soldier On ~ Daddy What If
Youíre The Best Friend~ The Comfort Of Her Wings A Brand New Bed Of Roses ~ Hills of Home
The Ring Your Mother Wore~ Loving You Your Way
Holding For Ever in My Arms ~ Absent Friends
Spinning And Twirling And Falling in Love

Brian Letton   A Little Bit Of Irish
# LBS140CD

It Takes An Irish Heart ~ Forty Shades Of Green
Irish Medley: An Irish Lullaby/ Peggy O'Neil/
My Wild Irish Rose/ When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
MacNamara's Band ~ An Irish Love Song
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen ~ Galway Bay
There's A Little Bit Of Irish ~ A Daisy A Day
If We Only Had Old Ireland Over Here
If You're Irish ~ Unicorn

Brian Letton
  Lindsay Butler
    Shaza Leigh


'The Early Years'


Lassetter's Reef Of Gold ~ Woman At The Wheel
Let Him Down Easy ~ Jambalya ~  Yellow Bird
Postpone Today Until Tomorrow - Butt's Boogie
Am I That Easy To Forget ~ This Land Australia
  (Including Artist Interviews & commentary by Brian Howard)
Brian Young  

Voice of the Outback

# LBS009CD
Kakadu ~ Big Old Gumtree
Darby's Castle ~ Waiting In The Wings
I'm Not Too Proud ~ Broke
Ships Of The Desert ~ Round and Round
Land Of My Birth ~ The Era Is Not Over Yet
Champion In The Making ~ Let's All Give It A Go
Brian Young

The Best of Brian Young

# LBS096CD
Thistles On The Hillside ~ Have A Bloody Go
Black Man Jacky Jacky ~ No Indispensable Man
Dark Eyed Brothers ~ Barbie Doll Song ~ Migilo Man
The Horse That Could Do Nothing Right ~ Lost
Home Made Didgeridoo ~ Wobbly Boot Hotel
House Where The Wind Blows Cold ~ The Whaler
Song of Maytown ~ Please Forgive Me ~ Walk Away
Stan Coster The Man ~ You Ride On
Brian Young People And Places I Know
# NGR0023
The Land of the Gagudju Man ~ Wilcannia Ball Riversleigh Run ~ No More Restless Boots
Big Old Gulf Land ~ I Will Still Love You
I'm Glad I Lived My Youth Back When I Did
The Mighty Kalkadoos ~ Come On Reg Lindsay
They Say In Kajabbi Their Railway Is Done
Reading This Letter ~ A Delvers Life
Brian Young The Last Of The Travelling Showmen
# LBS106CD
That Old Wheel ~ Champion In The Making
Land Of The Flying Jabiru ~ Round & Round
Big Fella Wudumbah ~ Proud To Be An Aussie
Stockmans Hall of Fame ~ Ships of the Desert
The Land of Ringer Trumby ~ I'm Not Too Proud
The Last of the Travelling Showmen ~ Tjilpi ~ Annie
Brian Young  

Big Fella Wudumbah
# CCM 304 CD


Big Fella Wudumbah ~ North Queensland Ringer 
All Through Baby ~ Chip Off The Old Block
Brown To Blue ~ Blue Gums Calling Me Back Home
Girl On The Dance Hall Floor ~ Country Music King
Brigalow And Wilga After Rain ~ Road Of Sorrow 
Donít Bung On Side ~ Boyhood Memories  
Bruce McCumstie MP3 N/A

Unsung Heroes
#McManagement 005


Slave To My Heart ~ Used To Be ~ In My Dreams
Who's Got The Pub In Sydney Now ~ Far Away
Young Bruce Michael ~ Willie ~ Unsung Heroes
Aussie Country Music Need Another Hero
Last Trip ~ Roslyn's Prayer
If Then Was Now And Now Was Then
Bruce McCumstie MP3 N/A

Throw The Billy On
#MGM 002


One Tree Plain ~ When Me O1 Horse Jibs
Sea Horse ~ Georgina's Son ~ Big Sky Land
Raining On The Rock ~ Diamantina Drover 
Aeroplane Jelly ~ Saturday Dance ~ Clancy
Time On His Hands ~ I Am Australian 
God Must be A Cowboy ~ Song And Dance Man
Ringer From The Top End ~ Throw The Billy On
Bruce McCumstie MP3 N/A

Luv Ya Willie
#MGM 003


Whisky River ~ Nothin' I Can Do ~ Me & Paul
Funny How Time Slips Away ~ Always on My Mind
Mommas Don't Let Your Babies ~ Angel Eyes
Bloody Mary Morning ~ Bloody Mary Morning
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain-Seven Spanish Angels
My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
Bruce McCumstie MP3 N/A

Love Always
#MGM 002


Love Always ~ Ghosts Of Murran-ji ~ Last Bushman
Thirty Nine & Holdin' ~ Watermelon Wine
Brahma Fear ~ Allround Cowboy ~ Galleries of Pink
Camooweal ~ Another Road ~ Ned Kerlly
Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Buddy Williams MP3 N/A

The Buddy Williams Story

# Buddy DVD

Charley Boyter MP3 N/A The Sunset Is Red
# OBMCD0901
I Offer These Ballads To You ~ Old Retired Drover
Old Stock Riding Days ~ Sunburnt Countrys Son
No More Big Mobs On The Bogong ~ Big Gulf River
Dry Weather Wind ~ Black Soil Plains
Old Wallerawang ~ You Man From The Country
The Sunset Is Red ~ Travellin On
Charley Boyter MP3 N/A Play Charley
# KKR113CD
Home In Dirranbandi ~ Walk A Country Mile
Twilight Zone ~ a Letter From Arrabury
Butterfly Memories ~ Sharon's Waltz
Streets Of Tamworth ~ On the Nullabor
I'll Just Be A Drifter 'Til I Die ~ Winter Winds
Freight Train Yodel ~ Camooweal
Charmaine Pout



Proud To Be An Australian


Iím Proud To Be Australian ~Preacher In Blue Jeans ~ Thatís My Answer ~  I Heard My Mother Call ~ You Can Never Do Wrong In a Motherís Eyes ~ Music In My Ponyís Feet ~ The Great Southern Land ~ The Faithful Old Dog ~ Trying To Be Strong ~ The Forbes Flood Song ~ The Relic From The Farm ~ The Woolshed Waltz 25.00
Charmaine Pout  
Another Day In Paradise

# LBS081CD
A Thousand Feet ~ Cattle Camp Lady
Rodeo Clown ~ Little Girls Dreams
You Feel The Shame I'll Take The Blame
The lady Waiting Here At Home ~ Rodeo Cowgirl
Grandma McKean ~ Corn Beef Tom ~ Fresh Horses
Charmaine Pout MP3 N/A Home Is Where The Heart Is
# CP197CD
Breakin In A Brand New Broken Heart
Wayward Wind ~ Sarah's Memory ~ Proud Of You
Garden Of Love ~ Home Is Where The Heart Is
A Truckies Wife ~ Till A Tear Becomes A Rose
Freeway To Glory ~ Freight Train Yodel
Bye Bye Baby ~ Sailor
Charmaine Pout MP3 N/A Moonlight & Clover
# TCR913CD
Moonlight & Clover ~ Jimmie Brown The Newsboy
Face In The Crowd ~ Old Flames ~ Working Man
Seven Spanish Angels ~ Loving You
Crying My Heart Out Over You ~ La Paloma Blanca
Let The Canefields Burn ~ Blue Misty Mountains
Save The Last Dance For Me ~ Walk A Little Slow
Charmaine Pout


Over The Years
Cattle Camp Lady ~ Fresh Horses ~ Corn Beef Tom
Preacher In Blue Jeans ~ That's My Answer
The Faithful Old Dog ~ The Relic From The Farm
Trying To Be Strong ~ Let The Canefields Burn
You Feel The Shame, I'll Take The Shame
Blue Misty Mountains ~ Just A Truckie's Wife
Little Girls Dreams ~ I Heard My Mother Call
Rodeo Clown ~ Freight Train Yodel
Charmaine Pout


I Donít Work For A Living...I Wish

Where The Murrumbidgee Wends Itís Way ~ Calabonnaís Guiding Light ~I Donít Work For A Living ~ The Lord Helps Those who Help Themselves ~ Song Of The River ~ Song Of Australia ~ Suvla Bay ~ Rodeo In The West ~ Trail Of Dreams ~ A Kangarooís Point Of Veiw ~ Over The Hilltop And Hollow ~ Memories Of Sturt 25.00
Christina George


Pages Of My Life
# CCM 301CD
Pages Of My Life ~ Thanks For The Memories
Mothers Prayer ~ Then And Only Then
Who Shares Your Dreams ~ Mungyer Days
When A Boy In Your Arms ~ Down River Road
Stormy Clouds ~ I Cried Myself Awake
I Can't Bring Myself To Leave You ~ Fallin' Snow
Christine Roberts


River Of Love
# RWCD9144

First Time A Woman ~You Can Never Go Home ~ I Was Only Just Beginning To Love You ~ Wandíring Spirit ~Loveís My Babyís Game ~ Blue Bayou ~ Chilly Winds ~ I Canít Feel You Anymore ~ Ride The Wild Horse ~ River Of love ~ Where In The World Are We Going ~ God Bless The Children 25.00
Clelia Adams   Bring It On
# CA2001CD
Find My Love ~ Cowgirl Rides Away ~ Bring It On
Eat My Words ~ Curious Soul Astray ~ Faded Love
Mind Your Own Business ~ Any Ole Time
You're Gonna Love Me One Day ~ Downtown Train
Just Because ~ Speed Of The Sound Of Lonliness
Clelia Adams   Heartbeat Highway
# CA2004CD
Heartbeat Highway ~ Talk Of The Town
Settin The Woods On Fire ~ Green Door
Half As Much ~ Back In My Baby's Arms
Yodellin Blues ~ Cowboys Sweetheart
Que Sera Sera ~ Our Town ~ Stupid Cupid
My Boy Lollipop ~ Mountain Of Love
Clelia Adams Wildflowers
# CA2008CD

Wildflowers ~ I Love You A Thousand Ways
When You Fall In Love ~ One Little Song
If I Could Only Win Your Love ~
My Motherís Wedding Band ~ Do You Know

Coad Sisters MP3 N/A Pictures
# COA90072CD
Almost Nearly ~ When I First Knew You
Last Night ~ This Time ~ Don't Let The Sun Go Down
This Old Heart ~ Rainbows Gold
The Black Morris ~ The Song
Next To My Heart ~ Pictures ~ Down Town
Coad Sisters MP3 N/A Talk Of The Town
# COA900723CD
Talk Of The Town  ~ Bushman Can't Survive ~ Flower Song
Indian Love Call ~ Look At Me Now ~ Only You
Sweet Heart Yodel ~ Lonely Little Robin ~ Blue Blue Day
Lovesick Blues ~ If I Had Wings ~ Little High Horse
Old Spinning Wheel ~ I Love You Because ~ Tennessee Waltz
Johnny B Goode ~ When You Walked By ~ Swiss Mountaineer
Jigs (Tenpenny Bit, Irish Washerwoman, Cock of the North)
Col Edmonds MP3 N/A Forty Years Of Country
# CE001CD
Daylight Saving ~ Little By Little ~ Jonsies Bull
The Kid From Off The Hill ~ How Much Heaven
All I Had To Do Was Walk In ~ The Old FJ
Dark Boy From The Wild ~ Forty Years Of Country
The One Who Tucks Me In ~ A New Pair Of Shoes
Me and My Didgeridoo
Col Edmonds MP3 N/A No More Rattle Of The Chains
# CE002CD
Back To Marble Bar ~ An April Morn
The Farmers Song ~ A Truckers Son
The Rose On The Wall ~ Lay Your Claim To Country
No More Rattle Of The Chains ~ Belyando River
Old Cattle Camps ~ Please Don't Go To Fiji
A Good Australian Song ~ King Dusty
Col Edmonds MP3 N/A Through The Years
# CE003CD
Social Service Cowboy ~ Forty Years Of Country
The One Who Takes Me Home ~ Annie Johnson
I'd Like To Be ~ All I Had To Do Was Walk In
Little By Little ~ The Man With All The Gold
No More Rattle Of The Chains ~ How Much Heaven
A Good Australian Song ~ I Recall A Gypsy Woman
Jonesies Bull ~ My Old Squatters Chair
Just Walk Away ~ Back To Marble Bar
Col Edmonds MP3 N/A Mustering Season
# KKR102CD
Mustering Season ~ Someone To Love Again
Over Hill Top and Hollow ~ Good Ole Highway One
When The Currawongs Come Down ~One Man Band
Relics of the Past ~ Toast To The Pioneer Valley
Ole Time Country Halls ~ Catchin Yellow Belly
Overlander Trail ~ Pride Of The Outback
Col Edmonds MP3 N/A Middle Of The Road
# TNE002CD
Middle Of The Road ~ Bed Of Roses ~ Lucielle
Annie Johnson ~ Camooweal ~ Stranger
Blanket On The Ground ~ Good Hearted Woman
Lights On The Hill ~ Social Service Cowboy
I Didn't Jump The Fence ~ I Recall A Gypsy Woman
Col Edmonds MP3 N/A My Kinda Country
# CE004CD
Born To Lose ~ Smoke Along The Track
Lamplighting Time In The Valley ~ All Over Again
City Lights ~ The Plains Of Pepermanati
When The Rain Tumbles Down In July ~ City Lights
Book Of Memories ~ Losing You Again
Promised To John ~ I'll Leave This World Loving You
The Wild Side Of Life ~ Don't Let Me Cross Over
We've Done Us Proud ~ Suvla Bay
Col Edmonds MP3 N/A Country Songs & Bush Ballads
# TNE001CD
I'd Like To Be ~ Nebo Pub ~ On The Farm
Finney's Home Brew ~ Philadelphia Lawyer
I Keep On Missing you ~ My Old Squatters Chair
Truckies Lament ~The Man With All The Gold
Just Walk Away ~ Ninety Miles An Hour
The Girl On The Dance Hall Floor
Col Edmonds MP3 N/A
Country Comedy
# CE 006EP
Home Hill ~ The Snake In Charlie's Pants
We Meet By Accident ~ The Cockroach Parade
Col Edmonds MP3 N/A Still A Song In Me
# KKR123CD

The Bushmanís Song ~ Unsuitably Dressed
Been A Fool Too Long ~ RM Williams Hereís To You Now Iím Easy ~ Dustyís Tent ~ Top Springs
You Can Never Do Wrong In A Motherís Eyes
Pioneering Days ~ The Girl In The Jukebox
Cosy Inn ~ The Old Pocket Knife

Col Elliott MP3 N/A Col Elliott - Twin Pack DVD
# ACMEC069
This DVD is a classic collection of Col's most requested pieces.  Col Takes us on a walk through life on the road as 'Australia's Resident Madman' - arguably our most toured comedian; he pushes our belly laugh buttons combining his travel, characters, music and stand up routines, producing hours of enjoyment. 45.00
Col Elliott MP3 N/A Road Works
Baldness/Acne & Bi-Foc-Ulcers ~ The Hay Song
Stones Green Ginger Wine ~ I Won't Take The Piss
Can't Remember Eating That ~ Big Drug Problem
Snatch A Kiss Or Kiss A ... ~ I'm A Grandfather
Dings Rubber & Miss Appropriate ~ I Used To
Slugger Mulligan ~ I'm Not Politically Correct
How Tough Was My Grandad ~ Tassy Lumber Jack
Why Do They Call Them Random Breath Tests?
Chooka (The Roadie) Change of Profession ~ ESP
Never Drop The 'F' Word Around A Cop ~ Push
Col Elliott Col's New World
Divorce In The 90's ~ Ballad of the Bobbitts
I Won't Be Doin' That Tonight ~ Only An Offer
I'll Do Anything You Like ~ Merry Xmas Revisited
I Saw Her Snatch (her Notebook) ~ Early Arrival
If They Wanna Look Let em Look ~ Hat Attack
Thargaminda Bush Poetry ~ Premature Ejaculation
Proud To Be Called Australian ~No Wonder I'm Tired
Chooka Dennis ~ Turdulance ~Tiger Moth ~Di World
Col Elliott Altered Egos
# SW99015
Fanatics ~ Chookas Bad Day ~ Gin Gin
Home made Brew ~ Chooka As Always
I'll Play Anything ~ Dogs Cats and Herpies
Chookas Fatal Attraction ~ Sensitive Bloke
Guesseppi ~ Footy Song ~ Creation
Col Elliott Chookas Choice
# CDCOL30030
Chooka Dennis (Col's Roadie) - his first solo album Chooka tells it all - from his first sexual experience to his first job - he had trouble with both 25.00
Col Elliott Just A Regular Bloke
# SW99016
The Back Seat Sat'dy Night ~ The Tax Man
Ain't Nobody's Business ~ Hankies From Nanna
Chooka Dennis (The Life & Times) ~ Nervous Flyer
Kids, Coppers, Drinking & Stinky Jones
Are You Regular ~ Any Distinguishing Marks
Nashville Will Never Be The Same
Col Elliott


Elliott On The Border
# CDCOL30010
Chooka Speaks ~ Roadie Blues
Col 'Live' At Twin Towns ~ Punjarbi
Home Made Brew ~ Hari Kari
Col Elliott Something Different
Henry Banjo & Me ~ Works Out Easier That Way
Dieseline Highway ~ I Hear A Sound ~ Gone Fishing
Smokin Again ~ Ain't Nobody's Business
Hankies From Nana ~ Only A Moment In Time
Miss Approximate ~ Crazy Dreams ~ The Sinner
Col Elliott See How Things Have Changed
# SW20021
See How Things Have Changed ~ Just A Dag
18 Holes of Heartache ~ Uncle Charlie ~ Questions
Road Stories ~ Aussie Till I Die ~ Coober Pedy
Karen's Song ~ You Get That Don't Ya
Road Stories 2 ~ Bruce Went Down To Sydney
A Soldier Died Today ~ Road Stories 3
Col Elliott Cozi'manozzy
Here's To Arthur Phillip ~ How Tough Was He
I'll Bet You A Kangaroo ~ Cowboy Ride ~ Boots
The Dreamatologist ~ On Your Bike ~ Billy
The Older I Get (the better I was) ~ I'm Busy
All Gave some, some gave all ~ Dedicated Drinker
Col Elliott Pickin' Singin' Stories 'n' Stuff
# SW99014
Barra Creek Boys ~ Skase What's that on your face
Bob Menzies ~ Comin' Up Roses ~ Line Dancin'
Henry Banjo & Me ~ Toke By Toke ~ Smokin' Again
Click Go The Shears ~ Dinky Di Aussie ~ Zzarr
Green Green Grass ~ Woulda Coulda Shoulda
What Have You Done For Australia ~ I Hear a Sound
Gotta Give The Grog Away ~ What's A Pommie
If Wishes Were Horses ~ It's A Feelin'
Hankies From Nana ~ Gone Fishin'
Col Elliott  
The Great Col Elliott
#3 CD Set
It's A Quid Mate ~ Henry Banjo & Me ~ ZZAR
Home Made Brew ~ It's A Feeling ~ Gone Fishin'
Dogs, Cats and Herpies ~ If Wishes Were Horses
Rodney's Two Bob ~ Woulda, Coulds, Shoulda
Gin Gin ~ Merry Christmas Revisited ~ Mario
Miss Approaimate ~ Green Green Grass Of Home
Chooka The Roadie ~ Barra Creek Boys 
The Taxman ~ Smokin' Again ~ Appendectomy
Click Go The Gears ~ Dinki Di Aussie
Hari Kari (Failed Kamakaze Pilot) ~ Bob Menzies
I Hear A Sound ~ What's A Pommie
Punjabbi (Country and Eastern Singer ~ Farting
Crazy Dreams ~ The Back Seat Saturday Night
It Works Out Easier That Way ~Diesoline Highway
Coober Pedy Cabana ~ Hey You Bloody Mug
The Sinner ~ Only A Moment In Time ~ Hey Bondy
Aint Nobody's Business ~ I'll Play Anything
Stinky Jones and the Hot FJ ~ Clyde Of The CRB
Hankies From Nanna ~ Hitch Hikers and Coppers
What Have You Done For Australia
Col Elliott  
Col Elliott Col - Ectables
# 3 CD set
Disc 1:    Altered Ego's
Disc 2:    See How Things Have Changed
Disc 3:    Col's New World
Connie Kis Anderson MP3 N/A Keeping It Simple
# CKA02
It's Called Love
I'll Get Back About That
You Stole My Heart
It's Too Late
Let's Keep It Simple
Connie Kis Anderson MP3 N/A Gone Wishin'
# CKA03
Gone Wishin ~ You Stole My Heart
Sad and Lonely ~ I've Been Waiting
Wicked Game ~ It's Called Love ~ Ring Of Fire
I Can't Stop Now ~ Let's Keep It Simple
Please Pardon Me ~ It Sure Gets Late Early
Come On Come On ~ I'll Get Back About That
Kiss My Cheek ~ It's Too Late
Connie Kis Anderson MP3 N/A Once Again
# CKA04
Mere Male ~ Honky Tonk Blues ~ So Tired
Lounge Lizard ~ Once Again ~ You're So Hot
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin ~ Wicked Game
Blue River Of Tears ~ What People Say
Love In The Makin ~ Let's Work Together
Happy Day ~ Trust In Me ~ Bitter
Corinna Cordwell MP3 N/A A Love So True
# LBS041CD
I Hope You're Never Happy ~ Sweet Dreams
Red Wing ~ Silvery Moon ~ Yodelling Cowgirl
the Old Water Wheel ~ Ashleighs Song
Mr Man In The Moon ~ So Proud Of You
When The Moon Across The Bushland Beams
That's How The Yodel Was Born ~ A Love So True
Corinna Cordwell MP3 N/A Over Mountains And Seas
# CC003CD
Now He's Gone ~ Indian Love Call
Cowboy Yodel ~ Over Mountains & Seas
Rockabilly Yodellin' Boogie Blues ~ Four Roses
Before Too Long ~ Can I Get Over You
The Way It Used To Be ~ Keeper Of The Key
Cowboys Sweetheart ~ The Gift
Corinna Cordwell MP3 N/A Forever In My Heart
Forever In My Heart ~ Heart Full Of Roses
He Taught Me To Yodel ~ Lay Down Beside Me
Love Song Over The Waterfall ~ Cattle Call
Hearts Of Fire ~ Murray River Yodel
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda ~ Broken Wings
How Great Thou Art ~ Till A Tear Becomes A Rose
Corinna Cordwell MP3 N/A Without You
# CCR1990CD
Without You ~ Chime Bells ~ Wabash Waltz
Mocking Bird Yodel ~ Changing Partners
Gost Riders In The Sky ~ Prisoners Song
Rockin Over ~Shepherds Farewell  ~ Lazy Moon
I Fall In Love ~ Grandpa's Yodel

Country Bob Browne


Stand And Deliver
# BCD323

Bushranger ~ Ride The Wild Stallion ~ Blue & The Kid ~ Nearly Forty ~ Brisbane Ladies ` Freedom On The Wallaby ~ Ned Kelly ~ A Gold Diggerís Life ~ Dancing Lady ~ Fair Dinkum I Love Ya ~ King Of The Bar Stool ~ They Dig Gold Donít They 25.00
Craig Giles MP3 N/A

Kick It
# BRE 121CD


Who Said Girls Don't Drive ~ Riding That White Line
Straight To The Hear Of Love ~ Raining In My Heart
Two Old Cats Like Us ~ When It Comes To You
Locked and Loaded ~ West Texas Waltz
A Million Beer Drops ~ Daylight Wasting Time 
Easy To me ~  Back 'A' Bourke Girl 
Kick It Into Gear ~ Don't Stop
Craig Giles MP3 N/A
No Matter What
# BRE 119CD
Better Back Up ~ Suspicion ~ You And Me
Pick It Up ~ Am I That Easy To Forget~ Hello Walls
Lonely Old Me ~ Starry Sky ~ No Matter What
Take A Ride With Me ~ Getting Too Old For This
Raging Fire ~ Say It Isn't So ~ Heads I Win
Craig Giles MP3 N/A

Your Requests
# BRE 120CD


It's Not Usual ~ Memories Are Made Of This
Make The World Go Away ~ Don't Fence Me In
I Still Call Australia Home ~ Sing, Sing, Sing
Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow ~ The Last Waltz
Love Letters In The Sand ~ Wooden Heart
Pretty Woman ~ What A Wonderful World
Craig Giles MP3 N/A
Heart Of Australia
#BRE 122CD
Heart of Australia ~ He Rides Alone ~ Rodeo Queen
Rusty Memories~Picture on the Mantle
Blue Heeler ~ Daddy Clown
When Am I Going Home ~ Fair Dinkim Aussie
A Bushman's Last Lament ~ Together As One
Indian Pacific~This Land is Your Land
You Can Never Do Wrong In A Mother's Eyes
Craig Giles MP3 N/A
This Old House
# BRE 123CD


Poetry In Motion ~ Starlight Stabright ~ Crazy Arms
Baby Why Oh Why ~ Splish Splash ~ Ruby Baby
Someone Must Feel Like A fool ~ Such A Night
Talk Back Trembling Lips ~ Johnny Cash Medley
This Old House ~ Blame It On The Bossonova
Je T Aime
Craig Giles MP3 N/A
This One's For You
#TRC 111CD
This One's For You ~ Don't Rock The Jukebox
This Fool Will Cry ~ Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Ghost Riders In The Sky ~ Suzie's World ~ Maggie
King Of Rock & Roll ~ Baby Blue ~ Oh Boy
From Frankie With Love ~ Cheryl Moana Marie
Rockabilly Rebel ~ I'm Going Home ~ In The Ghetto
You're The Reason ~ China Doll ~ North To Alaska
California Blue ~ Oh Lonesome Me
Craig Giles MP3 N/A
A matter Of Time
#TRC 115CD
Outback man ~ Little Bit Country ~ Crazy
Old Rugged Cross ~ Six Pack Of Memories
Tell me It's A Bad Dream ~ True Loving Woman
Silver Wings ~Life's Highway ~ It's A matter Of Time
Some Things A Man Can't Change ~ Lady Luck
Honky Tonk Blues~You Used To Call me Sweetheart
Craig Giles MP3 N/A
Try A little Kindness
#BRE 118CD
Try A Little Kindness ~ Royal Telephone ~
Old Rugged Cross ~ Wonderful Time Up There
Lead Me, Guide me ~ Singing On The Mountain
Just A Closer Walk With Thee ~ The Rainbow
He Is My Everyhing ~ Put You Hand In The Hand
One Day At a Time ~ Love's Gonna Live There
Daisy May MP3 N/A Say It To My Face
# KKR112CD
Losin' My Blues Tonight ~ This Is Rodeo
Say It To My Face ~ Just Dreaming
Move It On Over

Dale Duncan

MP3 N/A The Heart Of Australia
Heart Of Australia ~ I'd Rather Mud Than Dust
Springtime On Monaro ~ The Parent Song
Gippsland Girl ~ You're A Real Good Friend
When The Red Bougainvilleas Bloom
The Two Apples
Joe The Crow ~ Rusty It's Goodbye
Malibar Mansion ~ Three Words Daddy


Dale Duncan MP3 N/A Family Values
I Only See You ~ Just Because ~ Family Bible
Walking In My Shoes~Nobody's Darling But Mine
A Mother As Lovely As You ~ Arajoel Waltz
Family Values ~ Don't Make Me Go To Bed
I'll Never Forget ~ Family Bible ~ Cinderella
Dale Duncan MP3 N/A A Truckers Life
Truckers Life ~ The Ghost Of Scrubby Creek
Miracle Girl ~ Do You Wanna Be
Three Words Daddy ~ Every Year In October
If The Truckies Stop ~ Marry Me
My On The Road Beauty Queen
Dale Duncan MP3 N/A Back To The Future
Malibar Mansion
Three Words Daddy
Danny Mack


I Only See You
# AR 11046
Only See You ~ The Greatest Comeback
Even The Stars Look Lonesome ~ Twinge of Regret
You Gave Me a Mountain ~ Someone You Love
Don't Worry bout me ~ No one Loves Here Anymore
You Couldn't Be Any Closer ~ What i Wouldn't Give
Darryl Lamb  
The Way It Was

# LBS090CD
I Never Meant To Lie ~ Am I Losing You
Stand By Your Woman Man ~ Made In Japan
Good Year For The Roses ~ The Story of My Life
Today I Started Loving You Again ~ Rub It In
Four In The Morning ~ Sea Of Heartbreak
Constantly Amazed ~ You're My Best Friend
Don't Cry Joni ~ Friday Night Blues
Dave McCallum MP3 N/A Double Decker Dave
Put Another Keg On Tap ~ Addicted To The Highway
I'm Just What I Am ~ Been There Done That
Motorbike Ringers ~ Second Time Round
Faces On The Rail ~ Cobb & Co ~ The Black Swan
Harry Redford ~ The White Bull From Aramac
RM Williams Boots ~ Come & Have A Beer Mate
Headed Out Headed Home~Everybody Got It But Me
David Croser MP3 N/A

The Cocky From Koolywurtie

The Cocky From Koolywurtie ~ If I Had Wings
Carve Your Name In My Saddle ~ Saddle Boy
The Old Drought Horse ~ It's Over and Done
People, Times and Places~Where Her Spirit's Free
A Special Place In Heaven ~ One Last Look
A Kangaroo's Point of View ~ Banjo and Henry
Old Gilbert ~ Save the Bush Ballad
David Croser MP3 N/A Proud To Be A Farmer
Motorcycle Cowboy ~ Proud To Be A Farmer
Leave Him In The Longyard ~ Wild Eyed Steer
She's Going To Get Away This Time ~ In The Garden
Fuelled Up and Rolling ~ Lucky Old Cowboy
A Bushman Can't Survive ~ One Day At A Time
Rex The Chunder Dog ~ Give My Love To Rose
When Helen Came Down From Heaven
Where The Murray Meets The Darling
David Croser MP3 N/A Man On The Land
Thunder and Lightning ~ The Farmers Daughter
Man On The Land ~ Rope Around My Heart
Teach Me Show Me I Can Do My Part
Tractor Pioneers ~ Rivers Of Australia ~ Camooweal
Big Rains Are Coming ~ My Heart Isn't Broken
You've Gotta Go West Young Fella
Song For Cynthia ~ Country Music ~Hands of Fame
David Croser MP3 N/A The Cocky From Koolywurtie
The Cocky From Koolywurtie ~ If I Had Wings
Carve Your Name In My Saddle ~ One Last Look
The Old Draught Horse ~ People, Times and Places
Where Her Spirt's Free ~ A Special Place In Heaven
A Kangaroo's Point Of View ~ Banjo and Henry
Old Gilbert ~ Save The Bush Ballad ~ Saddle Boy
Debbie Grace MP3 N/A Out Of The Ordinary
Ordinary Guy ~ Swap Him Over
It's More Than Just The Rain ~ I See Mummy
The Cardwell Love Song ~ Just One More Time
Debbie Grace MP3 N/A Grace Yourselves
# DG001CD
When It's Alright ~No Limit Highway ~ Ordinary Guy
Life's Too Short ~ Dig The City ~ Swap Him Over
Don't Ever Play My Records(and never drive my car)
It's More Than Just The Rain ~The Tincanning ~HUH
The Cardwell Love Song ~ Too Good To Be True
I See Mummy ~ I Believe ~ Just One More Time
Dianne Lindsay MP3 N/A Memories & Dreams
# DLN001
Butterfly Memories ~ Teardrops On The River 
I Need A Heart To Come Home To ~ Blue Rose In
A Guiding Light ~ Bushland Sweetheart
Beautiful Memories & Beautiful Dreams ~ Suvla Bay
Til The End Of The World ~ Old Brown Guitar Case
The Love Of Mother & Dad ~ Local Mary Magdalene
Hobo's Meditation ~ 18 Years of Age Today
Dianne Lindsay MP3 N/A

Heartbeat Of Australia
# DLN002

Cooper After Rain ~ The Message ~ Heartbeat Of Australia ~ Jackie Howe ~ Shadows Of The Redgums ~ Long Road Home ~ House Down Willow Lane ~ When Rivers ~ Country All The Way ~ Kellieís ~ Gai  Waterhouse ~ St Patrickís Day ~ Bush haven ~ Winter Winds 25.00
Dianne Lindsay 
& Pete Simpson
MP3 N/A Looking Back
You Can Say That Again ~ Lookin'Back to See
Hello Mr Johnson ~ Rusty It's Goodbye
Party Pickin' ~ I'll Take The Dog
For Jenny A Rose ~ Nothing Lasts Forever
Come The Day ~ Big Deal
Dianne Lindsay 
& Pete Simpson
  Songs From Our Pen
# DLN004

with Peter Simpson
Shadows of the Redgums ~ Gentleman Joe
Three Gumleaves In Tobruk ~ Guiding Light
Akubras In The Snow ~ Teardrops On The River
Heartbeat of Australia ~ Back To The Outback
Old Brown Guitar Case ~ The Message
The Love of a Mother & Dad ~ Bush Haven
Old Bush Picker ~ Kellie's Eyes
Doug McIntyre MP3 N/A Turn The Tide

Hungry Hearts ~ Cowgirl Games ~ The Accordion
Little Town ~ The Man Who Might Have Been
Turn The Tide ~ Valley Of Tears ~ Cunnamulla Fella
The Ballad Of The Black Stump ~ Moonlight Ride
A Little More Time With You ~ Turning 50
The Dingo And The Boy
Doug Rowe MP3 N/A Havannah St Blues
# RRCD2002
Hanging On ~ Riding The Wind ~ Longshot Fool
The Long Black Veil ~ Brand New Boy ~ Wildfire
We'll Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning
The Heartache Is On ~ Great Southern Land
Wauchope Timber Mill ~ Common Ground
Lines Of Love ~ A Tender Heart ~ Little One
Dusty Rankin MP3 N/A A Portrait Of Dusty Rankin
# BMCP511
Little Dutch Girl ~ A Little Boy Whose Name Is Boyd
I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do ~ Wedding Bells
She Was Happy 'Till She Met You ~ Ramblin Around
Weep On My Shoulder ~ On The Trail To Home Sweet Home
Your Dreams Of Yesterday Are Gone ~ Lets Pretend
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You ~ Country Girl
Don't Say Goodbye If You Love Me ~ Sway Back Pinto Pete
Answer To The Blue Velvt Band ~ Hold On Little Doggie
Eddie Youngblood MP3 N/A

The Golden Years Of Elvis
# MOS2008 CD

Blue Suede Shoes ~ Heartbreak Hotel ~ Sun Melody: Thatís alright Mamma, Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Mystery Train ~ Love Me Tender ~ Donít Be Cruel ~ King Creole ~ New Orleans Medley: Basin St Blues, New Orleans, Trouble ~ Suspicion ~ Itís Now Or Never ~ Viva Las Vegas ~ C.C.Rider ~ Burning Love ~ Always On My Mind ~ You Gave Me A Mountain ~ Feeliní In My Body ~ Suspicious Minds ~ Memories ~ American Trilogy ~ Canít Help Falling In Love ~ Softly As I Leave You 25.00
Eddie Youngblood MP3 N/A

Rockabilly Heaven
# MOS2007 CD

Donít Be Cruel ~ Itís Raining ~ Ainít No Good ~ Summer Time Blues ~ Suspicion ~ Heaven ~ Fabulous ~ I Want That ~ Rockabilly Heaven ~ Write Myself A Letter ~ The Elvis Presley Express ~ The Way I Walk 25.00
Elvie Nichol &
 Don Featherstone
MP3 N/A Wishing My Love Was Here
#DON 333
Wishing My Love Was Here ~ Still Walking
Autumn Breeze ~ Australia Is Our Kind Of Country
On The Murrumbidgee ~ That Valley Of Love
November Rains ~ The Coulstoun Lakes Volcano
It's A Long Way Down Underground ~
I Love only You ~ The Story Of Hervey Bay
I Never Thought It Could Happen To Me
When The Golden Wattle Blooms ~ Joy Of My Life
Elvie Nichol &
Don Featherstone
MP3 N/A Texas Sweetheart
The Sunday Night Dance ~Texas Sweetheart
Just Longing For You Dear ~ Handsome Stranger
I'm Walking Behind You ~ Sunset Over Blue
 Eyes Of A Thousand Words~ Sweetheart Valley
It's Been A Long Long Time ~ I'll Always Tell You
My Mummy Dear ~November Rains ~Joy Of My Life
Elvie Nichol &
Don Featherstone
MP3 N/A That Valley Of Love
#DON 353
Australia Is Our Kind Of Country ~ Story Of Hervey
When The Golden Wattle Blooms ~ The Manda
The Coulstoun Lakes Volcano ~ I Love Only You
It's A Long Way Down Underground ~
Girl Of My Dreams ~ My Dear Mum & Dad
Bell-Birds On The Blackbutt Range ~
 One Rainy Night~ On The Murrumbidgee ~
Never Thought It Could Happen To Me ~Wishing My Love Was Here ~ Don't Get The Rain Anymore ~ Such A Wonderful Man ~That Valley Of Love
Ernie Constance MP3 N/A When The Currawongs
Come Down
# BR001CD
Where The Snowy Mountains Rise ~ Walk Away
Partners & Mates ~ I Talk To You ~ Monaro Rain You Are Everywhere ~ Short Cut Sam
Saddle Up And Ride ~ Little Blue Eyes
She Deserves Better ~ I Wish I Could Go Back
When The Currawongs Come Down
Ernie Constance


Boots 'n' All

# LBS025CD
What Can I Do For Australia ~ Liveringa Station
Sunday Morning Song ~ I'm A Dinkum Aussie
Lonesome You and Me ~ Every Road I Travel
Men of Timber ~ The Door of Friendship
What's So Wrong With That ~ Wombat on The Loo
The Hardest Man on Earth ~ Boots 'n' All
Ernie Constance MP3 N/A
Colours Of A Song

# LBS042CD
Colours of a Song ~ The Sundown Cup
Auntie Clara ~ The Old Place
Picaninny Playin ~ The Strength Within Us All
Lonely Motel Room ~ An Angel In Disguise
Leaning Post ~ Families On The Land
Badja River Song ~ Gone Drovin Again
Ernie Constance MP3 N/A
A Dinkum Bushman's Hands

# LBS076CD
A Dinkum Bushman's Hands ~ Bog-A-Frog
In Conservations Name ~ The Worse For Wear
Trading My Crown For A Ring ~ Parker Bros
Addicted To The Highway ~ The OP Brand
If You Should Change Your Mind
Things I See Around Me ~ The Streets of Hell
Walking With You ~ Footsteps
Ernie Constance MP3 N/A

Goin' Walkabout

# LBS097CD
Goin' Walkabout ~ Another Old Soldier
Breakaway ~ The Tumut Valley
Burrunga Boy ~ Up and Coming Youngster
Seems Like The Sun's Going Down ~ David
That Old Hat ~ Tearing Up The Road
If They Put A Tax On That ~ The Dancers
Hungry Cattle Starving Sheep ~ Take My Hand
Evelyn Bury MP3 N/A Someday An Eagle
# PCD065
Someday An Eagle ~ I'm Gonna Take a Heartbreak
Let The Canefields Burn ~ Cootamundra Wattle
A Head On Collision Of Hearts ~ Gone For Good
Home is Where The Heart Is ~ One Piece of Paper
 If Wishes Were Fishes ~ Butterflies and Icecream
The Blacksoil Plains Of Teh Outback ~ Oh Lord
Evelyn Bury MP3 N/A The Fire Still Burns In Me
# PCD076
Stay With me ~She's Playing Solitaire ~  I'll Get By
Footsteps To Nowhere ~ You Opened My Eyes
The Black Stallion ~ Hold Him In Your Hands
The Fire Still Burns In Me ~ I Just Want To be Gone
Wedding Day Waltz ~ The Carnival Is Over
Song For Danny
Evelyn Bury


We Are One
# PCD080
We Are One ~ In Gethsemane Alone ~ I Believe
How Great Thou Art ~ What The Man Said
Speak Louder ~ Lord I'd Forgotten 
Ten Golden Rules ~ It Only Take One Candle
Will The Circle be Unbroken ~ Amazing Grace
Were You There When They Crucified My Lord
Evelyn Bury MP3 N/A Travelling Light
# PCD098
Midnight blue ~ Borghero The Rodeo Clown ~Words 
Sprig Of Rosemary ~ Just Remember ~ Makin' Do
One Last Goodbye ~ I'm A Woman At The Wheel
You Can Never Do Wrong In A Mother's Eyes
I'd Love To Be An Old Truck Driving Man ~ Paradise
Claypan Boogie~ Lattitude~ California~On The Inside
Evelyn Bury MP3 N/A Favourites
# PCD708
Just Around The Corner ~ Could Be Monday
Let The Canefields Burn ~ I Cried, Cried, Cried
I'm Stronger Than I Look ~ Cootamundra Wattle
I'm Learning How To Love You ~ It's Midnight
A Rosebush For Mamma ~ Raining On The Rock
Don't Forget To Remember Me ~ Mamma Told Me
When I Sleep With You ~ Wrong Side Of Thirty
Jesus Who ~ Words
Evelyn Bury MP3 N/A Buried Treasures
# PCD720
Do The Kids Have Christmas In Heaven ~ Darling
Don't Follow The Light ~ Gentle Annie Creek ~Train
There's No Place Like Home ~ Wish Me Well
Queensland Rain ~ More and More Away from You
If Wishes Were Diamonds ~ North Coast Man
Banjo Flats ~ Hold On Me ~ One Day At A Time
Singles Again ~ I'm Married To My Bulldog Mack
Why Do I Love The Wild Ones So ~ Old Aust Eliza
The Days Of Old Khancoban ~ Country Music Star
Canrcutter's Dream
Evelyn Bury MP3 N/A Where The Burnett River Flows
# PCD101
Where The Burnett River Flows ~ Farewell To T.I.
Don't Hold Back ~ I Need To See The Sunset
An Old Rocking Chair  ~ Farewell To Arms
Come Follow Me ~ Riding To The Never Never
The Night Watch ~ Country Revival ~ Tell me Why
Indian Pacific ~ Fields of Athenry
I Love You More Than I  Can Say
Evelyn Bury MP3 N/A Let Me Take You There
With A Song

# PCD105
Let Me Take You There With A Song ~ Four Strong Winds
England Swings ~ Down In The Caribbean ~ Galway Bay
Beyond The Reef ~ South Of The Border ~ Eidelweiss
Wonderful Copenhagen ~ Black Hills of Dakota ~Pokare Kare Ana
Don't Cry For Me Argentina ~ Under The Bridges of Paris
Rivers Of Babylon ~ I Still Call Australia Home ~ Isle of Capri
Child of Koonapippi ~ Mull Of Kintyre ~ Paloma Blanca
Evelyn Bury MP3 N/A

Australian Country from
Tex Morton to Lee Kernaghan
# PCD 084

Mandrake ~ Where The White Faced Cattle Roam ~ The Faithful Old Dog ~ Hobnail Express ~ The Days Of Old Khancoban ~ Walk A Country a ~  Little Boy Lost ~ Wobbly Boot Hotel ~ Now Iím Easy ~ Old Aunt Eliza ~ Goiní Rodeoiní Again ~ Cootamundra Wattle ~ Murray River Blues ~ When We First Fell In Love ~ A Rosebush For Mamma ~ Cyclone Season ~ The Boys From The Bush 25.00
Evelyn Bury MP3 N/A

Thereís No Place Like Home
# PCD 070CD

More And More Away From You ~ When I Sleep With You ~ Thereís No Place Like Home ~ Wish Me Well ~ My Name Is Bury ~ Queensland Rain ~ Itís Midnight ~ Cyclone Season ~ Train ~ Banjo Flat ~ They Call Him Bury ~ Gentle Annie Creek

Gail Smith MP3 N/A The End Of Time
# LBS054CD
Strong Enough To Bend ~ Quiet Desperation
The Fool ~ Little Rosewood Casket
Wedding Bells ~ I Guess You Had To Be There
You Can Never Do Wrong In A Mothers Eyes
The Sweetest Gift ~ I Give You Music
The End Of Time
Gay Brazel


Hidden Charm
# GBCD 001


Yakkity Axe ~ The Ash Oaken Farewell ~ Amapola
Little Burma Thro The Bayou ~ Danny Boy ~ Perfidia
Hidden Charm ~ MeHatties Waltz ~ Song For Laura
The Eaves Dropper / Out In The Ocean
Tokyo Polka ~ Amazing Grace ~ The Water Is Wide
Floppy Eared Mule
Geoff Brown


Gentleman Geoff
# BMCP 616
The Man From Timbuctoo ~ A Lotta Little Things
It Shouldn't Happen To A Dog ~ North To Alaska
Lessons I Learnt On Mothers Knee ~ Limping Back
A Thousand Miles From Anywhere ~ Fred & Ned
The Other Half Of Me ~ Truck Driving Man
Old Friends, Old Times, Old Places
No Country Music On The Jukebox
Geoff Williams


Just Be Yourself
# GEW 01
Just Be Yourself ~ God's Own Country ~ Lovelight
The Daylight Saviing Song ~ He'll Have To Go
Canberra ACT ~ She Treats me Like A King
 My Heroes Have Always been Cowboys
Today I Started Loving her Again/ Crying Time
The Green Gree Grass Of Home
For The Good Times ~ You're My Best Friend
Bootscootin' Bogeys
Geoff Williams


A Peaceful Mind
# GEW 02


A Peaceful Mind ~ Curriba ~ When I Dream
Country rock ~ The Lonely Shore ~ Take Your Pick
We'll Meet Again~ A Country Song~Smoky Dawson
Move Right Along ~ Almost Persuaded
Too Soon To Know ~ I Danced you Into My Heart
Grande Ole Opera ~ Rest Your Weary Mind
Heading back To Tamworth~ Take Your Pick
Ginny Peters


The Journey
# PEG CD 001


The Journey ~ I Learnt A Thing Or Two  
The Peddler ~ Rocking Horse ~ Getting By
Words Mean Everything ~ Hobo In A Silk Shirt
Lady In An 87 Pontiac ~ Beyond The Reason
Angelina Loves To Dance ~ Old Picture Book
In The Arms Of A Memory ~ Beyond Vision
Make Me One Promise ~ I Only See You 
Ginny Peters   Butterfly Wings
# PEGCD002
Butterfly Wings ~ Just Bring Me Some Love
The Peddler ~ I'm Just A Memory You Left Behind
I Only See You ~ In The Arms of a Memory
My Babys Gone ~ Words Mean Everything
It's a Longway Till Tomorrow ~ Music Man
It's Alright ~ Chewed Gum
Ginny Peters MP3 N/A
As Long As The Road
#PEG CD 004
There's No Good In Being Bad ~ Watch Over Him
Beyond The Reason  ~ Make me One Promise
Bruise With Every Touch ~ The Mystery Of God
If I Climb Upon The Cross ~ I Can Climb Walls
Beyond Vision ~ That's The Way Life Goes
Oleander Waltz ~ As Long As The Road
Glenn Jones MP3 N/A Son Of The Soil
Son Of The Soil ~ Home In Dirranband ~ Doreen ~ Where The Mitchell Grass Once Grew ~ Garage Sale ~ Day To Dream ~ Kosciusko ~ For Old time Sake ~ Old Tiger ~ Drought Cattle ~ Grandfatherís Wagonette ~Dew On The Gidgee Leaves 25.00
Glenn Jones MP3 N/A Bring Back Old Australia

Bring Back The Old Australia ~ No One Stops Here Anymore ~ Swing The Gate And Let Him Ride ~ Where I Call Home ~ Nine Times Bogged ~ Son Of A Son Of A Working Man ~ Take Old Banjo Today ~ Cec Mills, Anzac ~ The Vanishing Horseman ~ Rain You Beauty Rain ~ The Rodeos Are Over

Glenn Jones MP3 N/A East Of The Scrub
# PCD087
Glenn Jones MP3 N/A Havin' A Good Weekend
# PCD097

Haviní A Good Weekend ~ Tent Show Dreamer ~ Hitting The Top Rail ~ The Thirst Of Billy James ~ Mount Isa Working Man Blues ~ Thereís Nothing Quite Like A Blues ~ The Year 2000 Bush Balladeer ~ Underneath These Southern Skies ~ This Gypsy Blood Of Mine ~ Disadvantaged ~ Liveringha Station ~ Time Honoured ~ Behind The Cattle

Glenn Jones MP3 N/A The Track To Yesterday
# PCD718
Glenn Jones MP3 N/A Jonesy Sings
# JS001
Cane To Cotton ~ Time & Distance
Nellie Budgerie ~ The Glenden Track
My Angel of Goulburn Hill ~ Outback Drought
That Little Bush Town Of Mine ~ Dusty Lady
The Black Mare In The Furrow ~ Red Sunrise
Gordon Parsons MP3 N/A The Legendary
Gordon Parsons Volume 1
# PCD711

Just Passing Through ~ You'll Do Me Mate ~Perch
Half A Dozen Stubbies In The Fridge ~Joe The Crow  Lady Nicotine ~ Call Of The Bushland
The Bellinger Is Home Sweet Home To Me 
The Whole Town Is Scared Of Me ~ Clarence River Men Who Are lost ~ Thirty-Five Hour Drover
My Old Mate Jim ~ There Is No Indispensable Man  A Pub with No Beer ~ Old Time Timber Men
Best Friend I Had ~ Big Timber Land
Thatís The Kind Of life That I Live ~ Red Devil
Where The Love Light Shines ~ Hobnail Express
Our Country Was Stolen ~ Running Short Of Time
The Biggest Fool Of Them All ~Bushmans Prayer

Gordon Parsons MP3 N/A The Legendary
Gordon Parsons Volume 2
# PCD714

Born To Be A Rolling Stone ~ Back Where He Belongs ~ Mangled Mass Of Steel ~ Trumbyís Ghost ~ Off To Queensland ~ Remember Ronnie Martin ~ The Yowie ~ The Equaliser ~ Why Do I Gamble ~ Blue Days And Dark Nights ~ Jonny Was A Fighting Man ~ In The Luggage Van Ahead ~ Born With An Endless Thirst ~ Just Drifting Along ~ Let The Dingoes Drag Me Around ~ Malabar Mansion ~ Where The Bellinger River Flows ~ Let The Rest Of The World Go By ~ The Legendary Beer ~The Convictís Letter Home ~ The Showman ~ Dusty Plains ~ Why Should I Work

Gordon Parsons MP3 N/A Vintage GP
# BMCP614
The Happy Bushman~ Back To Those Rolling Plains
Where The Bellinger River Flows ~Itchy Feet
The Australian Bushman ~The Parent Song
The Passing Of Cobber Jack ~ My Mother In Heaven
Please Tell Me Darling ~ Rhythm Of The Range
No One But Me ~That Lovely Australian Girl Of Mine
Dusty Plains ~ The Letter I'll Never Get
You Get All The Sunshine ~The Convict & The Rose
What Good Is The Moon Without You ~ Rodeo Is On
Back In The Bush Once More
Graeme Hugo


You Asked For It
# KKR 144CD
Cowboy Rides Away ~ Farmer's Daughter
If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body ~ Together Again
Bartender's Blues ~ Storms Never Last
Hungry Eyes ~ Life Turned Her That Way
Let's Fall To Pieces Together ~ Picking Up Pebbles
Old Flames Can't Hold A Candle To You
Let The Love Flow ~ Big City
Graham Pearson


Country Favourites
# MM103CD
Country Revival ~ By The Fire Of Gidgee Coal
Where Country Is ~ Gumtrees By The Roadway
Old Wallerawang ~ Cattle Camp Revierie
Baby Blue~Things Are Not The Same On The Land
What I Am ~ Leave Him In The Longyard
Graham Rodger


This Old Guitar of Mine
# AM 002
This Old Guitar of Mine ~ Tonesie ~ The B & S Ball
The Wheels of Cobb & Co ~ Missing In Action  Santa's New Rig ~ Country Towns ~ Burke & Wills
True Blue Country ~ I Never Meant to Hurt You
Why Do We Write ~ Where The Cooper Flows
Graham Rodger


Muster On The Great Divide
# AM 003
Muster On The Great Divide ~ The Bushman
Down At The Pub On A Friday Night ~ Old Furlong
Jessie May ~ In Answer To The Bush Balladeers
Happy Just To Know That You're Mine
A Tale From The North ~ My Old Akubra Hat
Clancy Of The Overflow ~ What Country's All About
Woolshed Ball ~ The Battle Of Longtan
Graham Rodger


#AM 004
The Stockyards In The Hills ~ Kenny, Me and Slim
Anywhere I Hand My Hat ~ Old Landcruiser
Thunderbolt ~Woman On The Land ~ Sequel
One Country ~ An Old Green Piece Of Canvas
My Heart's In Australia Now ~ The Obi Obi
The Chinchilla Rodeo ~ Salute To R.M
There's A Hole In The Mossie Net
Graham Rodger  
Steering Wheel Drovers

# DE003CD
Drysdale River ~ Steering Wheel Drovers
King of the Roadtrains ~ Give Me Waltzing Matilda
The Old Landcruiser ~ The Murranji Muster
Get Right off the Place ~ Old Man Drought
We're Gonna Rock the Old Pub Tonight
The Miners Arms Hotel ~ Roses & Diesel
You've Gotta Be Mad to be a Truckie Like Me
Graham Rodger  
The Colours of Australia

# DE004CD
The Snowy Mountain Riders
Going Back To The Alice ~ We're Australia's Sons
Waiting at the End of the Line ~ The Lady and the Rodeo Man ~ A Country Way of Doing Things
The Old Retired Drover ~ When My Ship Comes In
The Colours of Australia ~ Crocodile Hunters
Graham Rodger 


The Fire Within Me

#AM 005


A Saddle For A Throne ~ Manabadgerrie Run
Carra Barra Wirra Canna ~ Diamantina
Pack Horse Drover ~ The Land of Ringer Trumby
Rough Country Ringer ~ Water From The Devil
She's My Rig ~ Give This Hug To Daddy
The Kin Kin Hoterl ~ The Battle of Coral
You Can't Take Australia From Me
Graham Rodger 


We're Gonna Be Alright
#AM 006
We're Gonna Be Alright ~ The First Lady of Country
The Almond Tree ~ A Hat Like That ~ Said Hanrahan
The Barcaldine Cup ~ From Banjo's Pen ~ Relief
Guilty or Not Guilty ~ Unsuitably Dressed
A Small Pain In His Chest ~ A Little Irish Mother
The Touch Of The Masters Hand
Graham Rodger


Shadows Across The Moon
#AM 007
Backwards ~ Take Your Bank and Shove It
The Cooper Coming Down ~ His Wooden Friend
Shadows Across The Moon ~ Tuppence Ha'penny
His Face Says Australia To me ~ The Life We Live
Son Of A Son Of a 'Son of a Gun'  ` Goldie
Angels Without Halos ~ Uncle Bill's Legacy
Graham Rodger MP3 N/A This Land
# AM008CD
This Land ~ The Cattlemen's Cup
The Shearing Is On ~ An Affair of the Heart
The Darling Rain ~ Diesel and Dreams
The Lights On The Hill Memorial ~ Fathers Day
The Midnight Train  ~ Rocky Creek
Such A Shame ~ The Silent Deep Lagoon
Son Of The Red Dirt Country ~ The Shape I'm In
Greg Bain MP3 N/A This Land of the Free
# LBS145CD
Land of the Free ~ On Bankers Land
Two Champions ~ Thistles on the Hillside
The Road To Nemingah ~ Mustering Camps
When Grandpa was a Boy ~ One Out One Back
Ghosts of Bungendore ~ Fair Dinkum Bushman
My Little Bushland Home ~ Coming Back Home
Greg Bain MP3 N/A Staying True
# LBS126CD
The Man That Shaped The Steel ~ Kimberley Skies
Just Call Me Mate ~ No Going Back
The Lame Fiddler ~ Qld Drover ~ The Ballot
When The Moon Across The Bushland Beams
Fishing With My Dad ~ The Pony of the Pit
The Canning Stock Route ~ The Sulky
Greg Bain Country Skies
# LBS113CD
Every Family Needs a Farmer ~ What About Him
What Happened to the Handshake ~ Camooweal
The All Girl Droving Crew ~ A Country Sky at Night
The Gnarled Gidgee ~ Can I Sing Trumby
The Liverpool Plains ~ A Special Bond
I'm In Love With The Country ~ Purple Roses
Greg Williams MP3 N/A Now and Then
# ADV803CD
Now and Then ~Take These Chains ~Drinkin' Again
Over The Line ~You're My Best Friend
The Longyard ~By A Fire Of Gidgee Coal
Lights On The Hill ~Swinging Doors ~ Say It Now
Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down ~ Tha't's How Much
Greg Williams MP3 N/A It's About Time
# PIN502CD
It's About Time ~ Keep The Dream Alive ~ Wheels
Devil Woman ~ As Time Goes By ~ Let It Rain
Guitar Boogie ~ Hello Mary Lou ~ All Shook Up
Daddys Girl ~ It's All Over Now ~ The Race Is On
Where Is The Love ~ Happy Go Lucky Guitar
Apache ~ Stop, Look & Listen
Greg Williams MP3 N/A Stop Look And Listen
Stop, Look and Listen ~ Weary Body Down
I Don't Wanna Be A Farmer No More
My Key Ring ~ Behing Closed Doors ~ Free
Hey Sunday Driver ~ Make One, Break One
I Still Love You ~ You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling
Through Love ~ Hard Times
Gunbarrell Highway MP3 N/A Gunbarrell Highway Men
# GB01CD
Country Revival ~ Losin My Blues ~ Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Australia All Over ~ Rollin Plains ~ Small World ~ Rocky Ned
Country Livin ~ The Older The Violin ~ Rockin Over
We Are The Gunbarrell Highway Men ~ Cottage In The Country
With THe Way I'm Doing It Now ~Aussie Flag Song~What's Wrong
Don't Let Your Children Go ~ Today I Started Loving You Again
Cut Your Toe Nails Mary ~ Let's Hear It For The Working Man
Memory No 1 ~ Working For The Japanese ~ Tom Dick & Harry
Hawaii ~ Winter Winds ~ Little Things In Life ~ Still Gonna Die
The Australain Country Music Hall Of Fame ~ Jodie
Gunbarrell Highway  

Loaded & Live

REG POOLE ~ Country Revival ~Goinní Rodeoiní ~ Rockiní Over River ~ Australia All Over ~ Gunbarrel Highwaymen Theme ~ Mates ~ Fire Of Gidgee Coal ~ Lord Iíve Forgotten ~ A grave Situation ~ Rusty The Rodeo Clown ~Twenty Four Hours Everyday ~ When We First Fell In Love ~ Tribute To Russell Hawkin ~ OWEN BLUNDELL ~ My daddy Was a Trucker ~ Walkin On The Rooftop Of Australia ~ Itís A Small World ~ Queen Of Ice ~ You Only Have One Mother ~ Do What You Do, Do well ~ Maggie ~ Regular O ~ Danny Boy / How Great Thou Art ~ Whimowae ~ Now Iím Easy ~ Owen Blundell as Franck Spencer ~Help Me Make It ~ Lepracy ~ MuckiníRound And Truckiní ~ TERRY GORDEN ~ Cheatiníin The Key Of C ~ Cowboys Donít Get Lucky All The Time ~ Henry Holloway ~ Iím For love ~ His And Hers ~ Better To Be Lucky ~ Old Guitar Picked ~ Speewah Shearer ~ Workiní For Japanese ~ Back To Our Childhood Days ~ FINALE ~ Country Revival ~ Goiní Rodeoiní ~ Rockiní Over The River ~ Australia All Over 30.00
Gunbarrell Highway  

Ready Aim Fire
Live In Tamworth

DVD of Reg Poole, Terry Gordon & Owen Blundell
- live show in Tamworth
Herbie Laughton MP3 N/A
Country From The Heart

# PIN504CD
An Old Aboriginal Stockman ~ Alice Springs Waltz
Your Careless Ways ~ His Ancient Race
Storm In My Heart ~ My Finke River Home
The Old McDonnell Ranges ~ My Desert Rose
Trust In The Lord ~ Arunta Mans Dream
Old Bungalow Days ~ Ghan To The Alice
Ian B. Macleod MP3 N/A

Jesus Even Loves Cowboys
# PWCD9106

Jesus Even Loves Cowboys ~ Mother Theresa ~Silver And Gold ~ Jesus Loves You ~ Sweeter Than Candy ~ Hellelujah Special ~ The Humble Carpenter ~Daddy Sang Bass ~ God Bless The Children ~ Song Of The Old Guitar ~ Sundays Are Fundays ~ The Seeker ~ I Would Crawl All The Way To The River ~ Jesus Even Loves Cowboys 25.00
Ian B. Macleod MP3 N/A

Sings Slim Whitman
# PWCD9116

Love Song Of The Waterfall ~Secret Love ~ A Very Precious Love ~ A Rainbow In Every Teardrop ~ Blue Bayou ~ Cattle Call ~ Calypso ~ Song Of The Waterfall ~ Rosemarie ~ Chimebells ~ Indian Love Call ~ Swiss lullaby ~ I Remember You ~ China Doll Tumbliní Tumbleweed  When I Grow Too Old ~ 25.00
Ian B. Macleod MP3 N/A

Classic Rockabilly
# RBCD1973

Rockabilly Cowboy ~ Be Bop A Lula ~ Glad All Over ~ Dream Baby ~ Thatíll Be The Day ~ Boppiní The Blues ~ Blue Moom Of Kentucky ~ Honey Donít ~ Bad Moon Rising ~ Pickin Like Perkins ~ Hello Mary Lou ~ Blue Suede Shoes ~ Johnny Be Goode ~Rockabilly Fever 25.00
Ian B. Macleod MP3 N/A

ďThank You Mr PerkinsĒ
# RBCD1962

Thank You Mr.Perkins ~ The Rockabilly Express ~ Thereís A Song In This Olí Guitar ~ Rockabilly Cowboy ~ Iím A Rockabilly Cat ~ Buddy, Gene, Eddie, Elvis, Rick & John ~ Help Me Dream ~ Honey Donít ~ Forever Yours ~ Rockabilly Fever ~ Boppiní The Blues ~ Help Me Find My Baby ~ Blue Suede Shoes ~ Restless ~ Silver And Gold ~ Tennessee ~ Honey Donít ~ Sweeter Than Candy ~I Donít See Me In Your Eyes anymore ~ Hallelujah Special ~ I Just Got Back From There ~ Daddy Sang Bass ~One Of These Days ~ Blue Suede Shoes 25.00
Ian B. Macleod MP3 N/A

Easy Loviní
# PWCD9118

Una Paloma Blanca ~Easy LovinĒ ~ The Whitman Yodel ~ The old Spinning Wheel ~ Thatís How The Yodel Was Born ~ Cara Mia ~ Guess Who ~ Iím Casting My Lasso ~ The Wabash Waltz ~ The Twelth Of Never ~ The Swinging Hills ~ Please Paint A Rose On The Garden Wall ~Song Of The Wind ~ When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain 25.00
Ian B. Macleod MP3 N/A

Blue Misty Mountain
# PWCD9113

Blue Misty Mountain ~ A Very Precious Love ~ Kimberley Moon ~ Rainbows And Teardrops ~ Waltz Of The Wind ~ Crystal ~ My Blue Mountain Home ~ Without You ~ Misty Ranges ~ Swiss Lullaby ~ Yellilong ~ Thereís A Rainbow In Every Teardrop ~The Ellenborough Falls ~ If i Could Come Back ~ Echo Mountain Call 25.00
Ian B. Macleod MP3 N/A

Forever Yours
# PWCD9110

Forever  Yours ~ If We Donít Have Love ~ Song For Jenny ~ Help My Dream Blue Bayou ~ Lovely Lady ~ Dream Baby ~ Your Loveís Like Sugar ~ I Just got Back From There ~ Only The Lonely ~ Rainbow ~ Goodbye Joanne ~ Sweet Fantasy ~ Big Olí Brass Bed ~ Oh Lonesome Me 25.00
Ian B. Macleod MP3 N/A

# PWCD9109

Waterfall ~ Where The Blue Of The Night ~ Never Look Back ~ I Remember You ~ Moonlight Becomes You ~ Moonlight Becomes You ~ Mountain Lowry Call ~ Secret Love ~ cattle Call ~ You Belong To Me ~ Over The Rainbow ~ Rosemarie ~ Dancing Lady, bonus tracks, Chimebells ~ Love Song Of The Waterfall 25.00
Ian B. Macleod MP3 N/A

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
# PWCD9119

Rockabilly Cowboy ~ Goodbye, Joanne ~ Lovely Lady ~ Mountain Lowry Call ~ Song In This Olí Guitar ~ Buddy, Gene, Eddie, Elvis, Rick & John ~ Waterfall ~ Thank You Mr Perkins ~ The Whitman Yodel ~ Pickiní Like Perkins ~ Rainbows & Teardrops ~ My Heart ~ Song For Jenny ~ Captain Moonlight ~ Big Olí Brass Bed

Ian B. Macleod &
Stan Perkins

Pickiní Like Perkins
# RBCD1972

Matchbox ~ Everybodyís Trying To Be My Baby ~ Pickiní Like Perkins ~Iím Sorry Iím Not Sorry ~ Rock & Roll Rhythm ~ Wild Texas Wind ~ Honey Donít ~ Thatís Alright Mama ~ Your True Love ~ Because Your Mine ~ Distance Makes No Difference ~ Boppiní The Blues ~ Glad All Over ~Blue Suede Shoes

Ian B. Macleod  

In Concert

I Remember You~ Where The blue Of The Night ~ Rosemarie ~ Song For Jenny ~ Waterfall ~ waltz Of The Wind ~ Love Song Of The Waterfall ~ Indian Love Call ~ Hello Marylou ~ Only The Lonely ~ Secret Love ~ Forever Yours ~ Honey Donít ~ Tumbliní Tumbleweeds ~ China Doll ~ Over The Rainbow

Ian B. Macleod  

Rockabilly Party

Hello Mary Lou ~ Poor Little Fool ~ Garden Party ~ Diana ~ Thatís Alright Mama ~ Donít Be cruel ~ Letís Play House ` Only The Lonely ~ Blue Bayou ~ Matchbox ~ Boppiní The blues ~ Honey Donít ~ Say Mama ~ Dance To The Top Be Bop A Lula ~ Rocky Road Blues ~ Carl Perkins ~ Blue suede Shoes

Ian Quinn MP3 N/A Ballads Round The Coals
# LBS032CD
Just In Time ~ Australia's Still Australia
When I Was Your Age ~ The Face Of Australia
My Old Swag ~ The Ferry Road
There's No Black Cockatoos In Theodore Street
The Best Mates I Have Found ~ Coster
Ballads Round The Coals ~ One Day A Year
Charley The Rednose Clown
Ian Quinn  
Following The Footsteps

# LBS092CD
I'm Sailing On Gypsy's Time ~ How Legends Live
Following The Footsteps ~ Laying Down My Cards
Some Things Never Change Out Here ~ Beldale
The Strength in Us All ~ Barramundi Bound
Something of a Privilege ~ Barbara Lee
As The Bush Becomes The Town ~ King Charlie
Ian Quinn MP3 N/A A Proud Australian
# BMCP613
Just A Proud Australian ~ Remember Ronnie Martin
Not In My Home Country ~ Along That Gravel Road~Good Mates
We're Going To A Country Dance Tonight ~ Show Some Pride
Ghosts of Burke & Wills ~ That's Where You'll Find Him Today
Roll On Forever ~ Life's Not A Blackboard of a Ruler
Will The Next War Be The Last War ~ Best Of The Rodeo
You Ask Me Why It's Country ~ As Long As The Beer Is Cold
They Don't Waltz Matilda No More ~ Rain From The Storm
Poor Side of the City ~ Catching Barramundi ~ Two of a Kind

Jack Pledge


Songs About Cowboys & Drugstores
# PWCD9103

Cash On The Barrelhead ~ The Weaver ~ The Unsuccessful Outlaw ~ Some People Never Get Lucky ~ The Boy From The Country ~ The Cockie ~ The Seeker ~ Open The Door ~ waterfall ~ Stay At Home ~ The Honky Tonk Blues ~ Sad To See The Good Ones Getting Old ~ Taking The Train To Your Heart 25.00
Jamie Davis MP3 N/A JD
# KKR134CD
A Mansion On The Hill ~ Back On My Mind Again
Cowboy Rides Away ~ I Wanna Dance With You
Where Country Is ~ Old Country Church
If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body~Only In My Mind
I Wouldn't Change You If I Could
I'll Leave This World Loving You
Good Hearted Woman ~Yodel Your Blues Away
Jeanette James MP3 N/A Tangled Up In Love   25.00
Jeanette James MP3 N/A Shared Vision   25.00
Jean Stafford MP3 N/A Flowers For Mama/
Jean Stafford

# BMCP403
Flowers For Mama ~ What Kind Of A Girl Do You Think I Am
I Hold Your Name ~ Lonely ~ I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
Mama and Papa ~ Don't Make Me go To School ~ Jealous Heart
Cold Cold Heart ~ I'll Meet You In Church On Sunday Morning
There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight ~ Open Up Your Heart
Now I'm Going To Make It Alone ~ Happy Birhday To me
I Miss Holding You ~ Did I Turn Down A Better Deal
Alone and Waiting ~Nothing Left But Heartaches~Second Fiddle
Don't Let Me Cross Over ~ Little Rosewood Casket ~ Philadelphia Lawyer ~ I've Enjoyed As Much Of This As I can Stand
Jean Stafford MP3 N/A That Says It All
DIN 214D
Love Is Just A Two Sep Away ~ Sunshine Rain
That Says It All ~ First, Best And Always
The Torch ~ Could It Be You ~ Woman's Work
Can't You Just Stay Gone ~ Wishing Won't Do It
Accidentally On Purpose ~Be There ~Cowboy Days
First, Best and Always ~ Seeing You with Her
Jean Stafford MP3 N/A Let The Dance Begin
#JLCM 0001
I'm Going Crazy ~Don't Bet Your Boots ~It's All Over
God's Creation ~ Steelin' the 2step ~
Let the Dance Begin ~ She's Not A Fallen Angel
All My Friends Are Gonna Be Strangers
Whatever Happened ~ It's Like living with a Stranger
Jean Stafford MP3 N/A Born Again
# BMCP617
This World Is Not My Home ~ Kneel At The Cross
I'll Reap My Harvest In Heaven ~ Born Again
I Didn't Stop Dancing ~ Will The Circle Be Ubroken
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be ~ Empty Mansion
Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus
Glory Bound Train ~ Drifting Too Far From The Shore
When I Spent My Vacation In Heaven ~
Jeff Brown  
Poverty Liner

# LBS064CD
Poverty Liner ~ Home Is Waiting For You
Contented and Free ~ The Stockwhip and Spur
I'm Goin Back To The Barcoo ~ Tomorrow
Pittsworth Blues ~ Where The Bellinger River Flows
He Looked To Be Australian to Me
The Ghost of Three Rivers Hotel
The Highways This Drifters Home ~ Shadows
Jim & Margaret Coad MP3 N/A A Collection Of Old Time Favourites
# JMC001CD
My Grandfathers Clock ~ SN Henry's Barndance ~ Loch Lomond
All By Myself In The Moonlight ~ Middletons Rouseabout
Waltzing Matilda ~ Roll Along Covered Wagon ~ Side By Side
Maori's Farewell ~ The Waltz Of The Wind ~ Goodnight Irene
Do What you Do Do Well ~ Click Go The Shears ~ Daisy Belle
Galway Bay ~ When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling ~ Sweet Rosy O'Grady ~ Redwings
An Irish Lullaby ~ When I Grow Too Old To Dream ~ Maggie
The Merry Widow Waltz ~ The Drovers Dream
John & Avon
MP3 N/A Family Ties
# KKR111CD
Lights On The Hill ~ Roses & Memories
Walk Away ~ I'll Just Be A Drifter Til I Die
Johnny Greenwood MP3 N/A The Best Of
# CLCD46
The Goondiwindi Grey ~ The Singing Transport Man
My Dad Was A Road Train Man ~ Devil Woman
You Can Only Do The Best You Can ~ Lights On The Hill
If You Love Me (Let Me Know) ~ My Little Two Acre Farm
The Helping Hand of Billy Maher ~ Grandmas Feather Bed
Mary My Wildflower Sweetheart ~ The Blue Velvet Band
Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'~I Overlooked An Orchid
Crystal Chandalier ~ Distant Drums ~ Lucille ~ Tibrogargan
There's A Lonely Star In Heaven ~Along The Road To Gundagai
Johnny Greenwood MP3 N/A Here I Am Again
# CLCD48
Princess Street Bulimba ~ I Couldn't Forget You
Where 'm I Gonna Live
(When I Get Home) ~ Charlies Angel
Pink Champagne & A Room of Roses ~ Here I Am
Blackboard of My Heart ~ I Still Sing Jambalaya
Friendship Golden Friendship ~ The Home I loved
I've Been Lonely Lately ~ Do What You Do Do Well
The Lonely Little Phone Box ~ This Ole House
Johnny Greenwood MP3 N/A This Land Of Ours Australia
# CLCD50
This Land Is A Part Of You and a Part Of Me
Beautiful Queensland ~ The Road Up Ahead
When The Rain Tumbles Down In July ~ Tibrogargan
Wilmott Lagoon ~ Advance Australia Fair
I Am Australian ~ Our Old Flag ~ Waltzing Matilda
Currabubula ~ Coonabarabran ~ A Pub With No Beer
The Ghosts of Combo Waterhole
Lights Of Cobb & Co ~ Australias Own Don Bradman
Johnny Greenwood MP3 N/A Through The Years
# CLCD51
The Man In Black Has Gone ~ The Gambler 
Every Step of the Way ~ Sweet Little Lonely One
Our Champion Tony Mundine ~ Care ~ Poor Folks
The Green Green Grass Of Home ~ Wasted Years In Search of Lasseters Reef ~  The Little Folks
Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along
He Kept It All Australian ~ Just Another Mile To Go Detroit City ~ Little Boy Lost ~ She Thinks I Still
Jack O'Hagans Famous Song ~ Your Cheatin Heart Bracewell Neighbourhood ~ Big Rigs &Truck Stops
I Wonder if She's Thinking of me Now
That Little Kid Sister of Mine ~ Little Angel Eyes
Song and Dance Man ~ Some Great Morning
Johnny Greenwood MP3 N/A

Thereís Still A Country
Song In Me


Thereís Still a Country Song In Me
The Ballad Of Formby Sutherland ~ Satisfied Mind
How Ya Goiní Mate ~ Roses and Crinolines
The Rescue From Beaconsfield Gold Mine
Mum And Dadís Waltz ~ My Old Australian Home
When The Brisbane Wattle Blooms Again  Springtime In The Valley ~ Charlieís Dreams
She Was Happy Till She Met You ~ Rolling Wagons
Mother Longed For a White Christmas
My Richmond River Home ~ A Beautiful Place

Johnny Grills
  & Belinda Jane



Tribute To Johnny Cash
# NGR 111
If I Were A Carpenter ~ Folsom Prison ~ Big River
Help Me Make It Through The Night ~ Man In Black
Ring Of Fire ~ On The Wings Of A Dove
I Walk The Line ~ One Day At A Time
 Oh Lonesome Me ~ Good Night Irene
Johnny Grills MP3 N/A Thunderbolt The Bushranger
# NGR0060CD
Thunderbolt The Bushranger ~ Living On Love
The Gambler ~ Folsom Prison Blues
Coward Of The County ~ On The Road Again
Mama Tried ~ Down South In Queanbeyan
Chatahoochi ~ Today I Started Loving You Again
Johnny Heap MP3 N/A

Sunday afternoon and Country Music
# MOS2043CD

Sunday Afternoon and Country Music ~ A Room Full Of Roses ~ Devil Woman ~ Behind Closed Doors ~ B.J. The ~ There Wonít Be Anymore ~ Little Band of Gold ~ Pamela Brown ~ Silver Wings ~ The Letter Edged In black ~ Smokey Ceilings ~ Sleep My Lady 25.00
John Major MP3 N/A
Memories of Gold
# RM 125


Hard Tac ~ Tricks of the Trade ~ The Bachelor
The Punter's Lament ~ Turbulence ~ The Black Rose
Widow Down The Flat ~ Memories of Gold
In The Glorious Name of Sport ~ The Operation
Give the Fear the Flick ~ I Saw Nobody Mourning
Hiss in the Pitt ~ Leave Him in the Longyard
The Bachelor's Revenge ~ Jump On 23
A Bit of Philosophy from Tom Oliver
John Major MP3 N/A
Australian Bush Poetry
# JM 01


My Country ~ The Flagging Of Our Nation ~ Lost
The Stockman's Tale ~ Two Old Gentleman
The Cattle King ~ As Long As Your Eyes Arre Blue
The Song Of The Axeman's Woman ~ The Big Race
The Pontiff's Eyes ~ Scots Of The Riverina
The Kerrigan Boys ~ The Poker Machine
Big Fred ~ The Crosseyed Bull
John Major
  & Joy Major
Hand In Hand
# JM 02


Australia ~ The Silence Of The Old Rocking Chair
Phar Lap ~ From The Mouths Of Babes~Veteran
Dingo Joe ~ Crazy Kat ~ A Sad Story ~ Flying Kate
Going For Gold ~ The Snowy River Man ~ Grandpa
A Phone Call From Home ~ The Man In The Glass
Mulg Bills Bicycle ~ Taking After Dad ~ Little Blue
The Report ~ All For naught ~ Healy By A Head
John O'Dea MP3 N/A If Stones Could Talk
If Stones Could Talk ~ Last Saturday In December
Take My Hand ~ 5 Days To The Weekend
Hour in The Mail ~ Woman From Wilpena
Nine Miles From Orroroo ~ It'll Be Alright ~ Rain
Hanging Out With The Moon ~ The Races
Who Gets The Farm ~ Old Ned ~ Uncle Pat
Jude D'Lasselle MP3 N/A Find Time For Love
# JDL001
You're The Hub In My Lifes Wheel
Little Ole Wine Drinker Me
Find Time For Love
Christmas Without Mama
Don't Turn Your Back Again On The Working Man
Judy Stevens MP3 N/A

At Last

A Flag Of Our Own ~ Love Was A Two-way Thing  The Longyard ~ Donít I Make My Brown Eyes Blue  Snow on The Mountain ~ Australia All Over
Pal Of My Heart ~ The White Cliffs Of Dover
Iím So Lonesome I Could Cry ~ Blue Bird
Winter Winds ~ We'll Meet Again

Justin Standley MP3 N/A A Fathers Love
# LBS143CD
A Fathers Love ~ Christmas Cowboy
Brothers By Chance ~ I Won't Let Go
Father and Son ~ Unchained Melody
Come On Home ~ One More Cup Of Tea
Dreamtime Cathedrals ~ Ochre Man
From The Mountain Top ~ The Quiet Ones
Karen Williams MP3 N/A Shining
# KW0001
Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea
Lovesick Blues ~ Yodel Down The Valley
When We Start Kissing ~ Change His Ways
When You Yodel ~ Precious Things
When A Cowgirl Is Happy ~ Shining
Remember Me ~ Yodel Blues ~ Used To Be
Kel-Anne Brandt MP3 N/A
I'm A Big Girl Now
# KAB 333
All That Matters ~ I'm A Big Girl Now ~ Dream
Sometimes You Win When You Lose ~ Oh Boy
Go Away Come Back ~ Top Of My List ~ Crazy
My Baby Loves Me ~ I Just Fall In Love Again
Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain ~Joyful Noise
Kel-Anne Brandt MP3 N/A I'm Into Something Good
# CBMKAB03032
Let Him Dance ~ Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Rodeo Eyes ~ Say You Love Me ~ Only With You
Legend In The Making ~ Then He Kissed Me
I'm Into Something Good ~ I Know A Heartache
Shame On You ~ Why Do Fools Fall In Love ~ Lies
Ken Lindsay MP3 N/A From Cross Cut to Chainsaw
# KKR115CD
Grandfather Quandong ~ A Word To Texas Jack
From Cross Cut to Chainsaw ~ Kangabloodyroos
Nowhere Else ~ Shopping On A Saturday
Diamantina Drover ~ Everything Except
Heavens Party ~ Home In Dirranbandi
Losin' My Blues Tonight ~ Sweeney
Ken Lindsay MP3 N/A

The Night I Saved
John Wayne
#KKR 143CD

Lights of Wollongong ~ Big Fella Wudumbah
The Night I Saved John Wayne
~ The Grey Army
B Double Trouble ~ Jacky Howe ~ Loose Wheel
Old Bloodwood Tree ~ Victoria The Place To be
Drive In Dreams ~ Let The Mystery Be

Ken Hill MP3 N/A The Last Song
It's Gonna Be A Good Day ~ Hey Good Lookin'
Every Step Of The Way ~ I Recall A Gypsy Woman
Star Light, Star Bright ~ Walking The Floor Over You
You Made It Easy To Leave ~ Storms Never Last
Shut Your Mouth (And Let Me Kiss You) ~ The Last Song
Blanket On The Ground ~ The Only Soldier Left Standing
From A Jack To A King ~ I Will
Ken Hill MP3 N/A The Rest Of The Best
One Night Stand ~ Blue Water Frightens Me ~ Lady
Wastin' Time ~ You're Not The Only Woman Here Tonight
Casual Man ~ Deep and Meaningful ~ Wish I Had A Friend
I Don't Think You Love Me Anymore ~ Madeira Cake ~ Mexico
Every Bit Of Me Was Broken ~ You Can Cry On My Shoulder
I Was Tempted Tonight ~ If We Ever Get To Texas
Tickle My Tummy ~ Say Goodnight Gracie
Ken Hill MP3 N/A Covers Just Because ~ Fly Like A Bird ~ The Gambler ~ Pretty Woman
I Want To Dance With You ~ Flowers On The Wall ~ Amanda
Gentle On My Mind ~ Heartaches By The Number~Penny Arcade
King Of The Road~ Before The Next Teardrop Falls ~ Jambalaya
He Went To Paris ~ The Lion Sleeps At Night ~ Singin The Blues
Walkin The Floor ~ Little Old Wine Drinker Me
Waltz Across Texas ~ Wreck of the Old 97
Ken Hill MP3 N/A The Best Of
Love Is Easy ~ Dancing On A Tropical Night ~ The Waltz
Breakfast In Bed ~ Comfortable Country ~ Take My Heart
English Rose In Georgia ~ Take My Heart ~ Midnight Blue
I Would Be Your Hero One More Time ~ Mountain Men
For The Love Of Me And You ~ It's Not The Age ~ Simple Thing
Ragged Edges ~ Riverina Waltz ~ Send Her Some Flowers
Sandra Samba ~ There's No Place I'd Rather Be Tonight
It's Time To Say Goodnight ~ Another Late Night
Mr John Merrick ~ Old and Gray
Kevin Shegog MP3 N/A Kevin Shegog
# KS001
One Small Photograph ~ It's All In The Bag
Little Kangaroo ~ Melbourne Airport Tullamarine
Cops and Robbers ~ Little Sister Laura
Little Frisco ~ The Modern Living Scene
Don't Bug The Beetles ~ Wayward Rambler
Knoxville Girl ~ The Black Lagoon ~ Wealthy John
When The Stranger Walked In ~ Good Mornin Darlin
Knocks out of Life ~ the Kid From Bendigo
Greyhound Blues ~John William Able
Kirsty Lee Akers MP3 N/A Bashed Up Beaten Battered Broken Heart
# KLA001

Bashed Up Beaten Broken Heart
To Daddy
Kristy Schneider


Lead On
# ADV 802EP
A Love Like That ~ Up On His Shoulders
Hearts Don't Think Like That ~ Lead On
Lee Brittan MP3 N/A

If Wishes Were Horses
# MOS2012

Lips Of A Temptress ~ Open The Door ~ The Seeker ~ Love To The Rescue ~ If Wishers Were Horses ~ Cash On The Barrel ~ Searchiní For Gold ~ Something Is Happening To Our Love ~ Let Me Live Again ~ Tender Heart ~ Round And Round ~ In Every Stone Thereís A Diamond ~ Go Cowboy Ride 25.00
Len & Rosalie Hill MP3 N/A
Our Dream Come True
#MM 100CD


The River Bellbird ~ Your Cheating heart
 One Day At A Time ~ Look For The Light
Love Love Love ~ He'll Have To Go ~ Will They Come
Take Me Back, But Don't ~ From A Jack To A King
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Leo Reynolds MP3 N/A The Black Stallion
# LR01CD
The Magnificent Black Stallion ~ I'm Not Broke
You Keep Turning Me Down ~ Hideaway Bay
Make A Little Miss Into A Missus ~ The Swaggie
If You Love Me ~ My Love and Devotion
Leave Me Along In My Sorrow ~ Hillbill Boy
I Can't Sing ~ The Black Stallion Monologue
Les Lawson MP3 N/A

The Lucky Country
# CRS 156CD


The Lucky Country ~ The Sentimental Bushie  Fishermanís Luck ~ Bushmanís Blues 
Wake Up Australia ~ Bygone Era  Drifting Guitar 
My Yodelling Song ~ Battlers In The Bush
The Ringer A Truckieís Life ~ Aussie Troubadour  The Akubra ~ Middle Of Nowhere 
The Aussie Stockhorse ~ The Cork Leaf Cutter
Les Lawson MP3 N/A

The Friendly Queensland Bush


The Friendly Queensland Bush ~ His Kingdom And His Home ~ Deserted Homestead ~ Bushie By A Mile ~ Back Up Country ~ Marona River Rose ~ Dingo To Nashville ~ This Land They Call Australia ~ Killer Cox ~ Proud Of You My Son ~ Toe Tapping Country Music ~ Iím A Truckie ~ Canít Keep A Good Man Down ~ Is It Any Wonder ~ Dawn
Dream Girl, Flower Of The Springtime
Les Lawson MP3 N/A

An Old Hillbilly


An Old Hillbilly ~ The Country In The Song  Rednecked Burnt Out Bushie ~ Boots An All 
Mulga Jack ~ My Favourite Kind Of Girl
Percy The Punter ~ Down In The Old Coalmine 
The Open Road ~ The Cruel Tree Of Calvary
Wild Geese ~ Threat Of Crime ~ Hooked On Fishing The Gravy Train ~ Legends Remembered - Maytown
Les Lawson MP3 N/A

Have Guitar Gotta Travel
LL 009CD


Have Guitar Gotts Travel ~ Big Trucks, Diesel Smoke And Tar ~ Back To The Bush Or Bust
Born To Be A Country Singer ~ Boolem ~ Dry On The Land ~ Taking A Vacation ~ Great To Be An Aussie ~ Jesus Is Coming ~ Nowhere Like Australia ~ Made Round To Go Round ~ The Folks At Home The Stockmens Lament ~ Bush Ballads Never Die
Lex K


That's How I Am
#KKR 130CD
Old mates Above ~ Hobnail Bloocher Boots
Queensland Country Life ~ Old Ringer Sam
I've Always Been A Mack Man ~ Forget Me Not
That's How I Am ~ Burn More Than I Earn
The Cattleman's Club ~ Worn Out Old Truckie
Lakes Creek Judas Bullocks ~ I Won't Go Back
Lex K


Well Travelled Road
#KKR 165CD

Namitjiraís Land ~ Walk Away
Bushmanís TV Down Memory Lane
Country Way Of Life ~Tools of my Trade
I Like A Little Boogie ~ Well Travelled Road
I Always Get the Blues ~ Sound of Soaking Rain
They Donít Play My Kinda Music
Thanks to a Few Good Mates

Lex K


My First Song
#KKR 139CD

Sequel to the Judas Bullocks ~ Ripped Off Boundary Rider Troy ~ Rolling Down the Road
My Heartache Just Started Up Again 
My First Song ~ Kidman Jillaroos ~ Good Friends
Only Man to Come Between Us ~ Old Train Tracks To Remember It All ~ Just Another Show

Lindsay Butler Salutes The Roll of Renown
# LBS155CD
Tenterfield Sunset ~ Camooweal ~ Lady
The Wind-Up Gramophone ~ Light Fingers
Royal Telephone ~ Beneath The Queensland Moon
Chip Off The Old Block ~The Passing of Cobber Jack
Winter Winds ~ By A Fire Of Gidgee Coals
A Bushman Can't Survive ~ Rusty It's Goodbye
The Coloured Lad ~ Twinkle Chimes
Lindsay Butler Picks on Shorty Ranger
# LBS110CD
Winter Winds ~ The Ballad of Port McQuarie
Jackaranda Blue ~ The Big Banana Land
God's Garden of Love ~ Roses In The Spring
Call of Spring ~ Whispering Wind
Ramblin' Guitar ~ The White Backed Swallow
Over The Valley ~ West of Willow Bend
Lindsay Butler

Picks on Merle Haggard

# LBS150CD

Silver Wings ~ Today I Started Loving You Again
Daddy Frank ~ The Farmers Daughter
Reasons To Quit ~ Sing Me Back Home
Lets Chase Each Other Around The Room
Mamma's Hungry Eyes ~ To Each His Own
The Roots Of My Raising ~ Roses In The Winter
Wishing All These Old Things Were New
I'm A Lonesome Fugitive ~ Okie From Muskogee
Lindsay Butler

Picks on The White Falcon

# LBS127CD

In A Little Dutch Garden ~ Gnangara Sunset
Little Green Valley ~ Darling River Lullaby
Gidgee After Rain ~ Spanish Eyes
Via Con Dious ~ Hawaiin Tattoo
Nobody's Darling But Mine ~ Pretend
Please Tell Me Darling ~ Lost Highway
Lindsay Butler


Picks on Duane Eddy
& Peter Posa

# LBS127CD
Forty Miles of Bad Road ~ The Mad Hatter
Rebel Rouser ~ The Lonely One ~ Detour
Amigo's Guitar ~ The Happy Whistler
I Almost Lost My Mind ~ The White Rabbit 
Grass Hopper ~ Zambezi ~ Movin 'n' Groovin
Lindsay Butler

Another Side
# LBS120CD
Words - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Where The River Shannan Flows - Maggie
Lord I'd Forgotten - The Bungulla Medley
The Travellers Prayer - Cottage In The Country
Today I Started Loving You Again - Whispering
Walk Right In - Duelling Banjos
Lindsay Butler   Guitars Across Australia
Lachlan's River Lullaby ~ Nullabor Track
Kimberley Wind ~ Ku-Ring-Gai-Chase
Now I'm Easy ~ Streets Of Tamworth
Whitsunday Paradise ~ Aussie Mozzie
Moon Over The Moonbi Ranges ~ West Of Winton
Where Roses Used To Grow ~ Drysdale River
Lindsay Butler   The Guitar Man
# LBS008CD
Yellow Bird ~ Sad Is The Lonely
The Passing of Cobber Jack ~ Shortys Tune
Morning Town Ride ~ Leave Him In The Longyard
The Carnival Is Over ~ Butts Boogie
When We First Fell In Love ~ Road Train Blues
A Song For Mum ~ Twinkle Chimes
Lindsay Butler

My Country

# HCDM1307
Ramblin Guitar ~ Cootamundra Wattle
When The Moon Across The Bushland Beams
Blue Pacific Rig ~ Tenterfield Sunset
Australia All Over Theme ~ Diamintina Drover
Cattlemen From The High Plains ~ Indian Pacific
Old Gidgee Tree ~ We've Done Us Proud
Blue Gums Calling Me Back Home
Lindsay Butler   The Best Of Lindsay Butler
Tear drops ~ May You Never Be Alone Like Me
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry ~ Call Of Spring
Settin' The Woods On Fire ~ Letter Edged in Black
My Son Calls Another Man Daddy ~ Len's Theme
Last Night I Heard You Crying In Your SleepA Mansion On The Hill ~ Happy Whistler
Red Wing ~ Play Me A Sad Hank Williams Song
Lindsay Butler  
Picks On Brian Letton

# LBS020CD
When The Wattle Blooms ~ This Land Australia
My Hearts Still In The Bush ~ The Digger & His Dog
The Lonely Bell ~ The Arms of a Memory
The Grass Is Always Greener ~ A Song For Mum
You're The One Thing On My Mind ~ Waltz On
When We First Fell In Love ~ Toy Tin Drum
Lindsay Butler  

25th Anniversary Album

# LBS030CD
Joey's Song ~ Spanish Harlem ~ The Rose
I Still Call Australia Home ~ Silver Bell
Desert Dreaming ~ Buts Blues
Light Fingers ~ Lady ~ Hoedown
La Paloma Blanca ~ Wheels
Little White Fender ~ Broken String
Lindsay Butler  
Picks On Slim Dusty
# LBS036CD
Leave Him In The Longyard ~ Road Train Blues
Walk A Country Mile ~ Gum Trees By The Roadway
The Plains of Pepparminarti~ Winter Winds~ Trumby
Home On The Sunburnt Plain ~ King Bundawaal
By A Fire Of Gidgee Coals ~ Lights On The Hill
When The Currawongs Come Down ~ Camooweal
When The Rain Tumbles Down In July ~ Saddle Boy
I Must Have Good Terbaccy When I Smoke~ Trumby
Old Bush Mates of Mine~ Closest Thing To Freedom
Lindsay Butler   Picks On Stan Coster
# LBS046CD
Cunnamulla Fella ~The Old Gidgee Tree ~Old Gilbert
Lead Me Down To The Stockyard ~ Road Train Blues
I'll Just Be A Drifter Til I Die ~ Catchin Yellowbelly
By The Fire Of Gidgee Coals ~ God Will Prevail
Three Rivers Hotel ~ Homestead of my Dreams
You Can Never Do Wrong In A Mothers Eyes
Lindsay Butler  

The Tamworth Guitar Story

# LBS051CD
The White Rabbit ~ Waltzing Matilda ~ Lens Theme
Walk Away ~ Flower of the West ~ Tamworth Guitar
My Tribute To Buddy ~ Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast ~ Born To Lose
Mummas Hungry Eyes ~ 40 Miles of Bad Road
Old Wallerawang ~ The Street Fighter
House Where The Wind Blows Cold ~ Last Date
She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye ~ Snowbird
Lindsay Butler


My Tribute To Buddy

Over Hilltop and Hollow ~ Aussie On My Mind
That Dappled Grey Bronco of Mine ~ Wonder Valley
My Sunny Australian Sweetheart ~ Country Touch
Let's Grow Old TogetherLittle Jackaroo ~ Wild River
Where The White Faced Cattle Roam ~ Kangaroo
Beyond The Setting Sun
Rex Dallas Medley - Where The Lazy River Rolls Along - Over Hilltop and Hollow-Where The White Faced Cattle Roam - Overlander Trail - Music In My Pony's Feet

Lindsay Butler  

Play Me A Sad Hank Williams
# LBS084CD
Play Me A Sad Hank Williams Song
May you Never Be Alone Like Me ~ Wedding Bells
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry ~ I Can't Help It
Help Me Understand ~ Settin The Woods On Fire
My Son Calls Another Man Daddy ~ Jambalaya
Why Should We Try Anymore ~ Mansion on The Hill
On The Banks of The Old Ponchartrain
Lindsay Butler

Vintage Lindsay Butler
# LBS104CD
Wildwood Flower ~ It Makes No Difference Now
Homestead Waltz ~ Tomorrow Never Comes
The Grasshopper ~ The Waltz Of The Willows
You Win Again ~ Loving Her Was Easier ~ Jodie
The Shearers Jamboree ~ Southern Aurora
Road To Gundagai ~ Mumas Hungry Eyes
House Where The Wind Blows Cold
Tex Morton Medley ~ Jim Reeves Medley
Lindsay Butler Picks on The Music of
Shorty Ranger

# LBS110CD

Winter Winds ~ The Ballad Of Port Macquarie  Jackaranda Blue ~ The Big Banana Land
Godís Garden Of Love ~ Roses In The Spring  Whispering Wind ~ Call of Spring
The White Backed Swallow ~ Over The Valley
West Of Willow Bend ~ Ramblin' Guitar

Lindsay Butler &
      Barry Thornton

Buts 'n' Baz
# PCD069

Boundary Rider ~ White Crosses In The Jungle
Star Of Love ~ Home Among The Gumtrees
Big Fella Wudumbah ~ One Foot In The Bidgee
Pledge of Love ~ Slim Dusty Medley
Roses In The Spring ~ G'Day G'Day
I'm Married To My BulldogMack
Maori's Farewell ~ John Williamson Medley ~ Thingo

Lindsay Butler &
      Barry Thornton
Once More For The Road

# LBS060CD
The Morning Mail ~ Wattamondara Waltz
Since Mungyer Days ~ Picking On The DoubleEagle
A Bushman Can't Survive ~ Smokie Mokes
Thistles On The Hillside ~ Give Me Australia
Bait The Hook ~ Silver Wings
Ginger Marie ~ 1234-1
Lindsay Butler
   Barry Thornton &
      Charley Boyter


The Legend Of Country Guitar
# PCD085
This Old Guitar ~ Home In Dirranbandi
Days Of Old Khancoban ~ Blue Misty Mountains
Ellensborough Falls ~ Whistling Rufus
Sandy's Waltz ~ Hobnail Express ~ Tjalka
It's Midnight ~ Way Out West ~ Before I Go
Country Revival ~ Camooweal
Lindsay Waddington  
Cool Change

# LBS074CD
The Jacaranda Tree ~ Rainy Day Blues
Let The Canefields Burn ~ On The Inside
You Can Never Do Wrong In A Mothers Eyes
Losin My Blues ~ The Sandfly ~ Cool Change
The Shelter Of The Cross ~ This Flower
Lindsay Waddington
Nice & Easy

# LBS094CD
Maddisons Melody ~ Down Riordanvale Road
By A Fire Of Gidgee Coals ~ Never On A Sunday
Ghost Riders In The Sky ~ Sing Me Back Home
Bandy The Rodeo Clown ~ On The Road Again
The Biggest Disappointment ~ Verdi
Barrington Barn Dance ~ Country Revival
Lindsay Waddington MP3 N/A

True Blue
# KKR138CD

Didgeri Goor ~ True Blue ~ Walk A Country Mile  Lights On The Hill ~ Leave Him In The Longyard  Walk Away ~ Darliní  Billy ~ Road Trian Man  Camooweal ~ Losiní My Blues Tonight 
Travellers Prayer ~ Winter Winds

Lindsay Waddington MP3 N/A

Down A Different Track
#KKR 145

Imagine ~ Four Strong Winds ~ The Rose
Twinkle Twinkle Luck Star ~ Working Class Man
Cowboy Rides Away ~ Big Fella Wudumbah
Wind beneath My Wings ~ Twilight Zone
Silver Wings ~ Guitar Boogie ~ Wipe Out

Lloyd Back MP3 N/A Lloyd Back
# KKR122CD
When I'm Not With My Baby ~ Fourteen Years
Narelle's Song ~ Ball Of String
Loose Connections MP3 N/A Connected
Country Music ~ Through Your Eyes ~ One More
Left You Behind ~ Lets Stand Up ~ Frozen Lips
Extrinsic Nature ~ It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Take My Word ~ The Cowboy Rides Away
Sarah Goodwin ~ Beccy Cole ~ Goodnight
My Cowboys Left Me ~ Country Music (Boot Mix)
Lynette Guest MP3 N/A Trail Of Dreams
# LBS112CD
Trail of Dreams ~ Riding Out The Storm
Here I Go Down That Wrong Road Again
Silver Wings ~ Just Loving You
Diamantina Sunset ~ A Bushman Can't Survive
One Bird On A Wing ~ Love Someone Like Me
Murray River Blues ~ Ryleighs Last Run
Somewhere Between ~ Hobos Meditation
Mal Brodie MP3 N/A The Bantam Rooster Snake
# MAL003
The Bantam Rooster Snake ~ Since I Met You
the Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Song ~ Kakadu
The Barkly song ~ A Favourite Memory Of Mine
Nothing Hurts Like the Hurt You Hurt till You've Been Hurt By The Only That You Love ~ Stormy Weather
I'll Love Those Hurting Memories From You Mind
To Our Mate Slim ~ Winter in the Territory ~ The Isa
Mal Brodie MP3 N/A Living In The Light
Of The Lord

# MAL002
Living In The Light of The Lord ~ Eternal Life Is Free
God On The Mountain ~ He's Still Working On Me
How Long Has It Been ~ A Little Bit Of Heaven
Mansion Over the Hilltop ~ Precious Lord
Washed My Eyes With Tears
Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown
When The Roll is Called Up Yonder
Where You Are Soon Also I'll Be
Mal Brodie MP3 N/A What Have You Done
With My Son

# MAL01
What Have You Done With My Son ~I Have A Friend
Jesus the Saviour of all Mankind ~ F A I T H
The Only Way To Heaven ~ Glory Bound Train
In Faith My Lord ~ In That Greatest Of Days
When The Lord Comes Back ~ Jesus Called
Mal Brodie MP3 N/A

Back In The Good Times
# MALB 006

Back In The Good Times ~ El-Nino ~ Daddy Franck ~ Are The Good Times Really Over For Good ~ They All Come Tumbling Down Man In Black ~ We Were Millionaires ~ Who Am I ~The Old Rocking Horse ~ Iím Glad I Lived My Youth Back When I Did ~ Marriage Is Meant To Be Sacred ~ Donít Let The Chain Of Love End With You ~ The Lame Fiddler ~ The Ghost At The Gate ~ The Travellers Prayer

Mal Coad MP3 N/A Country Heritage
In The Territory ~ Simpson and His Donkey ~ Tarlee
No Other Truck Like A Mack ~ Alice Rodeo ~Gidgee
Satans Place ~ Rough Rider Rodeo ~ Drovers Trail
Slim Dustys Throne ~ Stuart Arms Hotel ~ Anzac
Drovers Grave ~ I Remember How St Peter Smiled
Mal Coad MP3 N/A The First 25 Years
The Northern Queen ~ Parachilna Plains ~ Old Home Farm
If You Love Me ~ The Gums Outside Grannies Beer ~ The Ghan
Dogs On Ten Mile ~ Battered Old Bible Of Mine ~ 18 Wheels
Our Anniversary ~ Wilmington Rodeo ~ Harry The Breaker
If You Break My Heart Again ~ Five Mile Yard~The Bush Shindig
Take The Change From The Bar~Swaggy Once Waltzed Matilda
What A Friend ~ Wilcannia On The Darling ~ Across The Years
Jungles Of Vietnam ~ Not Far From Gundagai ~ Tarice ~ Gunna
Mal Coad MP3 N/A Movin' On
# MAL005CD
Carole's Song ~ Greatest Land On Earth ~ Killarney
Dove of Peace ~ Weary To The Bone ~
Toyota Cruiser ~ Greenvale Three Rivers Hotel
Bush Fire Brigade ~ Jungles of Vietnam
Condamine Moon ~ Goodbye, Woman Gone
Surfing man ~ I Still Say My Prayers
Mal Coad MP3 N/A The Early Years
Satans Place ~ I Love You At Christmas ~ Yodel
The Northern Queen ~ It's A Winding Road
A Truckies Life ~ Hey Hey Honey It's Goodbye
If You Loved Me ~ Wilpena Station ~ In The Territory
The Donnybrook Line ~ Parachilna Plains
The Bluebells of Scotland ~ Mate, He Be Too Late
Mal Podmore


Country Downunder
# OPA001
Country Downunder ~ We Miss You Slim
Country Life ~ The Face In The Mirror
I'm Just A Man ~ The Aussie Flag
Where Money Can Be Found
(The Lightning Ridge Song)
My Best Friend ~ One Day At A Time
She's Coming Back Today ~ The Big Dry
Marcia Armfield


Music's Been My Life
# MA01CD
Music's Been My Life ~ Jasmine ~ Westwood
Jones On The Jukebox ~ I Remember Patsy
Old Country Church ~ Queen and a Cowboys Friend Paintings Of Australia ~Making Believe ~I'm Just Me
Old Ford Cars and Fender Guitars ~ Faded Love
Tennessee Flat Top Box ~ A Picture Of Me
Marc Roberts


Meet Me Half Way
# CID CD 001
Meet Me Half Way ~ Without You ~ On The Road
Shanghai Breezes ~ Four Empty Walls ~ Today
Whe I Found You ~ Daddy's little Girl ~ Letting Go
Once Upon A Time ~ how Long ~ Little Eva
Marc Roberts


Marc Roberts
# CID CD 003


The Wrong Reasons ~ To Be Loved By You ~ Babe
Mysterious Woman ~ Forever (cross my heart)
Concider it Done ~ I'll Be Over You ~ Heaven Waits
Some People ~ Long Time ~ The Word Goodbye
Four Empty Walls ~ I Can Dream About You
Marge Graham


# MG 01


Without Love ~ The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
The Girl From Camooweal ~ Tribute To The Heroes
Mamma He's Crazy ~ Why Me Lord ~ Kyogle Rodeo
The Vision ~ Till Each Tear Becomes A Rose
Daddy's Farm ~ Gold And Silver Days ~ Lost River
Far Side Banks Of Jordan ~ The Travellers Prayer
One Day At A Time ~ Love Love Love ~ Our Flag
Warning Signs
Marge Graham


This Land
# MG 03


This Land Belongs To No Man ~ Amazing Grace
How Great Thou Art ~ My Elusive Dreams
My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You
Somewhere Between ~ Blue Side Of Lonesome
Fill My Cup Lord ~ Love At Eleven
Mansion On The Hill 
I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone
Marge Graham


#MG 02


Fathers ~ Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain ~ The Rose
For Our Child's Sake ~ Then And Only Then
Where The Golden Wattle Blooms ~ One Love
The Old Rugged Cross ~ Little Boy Soldier
Happy Family Home ~ Valley of The Wind
She Taught me To Yodel
Mary Duff


In Conert / An Evening With
(Double DVD Collection)
# ROSDVD7854


Love Someone Like Me ~ Red Is The Rose
Walking On The Moon ~ Someone's Child ~ Be Still
Will You Walk With Me ~ Where The Boys Are
My Happiness ~ Time To Learn ~ Country Roads
The Water Is Wide ~ San Antonio Rose ~ Lovesick Blues ~ An Evening With Me ~ Goin' Gone
Your One And Only ~ Silver And Gold ~ Homeland
Mamma Was A Working Man ~Just Loving You
 The Cliffs of Dooneen ~ Medly: Sweet Dreams/
Faded Love/ Walking After Midnight/ I Fall To Pieces
A Poor man's Roses/ Crazy
Mary Duff


Time After Time
# ROSCD2063


As Time Goes By ~ In The Chapel In The Moonlight
When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New ~ Always
Patti Page Medley: Old Cape Cod/ With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming/ Allegheny Moon ~Dream A Little Dream of Me
Time After Time ~ Till I Waltz Again With You ~
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling ~ Get Well Soon
The Nearness of You ~ Vera Lynne Medley: Now Is The Hour/ Yours/ I'll Be Seeing You ~ It Had To Be You
On The Sunny Side Of The Street ~ Twilight Time
Mary Duff


When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New
# BMC CD1012


As Time Goes By ~ In The Chapel In The Moonlight
When Your old Wedding Ring Was New ~ Medley:
Old Cape Cod/With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming/ Allegeny
Moon/ The Nearness Of You ~ Medley: Now Is The Hour/ Yours
(Til The End Of Life's Story)/ I'll Be Seeeing You ~
Twilight Time ~ Our Love Is Here To Stay ~ Medley:
And The Band Played On/ Patrick Ragan (Your're The Apple of My Eye)/ Has Anybody here Seen Kelly? ~ When Irish Eyes Are Smiling ~ Dream A Little Dream Of Me ~ Medley:
Let It Be Me/ All I Have To Do Is Dream/ That's Old Fashioned
(That's The Way Love Should Be)/ (I'll Be Loving You) Always
It Had To Be YOu ~ True Love Ways ~ Till I Waltz Again With You ~ Time After Time (Lucky To Be Loving You)  ~ Let There Be Peace On Earth
Danny , The Pipes Are Still Calling
Mary Duff


Love Songs
# ROSCD2085


Just Lovin You ~ True Love Ways ~ Promise Me
Let me Try Again ~ Torn Between Two Lovers
Hopelessly Devoted To You ~ Talking In Your Sleep
Have You Ever been Lonely (duet with Daniel O'Donnell)
Tonight We Might Just Fall In Love Again ~ Crazy
Yellow Roses ~ The One You Slip Around With
It's Not Over (If I'm Not Over You) ~ She's Got You
Just Out Of Reach ~ The End Of The World
I'll Be Your San Antonia Rose ~ The Water Is Wide
When You're Not A Dream ~ The Power Of Love
Mary Duff


Voice Of An Angel
# SMR21403


Voice Of An Angel ~ Be Still ~ Panis Angelicus
Ag Criostan Siol ~ The Is A Place ~ Ave Maria
Nearer My God To Thee ~ If I Can Help Somebody
Amazing Grace ~ O Holy Night ~ Goin Home
How Great Thou Art ~ Let There Be Peace On Earth
Matthew Tiedemann


Matthew Tiedemann
# MJT001CD
Mr Heartache ~ Not That Kind Of Man
A Better Life ~ Ooh Baby
Don't Talk About It ~ That Old Bike
Shoot The Moon ~ A Kiss Goodnight
Matt Manning  

New Wave Balladeer
# KKR 104 CD


New Wave Balladeer ~ Stumbling Nighthorse  Return of the Stockman ~ True Bush Balladeers Lonely city Bushman ~ Old Memories
The Man With Calloused Hands
Stringybark and Greenhide ~ Nedís Creek
Many Yesterdayís Ago ~ Dairyman's Dream
Now That The Old Hallís Not Around
Youíve Gotta Go West Young Fella

Mel Sommers Proud To Be Australian
A Room Of My Own ~ Tribute To The Legends
Proud To Be Australian ~ Faded Photograph
Bring You Old Guitar Along
Mamma Never Shed A Tear
Twenty Years Of Hard Times
Mel Sommers One For The Road

Letís be Lovers While We Can ~ Brindabree
Every Picture Tells A Story ~ A Mothers Way
The Old Time Bush Dance ~ Roll With The Punches Only Time Iím Missing You ~ Steel City Country
Back With Your Memory Tonight ~Love Gone Wrong
Young Soldier Boy ~ The Reason We Need Beer     


Melinda Johnstone


# BCD332

I Saw The Light ~ I Will Be There ~ Iíll Be Faithful To You ~ Tamworth Calling ~ One Tired Man ~ Long way Home ` Water Of Love ~ Lovers Turn To Thieves ~ Where Nobody Knows My Name ~ Count Me In ~ Keep On Tryiní ~ Shame On The Moon 25.00

Melinda Johnstone


The Power Of Music
# CD BLS 330

Hitch A Ride ~ I Love You Still ~ Why Not Tonight ~ In The Candlelight ~ Easier Than Loving You ~ Takiní Your Time ~ The Other Kind ~ Help Me Dream ~ Somebody Wants You ~ Dreaming ~ Worth Thr Wait for Gold The Power Of Music

Melinda Johnstone


The Girl From The Snowy River
# MOS2009 CD

The Girl From The Snowy River ~ Love Comes in the Window ~ Seeing Your Face in my Dreams ~ Fiddle & Banjo Romance ~ Ridiní The High Country ~ Calf Love , Half Love ~ Singing My Songs For You ~ Growing Up On Country Music ~ A Heart Like Mine ~Iíd Like To Write You A Letter ~ Jack Rileyís Last Ride ~ Snowy River Country 25.00
Melissa Bajric  
Believe In Me

# DE002CD
My Dad Was A Road Train Man ~ Long Ago Shoes
When The Darkest Hours Pass ~ I Found You
A Country Song ~ When Will I Be Loved
Long Before This Land Began To Grow ~ Grandpa
Aussie All Over ~ Believe In Me
Melissa Bajric  
Small Town Girl

# DE008CD
Blue Mountain Melody ~ Sunshine Rain
Small Town Girl ~ Truck Drivin Man
Morning Bird ~ Something Good
Luckiest Girl ~ Listen To The Rain
Little Girl In Me ~ Too Long Between Drinks
Wind-Up Gramophone ~ Are You Wasting My Time
Michael Pincott
  & Pat Pincott
Around and About
# BMJD 1208
From the Inland to the Coast ~ An Old Bushman
Doing My Own Thing ~ The Antique Forty-Four
You Found a Place in My Heart ~ Walking for Water 
It's a Truckin' World ~ The Great Barrier Reef
An Adventurous Life ~ Brundah Valley Rose
Harry Peut ~ Western Pioneer
When We Boiled the Billy
Michael Pincott MP3 N/A My Boondooma Home
# OBR012
My Boondooma Home ~ Don't Say Goodbye If You Love Me
The Love That I Can See In Sally's Eyes ~ The Blue Velvet Band
Stock Camps Of The West ~ Up Where The Brighter Stars Shine
The Lagoon ~ She Will Always Bare The Scars ~ Special Lady
The Flying Doctor ~ The Monto Yodeller ~ The Golden Trail
Dry Weather ~ The Bushman's Song ~ Wonder Valley
Old Homes By The Roadside ~ Lovin' Flames
Back To Those Rolling Plains
Michael Pincott MP3 N/A Burnett Country
# OBR013
Our Tribute To Slim ~ Look In Your Mirror
Hallmark ~ Through The Eyes Of A Poet
Lifetime Memories ~ The Outhouse Rat
Trapper Jack ~ Old Gayndah Town
Firelight Dreams ~ Old Carnarvon Bushman
When Cleo Broke Her Chain ~ Fireside Thoughts
Michael Pincott MP3 N/A The Humorous Side
# OBR019CD
A Tiger In My Stride ~ Bobs Plaster Scones
I Hate Mornings ~ Boogy With M'Baby
Crocodile Roll ~ The Lawn Mowing Blues
Soggy and Boggy Song ~ Barkers Nest Blues
Just Me The Cat and the Dog ~ Sour Grapes
The Angry Green Ants ~ Mauries Home Brew
Michelle Styles MP3 N/A A Girl Like Me
# KKR106CD
Smile ~ Never Be The Same
Nobody ~ A Girl Like Me
Mike Casey


Memories To Burn
Memories To Burn ~ I Wanna Be With You Always
Arms Of A Fool ~I Can't Keep You In Love With Me I,m Telling Me A Lie ~ Getting Over You Again
I Still Believe That Old Loves Never Die ~
Send A Message To My Heart ~ My Baby's  Gone
Got No Reason For Going Home ~
I Wonder If You Feel The Way I Do?


Wild Hearts
# MOS2013 CD

Wild Hearts ~ I Donít Want To Talk About It ~ Change His Ways ~ Sheís Single Again ~ Out Of Your Shoes ~ Rosewood Casket ~ Maybe Tonight ~ Youíre Not The Only One ~ Somebody Loves You ~ What Are You doing Tonight ~ I Need Somebody ~ Two Broken Hearts 25.00
Naomi Therese  
Gentle Soldier

# LBS091CD
Gentle Soldier ~ Turning Back Aint No Way Forward
Thanks To You ~ Don't Bring Me Down
Ready Of Not ~ You're So Beautiful
Fine Country Sunshine ~ Get A Life
Dance If You Want To ~ Sarah
Perfect Love ~ All In Good Time
Nathan Charlton MP3 N/A What I'm All About
# KKR105CD
We Were Millionaires ~ Just Saddle Old Darky
Things Are Not The Same On the Land
Square Pegs ~ I Wouldn't Be Dead For Quids
A Soldiers Return ~ Rhythm Of The Roadtrains
That Dappled Grey Bronco Of Mine
Bullenbon Hut ~ Along The Rankin Track
What I'm All About ~ Wealth Made Us Poor
Neil Buttsworth MP3 N/A Life's Journey
# KKR148CD
Drivin'~ He Stopped Loving Her Today ~Oh Carol
Rollin' With The Flow ~ Roses & Memories
This Ole House ~ Tennessee Waltz ~ Maggie
Tell Me That you'll Love Me ~ Night After Night
Livin' In The Shadow~When You Walk In The Room
The Girlfriend Song ~Velvet Waters ~I'm Yours
I Wish I Had Met Hank ~ Wondering
Could Ya Would Ya Do Ya Wanna
Nev Molloy MP3 N/A Moonlight & Mulga
Moonlight & Mulga ~ Good Morning Sunshine
The XPT ~ The Queen St Express
Buck's Theme ~ The Old Goodooga Track
Hurdy Gurdy ~ Pink Champagne & Pumpkin Pie
Calabonna's Guiding Light ~ Kellies Revival
Here's To You Cindy Lou ~ Misty Morning Waltz
Nev Molloy MP3 N/A My Silver City Home
Ricks String Ring'n Speical ~ Larkins Road
Those Roll'n buckbush Blues ~ Trishs Tune
Thackaringa Moon ~ Somewhere Down The Bogan
Alive and Kick'n ~ Around These Hills
The Old Corona Track ~ As The Crow Flies
That Country Futher Out ~ My Silver City Home
Nev Molloy


Plays Slim Dusty Songs

Losin My Blues Tonight ~ Fire Of Gidgee Coal ~ Fair Enough ~ Things I See Around Me ~ Axe Mark On Gidgee ~ Big Moon ~ If Those Lips Could Only Speak ~ Travelliní Guitar ~ Sunny Southern Sue ~When The Currawongs Come Down ~ Leave Him In The Long Yard ~Lead Me Down To The Stock Yard ~ The Westernway Waltz ~ Catchng Yellowbelly

Noel Dobell


# CCM 303CD
Foolish Love Affair ~ Love Song Over The Waterfall
Cowboys Lullaby ~ Too Many Rivers ~ China Doll
Northwind ~ Our Australia ~ Light Of Love
Waiting For A Train ~ Cool Water
Annie Lou ~ She Taught Me To Yodel
Peace Of Mind ~ Welcome To My World
Noel Parlane       MP3 N/A

# LBS139CD
Tips of My Fingers ~ Storms Never Last
Faded Pictures & Memories
Like She's Not Yours ~ Talk Back Tremblin Lips
Til The Rivers All Run Dry
War Between The States ~ Beyond The Sunset
Forever & Ever Amen ~ Unchained Melody
Noel Parlane
No Limits

# LBS098CD
I'm Not Through Loving You ~ The Old Rugged Cross
Far Side Banks of Jordan ~ Cottage In The Country
I Need You To Hold Me Together ~ Do It Again
If Heartaches Meant Gold ~ The Shade
She Taught Me To Yodel ~ Fly Like A Bird
Rockin Over River ~ I Understand
Noel Parlane MP3 N/A Can I Count On You
# SPEC 01
Talkin' It Over ~ You're So Good For Me
 Pretty Lady ~ Can I Count On You ~ Dear Ole Dad
Eighteen Wheels ~Concrete Jungle ~I've Got Tonight
Love me Tender ~ Rollin' Down The Highway
You Can't Take It With You ~ Ever Lovin' Man
You Bring Out The Best In Me ~ Ridin' The Rodeo
Noel Parlane MP3 N/A Choosey
#7243 5844452
Choosey ~ Good Ol' Girls ~ The Light Of My Life
Stand In Lover ~ Let's Sing A Country Song ~Kiwi Boy
Catch A Falling Star ~ One Night Fever~ Faded Love
I'm Holding Charlie's Angel ~ Working Day Blues
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
Don't Be Angry ~ We'll Never Know ~ Misery
Close enough To Perfect~ Don't Get Too Close
Dream Of Me ~ Ten Guitars ~ Southland Gore
Drinkin' Them Beers ~ There Stands The Glass
Blue Mountain Home ~ Things Ain't So Bad
Remembering ~Thank God We're Surrounded By Water
Norma Jean MP3 N/A
No Boundaries

# PIN511CD
Old Love Letters ~ Sad and Lonely People
When The Currawongs Come Down From Mtns
San Antone Rose ~ Philadelphia Lawyer
Blue Misty Mountain ~ I Can't Help It ~ Camooweal
I'm The One That Hurt You ~ Lovers Hill
Norma O'Hara Murphy  
Rodeo Queen

# DE401CD
1982 - 2003
All I Want To Be Is A Cowboy ~ Rodeo Queen
The Man With The Cane ~ Rodeo Clown
The Squatters Daughter ~ Sunset Lady
Truck Drivin Man ~ Boothill Rodeo ~ The Waler
Murray Valley Sunshine ~ The Stallion
Old Jack ~ High Flyin Cowboy
Norma O'Hara Murphy  
The Vanishing Horsemen

# DE402CD
The Vanishing Horsemen ~ The Old Brigade
The Outlaw and the Lady ~ Along the Riverina
The Campdrafter ~ The Clydesdale
The Old Dreamer ~ Stumpy ~ RM
How The Fire Queen Crossed The Swamp
Leave Him In The Longyard ~ Phar Lap
Norma O'Hara Murphy  
River Gums and Mallee Dust

# DE403CD
Murray River Blues ~ When We Were Kids
Rain on the Roof ~ Saturday Dance
Child of Koonapippi ~ Billy of Tea
The Kellys are Gone ~ Saturday Footy
Mallee Girl (Mallee Boy) ~ Kakadu Man
River Gums and Mallee Dust ~ Darlin Billy
Norma O'Hara Murphy  

# DE404CD
My Dreams Never Came True ~ Rumors
Rosie Gray ~ The Turkey Song
Sydney of The Bush ~ Soldier Green
The Old Bush School ~ Colonial Ladies
Where Did All The Years Go ~ Cobb & Co
Along The Bruce Highway ~ Cane Train
Norma O'Hara Murphy  
Closer Now

# DE405CD
Closer Now To Rain ~ Sarah's Memory
Who's Taking You Home ~ Big City Hotel
Rose's Cafe ~ Raining Down ~ Julia Creek
After All These Years ~ A Little Bit of Ireland
Glenrowan ~ Working Dog ~ Another Day
The Old School Bus ~ Sweet Love ~ At Home
Norma O'Hara Murphy    

Norma's Best
# DE406CD

Mehi River Blues ~ Who's Taking You Home
Cane Train ~ Rose's Cafe ~ Soldier Green
Warwick Gold Cup ~ The Outlaw and the Lady
The Old Brigade ~ The Banks of the Bogan
My Dreams Never Came True ~ I'd Say I Love You
Sydney or the Bush ~ Closer Now To Rain
Kakadu Man ~ Darlin Billy ~ Take a Cutting
The Old School Bus ~ Sarahs Memory
Norma O'Hara Murphy  
Winds of Change

# DE407CD
Early Morning DJ ~ She Feels Like Home
Funny Face ~ Barbwire and Bamboo ~ Music Box
Love and All That Stuff ~ Face In The Crowd
Tamworth (The Song) ~ Old Time Picture Shows
Mr Midnight ~ Sleepy Little Town ~ Winds of Change
This Van Diemens Land ~ Over The Western Side
Norma O'Hara Murphy  
Sweet Rain

# DE408CD
Other Woman ~ Grandad
Rain ~ Life Is What You Make It
Do You Ever ~ Glenrowan
Roughrider ~ Blood Red Rose
Melbourne Cup ~ Old FJ
Everybody Please Go Home
Norma O'Hara Murphy  
Live In Bundaberg

# DE409CD
Come Away Home ~ Shackles and Chains
Fresh Horses ~ Take a Cutting
This Old Town ~ The Dawning
Don't Cry for Annie ~ Travelin Man
Strange Strange Man ~ Alicetown
One More Dance ~ Roughrider
Oberle Brothers MP3 N/A
Come 'N' Get Some
# NGR 0030
She's Gotta Be Crazy 'bout Me ~ It's a Rodeo
Cowboy on a Mission ~ Know Me Better

Owen Blundell


From The Heart Of The Mountains &
Snowy Mountain Yodeller
# PCD 704

Jodi ~ You Canít Buy Love With Money ~ Snowy Mountain Call ~ Queen Of Ice ~ Ding Dong Bells ~ Lonely Sunday Song ~ Two Strangers In The Night ~ The Blind Girl ~ The Stockmanís Lullaby ~ A Couple Weíll Never Forget ~The Yarrangobilly Bushman ~ Denise Marie ~ Rockonover River ~ My Yodelling Queen ~ Outback Yodel ~ Homeward Bound ~ Walking On The Rooftop Of Australia ~ A Little To Far From Home ~ My Sweetheartís In Love With A Swiss Mountaineer ~  Mehi River Blues 25.00
Owen Blundell MP3 N/A

The Rambler

Rambler ~ You Can Never Do Wrong in a Motherís eyes ~Old Shep ~Stick in the Mud ~ To Woman So Sweet ~ Death of the Wahine ~ The Overlander ~ Free ~ Thunderbolt ~ These Hands ~ How Do You Make Love Last ~ Kirk Rver Woman ~ Treat Her Like A Lady ~ Still Flying Free ~ China Doll ~ She Taught Me How To Yodel ~ Youíll Only Have One Mother ~They Always Seem To Look Like Marianne ~ Winter Winds 25.00
Owen Blundell MP3 N/A

The Early Days
# PCD 106

Mountains And Valleys ~ Iíll Crack My Whip Once More ~ Iíll Fall In Love Every Time ~Iím Coming Home ~ Morning Star ~ I Canít Help Myself ~ Last Of The Wild Mountain Men ~ Rainbows Never Touch The Ground ~ I Miss My Swiss ~ Canít Stop Playing Sad Songs ~ Polka Yodel ~ Would You love Me If You Knew ~ Melanie ` Big Rock Candy Mountain ~ Country Music Man ~ A Letter To Santa ~ My Sad And Aching Heart ~ yodel Your Blues Away ~ Iím Not That Kind Of Man ~The Convict And The Rose 25.00
Owen Blundell MP3 N/A Duelling Yodellers
# PCD055
Duelling Yodellers ~ Those Old Tex Morton Blues ~ Dandenong Yodel ~ Snowy River Yodel ~ Yodel Sweet Molly ~ Chicken Yodel ~ Lullaby Yodel Song ~ A Yodel Puts Everything Right ~ Demonstration Yodel ~ Hereís To Aussie Yodellers ~ Jingle Bell Yodel ~ Gambling Darkie ~ The Water Mill ~ The Shepherdís Yodel ~ Dan Dan the Yodelling Man ~ Shadows On The Trail ~ The Jingle Yodelling Song Iím Gonna Ride to Heaven on a Streamlined Train ~ While I Was Making Love To You 25.00
Paul Seils MP3 N/A
My Kind Of Country
# MM102CD
South Australian Opal ~ Cattle Camp Reverie
What I Am ~ Half Dozen Stubbies ~ Saddle Boy
Weekend Country Music Stars ~ Grandad's FJ Ute
Down And Out Down Under ~ Catchin' Yellowbelly
Where Country Is ~ Camooweal ~ Old Fashioned
Paul Seils MP3 N/A
Australia My Country
# MM105CD
The Goondoowindi Grey ~ Harry The Drifter
I Must Have Good Terbaccy When I Smoke
Following The White Line ~ The Saddle Is His Home
The Oakey Creek Dance Hall ~ She'll Be Right Mate
Where The Georgina River Flows ~ Last Thing
The Isa Rodeo ~ Man From The Never Never
You've Gotta Have A Mate
Pat Pincott MP3 N/A The Wonders Of Our Lord
# OBR011
My Loved Ones Are Waiting For Me ~ Trust In Jesus
Mamas Gospel Songs ~ This World Is Not My Home
I'm Using My Bible For A Road Map ~ God Will Prevail
Where Will I Shelter My Sheep ~ Grant Silver Wings
I'll Meet You In Church Sunday Morning
One Day At A Time ~ Building a Church
Gathering Flowers For The Masters Bouquet
Patti McKinnon MP3 N/A Freedom Highway
He Knows When You're On My Mind Again
Just Waiting For You - Freedom Highway ~ Texas When I Die
Baby Blue ~ Queen of Hearts ~ Cold Cold Heart ~ Amanda
She's In Love With A Rodeo Man ~ Dust On Mothers Old Bible
Every Time That You Walk In The Room ~ Dear One
Goin' Home To Mumma~Black Ribbon Heart~Soldiers Last Letter
Life Turned Her That Way ~ 'Til Each Tear Becomes A Rose
Patti McKinnon MP3 N/A

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
# CB007 010 CD

It Wasnít God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels  ĎTil I Gain Control ~Donít Be Cruel ~ My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys ~ the Teddy Bear Song ~Easy Loviní ~ Your Good Girl Gonna Go Bad ~ Blue Kentucky Girl ~ what Part Of No ~Seven Spanish Angels ~ Walk On By ~ Clouds Over Nashville

Patti McKinnon MP3 N/A Good Hearted Woman
Under Your Spell Again ~ Blue Misty Mountains ~ Old Flames
Mama He's Crazy ~ Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Good Hearted Woman ~ Honky Tonk Girl ~ Don't Worry
Clouds Over Nashville ~ If Teardrops Were Pennies
Cowboy Lovin' Night ~Holdin Things Together ~ Wild Eyed Steer
Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
Blue Side Of Lonesome ~ Everybody's Somebody's Fool
He Thinks I Still Care ~ The Key's In The Mailbox ~ Words
Cowboy Lovin Night ~ The Heartache's on Me ~ I'll Step Down
 Peggy Gilchrist MP3 N/A

Queen Of The Country Piano
# LBS 122CD

Rose of San Antone ~ Tennessee Waltz
Music Box Dancer ~ For the Good Times
The Rangers Waltz ~ From A Jack To A King 
Danny Boy ~ Secret Love ~ You Win Again 
Silver Wings ~ I Saw The Light ~ The Last Date

 Peggy Gilchrist MP3 N/A

Queen Of The Country Piano - Take 2
# LBS 147CD

Tamworth Express ~ Clancy of the Overflow
He Stopped Loving Her Today ~ Please Mr Please
Minstrel Boy ~ Springtime In The Rockies
Peg's Polka ~ Tropical Daydream
Always On My Mind ~ Call of Kakadu
Waltz With Me My Love ~ Dance On

Peter Coad MP3 N/A Bush Verse
# ACDC6538
The Peppercorn Tree ~ Bubbles Neath The Lid
The Guitar Pick ~ The Bees ~ Forest Gold
The Kero Light ~ The Demon Drink ~ Tuena
Australias Mate ~ The Generation Gap
Mad Jacks Cockatoo ~ The Grass Saga
If You Haven't Been To Birdsville
Peter Coad MP3 N/A Rainbow Road
# ACDC6537CD
Rainbow Road ~ If Only I Was Young
Barcaldine Shearing Song ~ Outback Picture
Riding Out The Storm ~ Sunday Morning Sunshine
I Just Wish I'd Thought Of That ~ Sarah
Lonely Hearts For Sale ~ Old Town House
Swag Straps ~ C'Mon James
Peter Coad MP3 N/A Face Of Australia
# PC799CD
First Days Dawn ~ Singing In A Different Key
Big Rains Are Coming ~ Wattle Flat ~ Any Old Day
The Trucking Duck ~ The Last Charge ~ Together
The Goodtimes ~ The Drovers ~ Pug n' Pine
Santas Outback Run ~ Walking With Jesus ~ Rufus
Peter Coad MP3 N/A Outback Chapters
# DR003CD
Back In A Cabin Again ~ Banjo And Henry 
Old Time Photo ~ The Campbells ~ The Old Saddle
Youíve Gotta Go West Young Fella 
Itís A Poor Sort Of Man
Who Wonít Help His Neighbour
A Good Season ~ Outback Chapters
I Heard A Hillbilly Song Ė Tribute to Shorty Ranger  Wilds Of A Nation ~ The Lights Of Camooweal
Peter Coad
   & The Coad Sisters
MP3 N/A The Road We Travel
# DR001
Mud In His Eyes ~ If You Don't Know~ The Old Shed
Harry and The Ghost ~ Time On My Side
The Man From Back of Beyond ~ I'm Gonna Cry
Wild Weird and Wonderful ~ Winter Winds
Ridin The Ghan ~ Wilcannia on The Darling
Outback Jack ~ Pichi Richi Train ~ The Croc Story
Peter Coad
   & The Coad Sisters
MP3 N/A Home Again
Life Goes On (Like A Train On A Track) ~ Hobo Ben
Must Have Had A Bit Of Rain ~ Wagon Road
If Only I Was Young (I'd Go Back) ~ Truckie Bill
That's What Did The Harm ~ Ballad of Camooweal
Soldier Settlers Block ~ Ulebar First Night
Heartbreak Train ~ Travelling Mates
Peter Salata MP3 N/A
Give Me Wings

# LBS015CD
Head Over Heels ~ She Put The Music In Me
Down In The Country ~ Give Me Wings
you're The Lady In The Song ~ Angry Words
I'm Getting Over You ~ Missing You
Perhaps Love ~ Indian Pacific
Down In The Lucky Country ~ Romancing
Peter Salata MP3 N/A Chasing The Wind
# PS941
Country Boy ~ Trying To Forget You ~ Heartbreak
Angel Eyes ~ Turn The Stallion Loose ~ Do It Again
How You Gonna Make It ~ Simple Dreams
Believe It Or Not ~ You're Just A Tease
Here Comes That Feeling ~ Chasing The Wind
Peter Salata MP3 N/A
Roses & Heartaches

# LBS027CD
Can't We Run Away ~ Roses and Heartaches
My Heart Keeps Walking ~ Heartache Express
How Do I Stop ~ Thinking About You
Somebody's Heartache ~ Lady Right
Goodbye Lover Hello Friend ~ Hi-Jacked
Rodeo Song ~ Island
Peter Salata


Paint The Town

# PIN510CD
Country Boy ~ Damn Good Chance
Thinking Of You ~ How You Gonna Make It
Old Love Songs ~ I Love A Rainy Night
I Thought I Do Meant Love ~ I Might Be Down
My Girl Back On The Land ~ Paint The Town
Movin Out Movin Up Moving On ~ For Always
Peter Simpson MP3 N/A
Bush Picker
#  PS 01EP
Bush Songs ~ Akubras In The Snow ~ Most Of All
Old Bush Pickers ~ When Snowy Sings Of Home
Bellinger River ~ Lead Him Down To The Stockyard
Pete Smith MP3 N/A All About The Bushland   25.00
Pete Smith MP3 N/A Just Back In Time   25.00
Pete Smith MP3 N/A Old Boko And Me   25.00
Pete Smith MP3 N/A

Western Star
# LBS121CD


Western Star ~ Where The Thompson River Flows
The Passing Of Cobber Jack ~ The Coloured Lad
The Old Outback Home ~ The Bush land That I Love Ellensborough Falls ~ Dusty Old Time Ranger 
No Place To Call Home ~The Beauty Of The land
Phill Davies MP3 N/A Working Man
# PD001CD
Droving Balladeer ~ Fondest Dreams
Legends of the Highlands ~ Working Man
Daddy's Hands (Sung by Davies Sisters)
Bronwyn ~ Goodbye Dad ~ Heaven's Right Here
Just A Closer Walk With Thee ~ Drovers Boy
Rachel Jillett MP3 N/A

Traditional Country Girl
# LBS 124CD


I Donít Believe Iíll Fall In Love Today ~ Crazy Dream When The Sun Says Good Day To The Mountain
My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You 
Sheís No Angel ~ Why Oh Why ~ How Far Is Heaven~ Memories Of Tent Hill ~ Jealous Heart 
You Donít Have Very far To Go
Under Your Spell Again ~ If We Never Meet Again
Rachel Jillett MP3 N/A

Forever Country
# LBS 137CD


I'll Need Someone To Hold Me When I Cry
Who Left The Door To Heaven Open ~ The Picture
When It's Lamplighting Time In The Valley
Stolen Moments ~ My Heart Skips A Beat
The Church In The Wildwood ~ God Be With You
If Teardrops Were Pennies ~ Above and Beyond
Repossess My Heart ~ The Leaves Musn't Fall
Random Selection MP3 N/A
An Australian Journey

# LBS047CD
The Overlanders ~ Ballad of Ned Kelly
Jamaican Swagman ~ I Still Call Australia Home
The Swagmans Ballad ~ The Alternate Farmer
Back Home In Derry ~ Tenterfield Saddler
Who's Riding Old Harlequin Now ~ Past Carin
Randy Roots (R) MP3 N/A Randy Roots
# MJ104CD
(R+18 Course Language)
A Great Big Pair Of Balls ~ Hard To Be Humble
Have You Ever Stepped In Dog Shit ~ Rosie
It's Better To Be Lucky Than Good Looking
I've Seen Pubic Hair ~ Has Anyone Seen My Cock
The Truckies Wet Dream ~ Six Ways On The Road
My Plastic Blowup Girl ~ The Shearers Lament
Put Another Nozzle On The Hoover
Ray Savage MP3 N/A

Weíre From The Bush
# OBR 034 CD

Weíre From The Bush ~ Princess of ďDi DiĒ ~ Where Country Is ~ Rodeo Cowboyís Prayer ~ Grey Nomads ~ Leave Him In The Longyard ~ Campdrafting ~ How Did i Know ~ Waltzing Matilda ~ RM Williams ~ Trumby 25.00
Reg Poole MP3 N/A Goin' Rodeoin' Again
# PCD073
Goin' Rodeoin' Again ~ Circle of Sawdust ~ Coley
Those Rodeo Blues ~ Rusty, The Rodeo Clown
Way Back In '64 ~ I'm A Rodeoin' Man ~ Chainsaw
My Hero The Rodeo Clown ~ Return of the Bullrider
Stumpy ~ Rodeos Don't Turn Me On Anymore
Reg Poole MP3 N/A Old Mates And Chute Gates
# PCD083
Some Call Us Heroes ~ The Love of the Game
Nod and Ride ~ Old Mates and Chute Gates
Pick Up Man ~ You Won't See me For Dust
No One Cares ~ Family Rodeo ~ Face of a Clown
Moth Eaten Memories ~   Bullrider's Lament  
Mingela Rodeo ~ I'm A Bullrider ~ One More Rodeo
Reg Poole MP3 N/A A Letter To Buddy
# PCD095
A Letter To Buddy ~ The Drovers Song ~ Wild River
The Orphan boy and His Dog ~ Dear Old Dorrigo
Music In My Pony's Feet ~ I'll Be Back Never Fear
The Bushman's Rodeo ~ Stockmen In Uniform
The Big Banana Land ~ The Flying Doctor
Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along
Where The White Faced Cattle Roam
Reg Poole MP3 N/A Cradle To The Saddle/
Women of The West

# PCD707
The Warrumbungle Mare ~ Sheep O ~ Wives
 From the Cradle to the Saddle ~ The Drover's Boy
The blaza Upon His Face ~ Lassette Rides Again
Kanyaka ~ The ballad of Big Pedro ~ Joe Timbery
Song of Granny ~ Mothers, Daughter, Gereniums
 Paper Tombstones ~ Eighteen Down Beneath Me
It's A Big Country ~ Women Of The West
The Little Irish Mother ~ When the First Rains Fall
Granny Riley ~ Old Aunt Lisa
Reg Poole MP3 N/A Goin' Rodeoin'/Rodeo Fever
Goin' Rodeoin' ~ Rodeo Man ~ The Rodeo Queen
Fifteen Hundred Pounds of Bull ~ Down in the Well
Heroes of the Circuit ~ Shepparton Rodeo
Rodeo Fever ~ The Winner's Crown ~ Rodeo Wife
Rodeo Cowboys ~ The Winner's Crown ~ Ted Hintz
Singin' Rodeo Rider ~ Maguire The Iron Man
Headin' for the Warwick Rodeo ~ King of The Rodeo
Roughest Old Roughrider ~ Farewell to You Town
Tomorrow We Ride the Rodeo ~ Ups and Downs
I'll Settle for The Saddle ~ A King Without A Crown
Ride On Down This Road ~ Memory Park
Reg Poole MP3 N/A The Way It Used To Be
Before The GST

The Man From Snowy River ~ Missing In Action
Mother, Queen of My Heart ~ Ridin' Down the Valley
The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door ~ GST Song 
Two Little Girls In Blue ~ It Makes No Difference Now
Red River Valley ~ The Black Sheep ~ Galway Bay
Little Boy Lost ~ The Old Rugged Cross  
By The Silvery Moonlight Trail ~ With The Cattle
Australia's Outback Hero ~ The Wanderer
When I First Saw The Lovelight in Your Eyes
Slim Dusty, You're Australia ~ World War 3
Reg Poole MP3 N/A Candles And Wine
# PCD724
The Hand Of Time ~ Singles to Doubles
Single Again ~ Sunday Daddy ~ Too Many Times
An Hour Of Your Time ~ Women Over Twenty- Five
Candles and Wine ~ An Old Desperado Like Me
The Wanderer ~ Thanks For Singing The Song
I Had A Little Talk With Me Last Night~Just Love Me
Wrap Me in Your Loving Flames Tonight
Reg Poole MP3 N/A When The Big Mobs Come
Back To Bourke

# PCD089
Those Moleskin Mates of Mine ~ Frenchy Duval
The Night O'Leary Died ~ Brewery Flat ~ Salt
Where The Brumbies Come To Water ~ Mates
Out At The Back of Bourke ~ Women of the West
An Awful Lots Happened Since Then ~ From the Gulf
Old Bluey's Hat ~ Different Fires ~ To Say Goodbye 
Buckles and Sashes ~ Lord Don't You Miss Them
From The Lantern ~ Going Home At Last
When The Big Mobs Came To Bourke
Reg Poole MP3 N/A The Ghost Of 2KM
# PCD078
The Ghost of 2KM ~ Message from Reg
Silver Wings ~ Hobo Bill's Last Ride ~I'm Moving On
The Convict and the Rose ~The Sunset Years of Life
The Story of Parson Joe ~ Little Kid Sister of Mine
Sunny Australian Sweetheart ~ Winter Winds
That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine ~Calvary Roundup 
Reg Poole MP3 N/A The Long Paddock - Revisited
# PCD725
Saddlebag Dreams ~ Nowhere Else But Here
My School of Songs ~ South From Condamine
Old /streets In Old Country Towns ~ One By One
The Headline News ~ The Road of Life ~ The Drover
Come In Spinner ~ Thunderbolt ~ Rollin' Wheels
The Last of the Woolmen ~ Straight From The Heart
We Miss You Russell Hawking ~ Kimby-Kay
Henry Lawson
Reg Poole MP3 N/A Rigs And Roads - Rides Again
# PCD727
Old Sixties Truckie ~ Truckdriver from Hell Bitumen's My Mistress ~ Click Goes the Gears  Devil's Drive ~ Newell Highway Blues
The Man in the Mirror ~ The Truckie and the Cocky Through the Eyes of a Truckie ~Truckstop Encounter ~ Truckdriver's Waltz ~ The Long Load  Interstarter ~ Greasy Bloody Truckie ~ Fireball Dan Tow Truck Man ~ Princess of the Highway
How Come I'm Here Tonight ~ Roll Trucker Roll
Reg Poole MP3 N/A The Cream Of
Australian Country

# ROO 001
Where Country Is ~ Beautiful Queensland
Where The Murrumbidgee Winds Its Way
Over Hill-top and Hollow ~ Roper River ~ Saddle Boy
Prairie Rose ~ Goondiwindi Grey ~ Now I'm Easy
Call Of The Bellbirds ~ Three Rivers Hotel
Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along
Reg Poole MP3 N/A The Gentle Giant
# ROO 002
If I Make A Friend Today ~ Between Two Trees
Queen Of The Blue Gums ~ Golden Guitar ~ What If
Tex & Buddy ~ 24 Hours Every Day
Will You Walk With Me ~ Reasons For Living
Down In The Goulburn Valley ~ Old Bushie
Don't Change Our Flag
(Duet with Noelene Legge)
Reg Poole MP3 N/A For The Love Of My Country
# ROO-003
For The Love Of My Country ~ A Tribute To Slim
The Man In The Glass ~ Halfway Home
Mount Ida ~ The Luggage Van Ahead ~ Smile
Ode To A Bull ~A Grave Situation~I Love The Rodeo
Long White Cloud ~ I Get So Lonely ~ Two Of You
Reg Poole MP3 N/A The Cream Of Australian
Country Music

# ROO-004
Where Country Is ~ Beautiful Qld ~ Rebecca
Where The Murrumbidgee Wends Its Way
Saddle Boy ~ Back To Those Rolling Plains
Roper River ~ Call Of The Bellbirds
Prairie Rose ~ Ballad of the Drover ~ True Blue
Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along
Three Rivers Hotel ~ Goondiwindi Grey
The Australian Country Music Hall of Fame
Song & Dance Man ~ Man From Snowy River
Now I'm Easy ~ Clancy of the Overflow
I Was Only 19 ~ Band Played Waltzing Matilda
Reg Poole


Aussie Balladeer
Aussie Balladeer ~ I'm A Grandad Now ~ The Frog
In The Kimberleys ~ If I Had Wings ~ Jacaranda Blue A Man Like That ~ Everlasting Daisies
 Rough Ridin' Ringers ~ Fireside Dreams
 Ode To The Road ~ Silent night - Christmas 1915
Reg Poole


Selection Collection
# ROO-006 CD

Goiní Rodeoiní Again ~ The Winners Crown ~ Singles To Doubles ~ Hey Interstater ~ Shepparton Rodeo ~ Too Many Times ~ Rusty The Rodeo Clown ~ Iíll Settle For A Saddle ~ The Hands Of Time ~ Donít Change Our Flag ~ Princess Of The Highway ~ Down In The Goulburn Valley ~ Ted Hintz ` Australian Country Music hall Of Fame ~ 24 Hrs Every Day ~ Family Rodeo ~ An Hour Of Your Time Where Is Home ~ Letís Save The Bush Ballads ~ Mingela Rodeo ~ Rolliní Wheels 27.00
Reg Poole


Vintage Reg


Freight Train Yodel ~Those Moleskin Mates Of Mine
Goiní Rodeoiní Again `Reedy River ~ Devil's Drive
Stockmen in Uniform ~ Circle Of Sawdust
The Truckie and The Cocky ~ A Little Piece Of Me  Ghosts Of 2 KM ~ Jesus Who ~ Chainsaw 
We Miss You Russell Hawking ~ Stan
The Warrumbungle Mare ~ Country Hall Of Fame 
When The Big Mobs Come To Bourke
I Love This Land Australia ~ Rodeo Riders

Reg Poole




Grandpa's Little Girl ~ Old Soldiers Home
Super 8 ~ Your Wedding Day ~ Aussie Mates
Ancient Mountains ~ If Everyone
With Love From Normandy ~ Rodeo Heaven
One One Was A Racehorse ~ So Long Old Mate
Hello Silver Moon And Twinkling Stars
When You've Cried All You Can Cry

Rex Dallas


Heart Land
# HCDM 1310

South Australia ~ These Old Eyes ~ This Side of Town ~ Where Brumby Runs ~ Shenandoah ~ Old Steam Trains ~ Farmer and The Eagle ~ Letter From A Child ~ Hooky Bill ~ Sonnyís Dream ~ Wild Rose ` Scottish Country Medley: Scotland The Brave ~ I Love A Lassie Roaming in the Gloaming ~ Road To The Isles

Rex Dallas
Songs of my Country

# LBS022CD
King Of Them All ~ The Ringers Room
The All Star Western Show ~ The Letter
Song of My Country ~ Summertime Yodel
Good Old Days ~ Moonbi Ranges
Crosses by The Road ~ Rain
Our Buddy ~ Highway of Song
Rex Dallas MP3 N/A I Love The Old Bush Ballads
# BMCP407
I Love The Old Bush Ballads ~ Forget About The Car
Thank The Bush For The Likes of Them ~ The Coloured Lad
Snowy Mountain Yodel ~ Australian Bush Call ~ The Flea
Gum Trees Are Falling ~ The Old Briar Pipe ~ Trumby's Mate
Portrait of a Truckie ~ I Went Back To Dodd's Hotel
Old Wallerawang ~ Let Me Sing You A Song of the Country
The Old Retired Showman ~ Bluey
Rex Dallas MP3 N/A

24 Harry Torrani
Yodelling Songs

# HCD 1314

Mountain Echo Yodel ~ Fireside Yodel ~ Yodel All Day ~ The Roaming Yodeller ~ Dutch Girl Yodel ~ My Swiss Miss Yodel ~ My Lancashire Yodelling Lass ~ Mammyís Yodel ~ Yodelling Boy ~ Cuckoo Yodel ~ Mocking Bird Yodel ~ My Yodelling Lady ~ Australian Yodel ~ Prairie Yodel ~ Mississippi Yodel ~ Starlight Serenade ~ Gypsy Yodel ~ Yodel And Smile ~  Happy and Free Yodel ~ Cuckoo Waltz ~ Yodelling Erick ~ Mexican Yodel ~Hear The Yodeller 25.00
Rex Dallas MP3 N/A

Working Man
# BCD007

Rainbow Over The Rock ~ Dark Sons ~ Ballad Of Ben Brown ~ Scars On The Land ~ Ireland ~ Grandad Show How To Yodel ~ Working Man ~ The Cattlemens Hut Jailbirds Canít Fly ~ Winoís Sherrie ~ Australia Day In Heaven ~ Tribute to Australian C. M.King Bonus Track 25.00
Rex Dallas MP3 N/A

Big Old Land
# BCD008

Big Old Land ~ Who Burns the Gidgee ~ Love The Sound of a Train ~ Heaven  Dot Com ~ Raising The Bar ~ Is There A Yodeller Home ~ Old Cook Town ~ Roll On Summertime ~ Kooriwadjula ~Pine Covered Hills Sweet Memory Waltz ~ Sing Australia 25.00
Rex Dallas MP3 N/A

40 Years Down The Road
# BCD003

A Memory or Two ~ Mustering Again ~ Yodelling king ~ Playroom Rodeo ` The Border ~ Dusty Tree ~ Mountain Girl Yodel ~ Yodelling Down Under ` Rusted Love People Call Me Country ~ Iím a Minerís Son ` The Western Main ~ Old Wallerawang ~ 25.00
Rick Aitchison MP3 N/A Since Mungyer Days
# LBS053CD
Turning of the Wheels ~ Because of You ~ Steady
The Old Goodooga Track ~ Home in Dirranbandi
I'd Do It Over Again~ It's Not The Same ~ Nowadays
Not So Much Country As History ~ Mungyer Days
Children of The Streets ~ Old Combs & Cutters
Nev Molloy ~ Stood Up ~ Old Coastal River Boats
Rick Aitchison MP3 N/A The Original
# LBS071CD
Where The Mitchell Grass Once Grew
It Sure Gets Lonely Round Here ~ Face of a Clown
The Disappearing Breed ~ Friend Of Mine
Not So Much Country as History ~ Yuppy State
A Delvers Life ~ Vale Stan ~ Ricko
Rick & Cathy MP3 N/A Through Our Eyes
# RC003
Through Our Eyes ~ When The First Rains Fall
Droviní In The Rain ~ Just Saddle Old Darkie
Our Town ~ Yesterdayís Roses
This Place We Call Australia ~ Little Craigie Church
The Ringer And The Princess ~ The Seeing Eye Dog
Would You Mind ~ I Wish I Was Single Again
Rick & Cathy MP3 N/A You Can Say That Again
# LBS069CD
I Heard the Bellbirds Sing ~ This Old Man River
I Can Only See You Through These Tears
Do You Want To Make Love ~ Country Woman
From The Lambing to the Wool ~ Mamas Treasure
Last of the Travelling Showmen ~ One Step Forward
You Can Say That Again ~ Legends of Gallipoli
Rick & Thel MP3 N/A Mr & Mrs Country Music
# BMCP402
Sticking Together ~ For Jenny A Rose ~ Barbie Doll
One To Ten ~ Pretty Is As Pretty Does ~ Little Joe
Don't Let A Little Thing Like That Stand In Your Way
The Old Country Church ~ The Old Folks Home
Keep On Moving, Goodtime Charlie~Stone by Stone
Hymn Of The River ~ The Little Word 'Who'
Life Begins At Forty ~ When The Lights Go Out
Tonight We're Going To Do It Our Way
Rick & Thel MP3 N/A On Our Selection
# BMCP612
On Our Selection ~ With This Ring (I Thee Wed)
Flowers For Mothers Day ~ Call Of The Bellbird
A Country Song ~ The Battered Stockmans Hat
Nothing Lasts Forever, Only Memories ~ The Lesson
They Shall Not Grow Old ~ I'm Coming Home
Little Darling Pal Of Mine ~ Pine Mountain Dance
I've Got Rosie ~ A Different Kind Of Ringer
A Guide Back Home ~ Granny Jones of Omeo
Rick & Thel   Rick And Thel Show
Laughter Unlimited
DVD - Volume 1
# RT003VID
(Running Time 147 Min)
Rick & Thel   Rick And Thel Show
Laughter Unlimited
DVD - Volume 2
# RT003VID

Live at 1984 Tamworth Festival
(Running Time 119 Min)

Rick & Thel  

Rick And Thel Show
Laughter Unlimited
DVD - Volume 3
# RT003VID

1982 Travelling Road Show
(104 Min Running Time)

Rick Carey MP3 N/A Beyond The Dream
# RC01
Beyond The Dream ~ Listen To The Children
Somebodys Back In Town ~ I Hope You're Satisfied
The Way It Was ~ If You Fall Out Of Love With Me
Rusty It's Goodbye ~ It's You With A Broken Heart
Where The River Disappears Around The Bend
You're Kinda Lovins Not For Me ~ I'm Blamin You
When Jimmy Rodgers Said Goodbye ~ Hello Trouble
If Only This Old World Could Be At Peace
Rick Carey &
           Val Leary
MP3 N/A Memory Number One
# SL001CD
Memory Number One ~ When I Had You
Special On My Mind ~ Smoke In The Bar
Little Patch Of Blue ~ Before I'm Over You
I Heard The Bluebird Sing ~ Come The Day
It Comes And Goes ~ Little Green Valley
Will You Love Me When I'm Older ~ I Need You
Roadapple MP3 N/A

# MOS2014 CD

I Know The Feeling ~ Namatjira ~ Bending The Strings ~ Turn Me Loose ~ Fire On The Mountain ~ Clyde ~ Last Train From Poor Valley Fourex Beer & Slim Dusty Music ~ Stretch My Mind ~ Rolling Stone ~ Another rodeo ~ Orange Blossom Spec 25.00
Roger Knox MP3 N/A
Goin' On, Still Strong
Mothers Eyes ~ I Am ~ First Born ~ There You Go
Murri Man ~ King Bunerwal ~ Streets Of Tamworth
Black Tracks ~ Murri's Plea ~ Malabar Mansion
Friendship Road ~ Koorie Rose ~ Life Of Culture
Brighter Day
Roger Knox MP3 N/A
The Gospel Album
Mansion Over The Hilltop ~ What God Has Done I'm Still Your Child ~ Sweet By And By ~ Help Me
Where Could I Go But To The Lord ~ I'm Gonna Sing
Take Up Thy Cross, I Walked One Day
Put Your Hand In The Hand ~ He Touched Me
One Set Of Footprints ~ Sacred Memories
Seeing Is Beleiving ~ Bridge Over Troubled Waters
Ron Peters & Family MP3 N/A
The Three Generations

# LBS063CD
Me & My Battered Old Maton Guitar ~ Snow Angel
Don't Go Followin' The Min Min Light ~ Gypsy Heart
I Went In To Hear The Music ~ God Will Prevail
Why Do I Love You Like I Do ~ The Sunshine Bird
The Three Generations ~ The Unsung Hero
A Blind Boys Christmas Prayer
How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
Ron Peters MP3 N/A Outback Yodeller
Bullock Wagon ~ My Fassifern Valley Home
Out On The Warrego ~ Call Of The Valley
Melody Range ~ I Cried Again ~ Between The Lines
Rodeo Rhythm ~ Riding The Rhythm Trail
My Swiss Yodelling Miss ~ Drovers Lullaby
Once I Was Happy ~ Tired Little Buckeroo
New Moon Over Yonder ~ That Faithful Pony of Mine
Rack Up The Balls Boys ~ Lonesome For You
The Cowboy Who Never Milked A Cow
Ross Hunt MP3 N/A

A Song Writer In Laa Laa Land
# MH 01

Port Douglas By the Sea ~ Will You Be My Daddy ~ Old Key West ~ Taralala Dance Song ~ Blondie Sue ~ Kar Kar Karina ~ Take My Dreams ~ Long Long Long Time ~What Love Was There ~ Waltzing Matilda 25.00
R.P. White MP3 N/A

Firebase Fandango
# MOS2005 CD

Born To Be Wild ~ Wild Thing ~ Young Girl ~ Itchycoo Park ~ 1-2-3 ~ Hang On Sloopy ~ Stone Free ~ Black Is Black ~ Paint It Black ~ Doo Wah Diddy ~ We Gotta Get Out Of This Place ~ Peter Gun 25.00
Shane Hogan MP3 N/A The Travelling Breed
# LBS016CD
Son of a Drover ~ The Travellin Breed
Saltwater Cowboy ~ Friday Arvo
Builders Labourers ~ A Rock and a Hard Place
Pickin n Grinnin ~ G'day Country
Party Animal Friends ~ Red Ned
You and Me ~ Henry
Shane Hogan  
Working Class Country

# LBS068CD
Double Bank ~ Thank God for Friday
It's Bloody Hard Yakka ~ d'Arcy Doyle
Rebel Blood ~ I'll Never Make It From Here
Working Class Man ~ Way Back When
Under The Bonnet Again ~ A Mothers Love
Shaza Leigh  
Walking Through My Mind

# LBS004C
(Cassette Only)
Walking Through My Mind ~ I'm Not Sorry
Whitsunday Paradise ~ Darlin' Billy
Ready For The Times To Get Better ~ Miss Heroin
Only A Matter Of Time ~ Boy In The Neutral Corner
Wamma Wanti ~ The Rain Keeps Coming Down
Don't Know Where ~
Shaza Leigh  
Reflections On Love

# LBS010CD
It's All Over Now ~ Been This Way Before
This Is the Last Time ~ Lucy, It's Too Late
You'll Never Know ~ Saying Goodbye
When The Love Has Gone ~ It's So Hard
Is This How The World Should Be ~ The Only Love
We've All Been There ~ Too Close To Home
Shaza Leigh  
Out Of A Shadow

# LBS023CD
Don't Call Me Sweetheart ~ Happy Hour
Grandmothers Secret ~ 9-3-7-22-0-4
The Rock I Lean On ~ Let Him Down Easy
Postpone Today Until Tomorrow ~ Yarrabah
Who's Gonna Love Me Now ~ Before I Go
You'll Never Be Mine ~ Already Gone
Shaza Leigh  
Shaza Leigh
# LBS040CD
Woman At The Wheel ~ Back To New England
Morning Mail ~ I'm Stronger Than I Knew
He Says ~ I'll Never Do That Again
Where Does Love Begin ~ Bushgirls Dreams
Rainy Day Blues ~ I Don't Wanna Talk About It
Too Much Of a Lady ~ You and I ~ Darlin
Shaza Leigh
Just For You

# LBS056CD
Till I Gain Control Again ~ The Strength In Us All
Roses In The Winter ~ One Day At A Time
Wind Beneath My Wings ~ Time To Say Goodbye
Silver Threads and Golden Needles ~Amazing Grace
Lay Down Beside Me ~ Times of In-betweens
Somewhere Between ~ Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Shaza Leigh
My Way Of Life

# LBS079CD
Be The Best That You Can Be ~ Key To The Door
I'll Pick Up The Pieces ~ After All These Years
The Ghosts of Bungendore ~ Someone Like You
How Lucky I Am ~ Married To The Land
Just My Way Of Life ~ The Jangle of Spurs
Treat Me Like A Woman Tonight
Stand On My Own Two Feet Again
Shaza Leigh
The Songwriter

# LBS086CD
I'm Not Sorry ~ Let Him Down Easy ~ You and I
Boy In The Neutral Corner~Don't Call Me Sweetheart
Back To New England ~ Too Close To Home
Bush Girls Dreams ~ Only A Matter of Time
The Jangle of Spurs ~ Times of In Betweens
Be The Best That You Can Be ~ You'll Never Know
Hark Calloused Hands ~ I'm Not Crazy At All
Whitsunday Paradise ~ Miss Heroin ~ Before I Go
Saying Goodbye ~ Rainy Day Blues
Shaza Leigh
Strength Within

# LBS101CD
Teach Your Children ~ The Strength Within
Lord I'd Forgotten ~ Fiddlers Creek
The Door Was Always Open ~ Cross-roads
Walking By My Side ~ Bundle of Sticks
Why Me Lord ~ Missing You
Old Calare ~ Beyond Vision
Shaza Leigh Seasons
# LBS116CD
I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried ~ Seasons Of Love
In A Little While ~ He Drives The Nullabor
The Rose ~ On A Good Day ~Let Your Love Flow
Box Of Kisses ~ His Little Shiralee
Climbing Mountains & Building Bridges
Little White Circle ~ Living The Dream
Shaza Leigh

The Journey
# LBS129CD
The Journey ~ Your Fathers Son ~ Darlin' Billy
Light Years From Home ~ Footprints In The Sand
You Can't Wrap Your Arms Around A Memory
Walking Through My Mind ~ Ready For The Times
I Have A Friend In You ~ Don't Know Where
Rain Keeps Coming Down ~ Wamma Wanti
Shaza Leigh

Just A Dream Away
# LBS142CD
Spirit of Australia ~ Just A Dream Away
Celtic Blood ~ Four Strong Winds
Every Second ~ Please Say Hi To Grandad
Could I Have This Dance ~ Fernando
I Wont Take Down Your Picture ~ Imagine
Try A Little Kindness ~ I Am Australian
Shaza Leigh

# LBS154CD
The Rose ~ Dreamtime Cathedrals
War Between The States ~ Life On The Road

Walking In My Shoes  ~ He's Just The One
Sydney or the Bush  ~ 'Til The Rivers All Run Dry
Coming Back Home
~ If We Never Meet Again
It's So Easy
~ Sing Me Back Home
I Will Love You All My Life ~ Something of a Privilege

After All These Years ~ Fly

Shaza Leigh

# LBS160CD
Hail Australia ~ North Queensland Skies
Mother Nature And Me ~ Jibadgee
Homeland ~ Pride of New England
Farmhouse By The Sea ~ Just Add Water
Land of the Beardies ~ Whispering Casuarinas
Who'll Fill His Shoes ~ Born To Be Free
Shirley Thoms MP3 N/A The Hadley Years 1970-72
# BMCP406
Where The Golden Wattle Blooms ~ Sunday Morning Christian
Where Is The Kingdom Of Heaven ~ Amigos Guitar ~ PEACE
I'm Living In Two Worlds ~ Last Thing On My Mind ~ Ashes
Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello ~ Waltz Of The Angels
There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder ~ Teenagers Waltz
Lie To Me ~ She's Mary, He's John and I'm Lonesome
They Listened While You Said Goodbye ~The Keeper of the Key
This Land Is Your Land ~ My Daddy Was A Yodelling Cowboy
Faithful Old Dog ~ Boy I Used To Know ~ Born To Lose
How Long Is Time ~ Big Girls Don't Cry ~ Let Me In
Shorty Ranger MP3 N/A Heart Of The Golden West
# WCD1
Heart Of The Golden West ~ Over The Valley
Sugarloaf Mountain ~ Sugarcane Country ~ I Thank Thee Lord
My Little Home Sweet Home ~ So Many Broken Hearts
The Old Macleay is Home Sweet Home To Me ~ Happy Home
Everybody's Praying For A Miracle ~ Who Can Make A Flower
Sunset Sweetheart ~ Sing A Song of Santa Claus
Please Mr Santa Claus ~Santa Don't Go Painting up the Town
Shorty Ranger MP3 N/A My Sugarloaf Mountain Home
# WCD015
Out Where The Westerlies Blow ~ It's My Home Town
When Wilf Carter Said Goodbye ~ The Flying Doctors Song
The Little Vine Wreathed Cottage ~ Queensland Billy
I Was There When The Rain Tumbled Down ~ Trial Bay Gaol
The Touch of The Masters Hand ~ Macleay River Valley
Memories of the Ramblers Return ~ The Ruby Jane Waltz
Old Shorty ~ Take Me Back To Nulla Nulla
My Sugarloaf Mountain Home ~ Desert Lulaby
Shorty Ranger MP3 N/A True Country Style
# WCD016
The Hobos Epitaph ~ Sydney, Gateway to Australia
A Country Sky At Night ~ He Left The One He Loved For Another
Hang It In The Henhouse ~ Heaven Country Style
After The Auction ~ Rose of My Heart ~ One Solitary Life
My Old Crippled Daddy ~ Goodbye Little Darling ~ Country Man
The Drought Song ~ When They Ring The Golden Bells
Where The Daisies and the Blue-Bells Grow ~ Cowfolk Country
Shorty Ranger MP3 N/A Singing On The Mountain
# WCD017
Singing On The Mountain ~ I Thank Thee Lord ~ Heaven Bound
We'll Know Each Other Up There ~ The Seasons of Time
Mothers Old and Faded Bible ~ Heaven Country Style
Everybody's Praying for a Miracle ~ Who Can Make A Flower
The Little Church At Dong-Ding-Along ~ After The Auction
The Wonderful City ~ Dong-Ding-Along ~ One Solitary Man
If Jesus Came To Your House ~ A True Gospel Song
When They Ring The Golden Bells ~ A Happy Home
The Touch of the Masters hand ~ The Little Slab Chuch on Hill
Shorty Ranger MP3 N/A Hand Me Down My Old Guitar
# WCD018
Hand Me Down My Old Guitar ~ When The Roses Bloom Again
Shorty's Song ~ Some Day You're Going To Call Me
Everybody Wants My Dollar ~ Big Banana Land
The Boy on The Garden Gate ~ The Cullundulla Fiddler
Just Living on Borrowed Time ~ Raining In The Outback
I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes ~ My Cowboy Melody
Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life ~ The Yodelling Guitar
Blue Saddle Boy Ridin Home ~ Stockyards
Shorty Ranger MP3 N/A More True Country Style
# WCD019
Winter Winds ~ The Ruby Jane Waltz
The North Coast Mail ~ That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine
The Burrapine Waltz ~ The Tasman Wind
Twilight On The Prairie ~ Rose Of My Heart
Sunset Sweetheart ~ The First Guitar Picker I Ever Knew
The Letter Edged In Black ~ Just Awaitin For A Train
Blue Saddle Boy Ridin Home ~ Silent Wheels
Shorty Ranger MP3 N/A Wild Wood - Country Style
# WCD021
Rippling River ~ The Highway Hobo
Maple On The Hill ~ Will My Dreams Ever Come True
My Pretty Quadroon ~ My Texas Sweetheart
The Little Slab Church On The Hill ~ The Ramblers Return
Why Darling Why ~ The Cowhands Guiding Star
Down Behind The Barn ~ My Little Yo-Ho Lady
True To The One That I Love ~ My Darling Daisy
Shorty Ranger MP3 N/A Take Me Back To The Country
# WCD022
Take Me Back To The Country ~ The Echo Mountain Song
Somebody's Mother ~ I'm Gonna Throw My Lasso
Under The Old Southern Cross ~ Don't Take My Memories
Lulu Walls ~ The Cradle Of Country Music ~ Winter Winds
My Darling Daisy ~ The Dying Mothers Prayer
Homesick Boy ~ A True Gospel Song
Beautiful Australia ~ Macleay River Valley
Shorty Ranger MP3 N/A Ridin' The Trail To My Home
# WCD023
Ridin The Trail To My Home ~ Clear Country Morning
Broken Heart Strings ~ The first Guitar Picker I Ever Knew
I'm Sorry Mother Dear ~ The Man With No Fixed Abode
Blue Saddle Boy Ridin Home ~ Night Time In The Nulla
My Honeymoon Bridge Broke Down ~ Namatjira Sleeps
When Mother Played The Old Guitar
Where The Wildwood Flowers Bloom  ~ Trial Bay Gaol
My Home Out on The Range ~ Old Fiddler Joe
Shorty Ranger MP3 N/A The Story Of Gertrude's Grave
# WCD024
The Complete Story of Gertrude's Grave 25.00
Shorty Ranger MP3 N/A The Bush Balladeer
# WCD026
When The Pub Got The Beer ~ Everybody Wants My Dollar
The Quart Pot ~ Waiting By The Waterfall
It's A Long Lane ~ The Bush Balladeer
Ramblin Guitar ~ The News Gives Me The Blues
Trial Bay Gaol ~ White Backed Swallows
My Mountain Sweetheart ~ My Home Out On The Range
Shorty Ranger MP3 N/A My Kinda Country Music
# WCD027
Sing A Song of Santa Claus ~ Peaceful Valley
That Curly Headed Girl ~ Keep My Picture By Your Heart Dear
Country Bungalow ~ Just Awaitin For A Train
The Old Macleay Is Home Sweet Home To Me
The Tasman Wind ~ The Burrapine Waltz ~ Open Up Your Heart
She Cries As She Marches ~ Put My Little Shoes Away
Shorty Ranger MP3 N/A 50 Years Of True
Country Music

# WCD028
The Lullaby of Nature's Wonderland ~ The Rhythm of the Wind
When The Roses Bloom Again ~ The Little White Cot
Every Picture Needs A Frame ~ The RJ Lonesome Blues
The Day The World Stopped Lovin Was the Day The World Went Wrong ~ Back In The Old Hills of Home ~ Whispering Wind
Sunset Sweetheart ~ God's Garden of Love
My Bible Paints A Picture ~ My New Red River Valley Rose
Country Sweethearts ~ Back In The Old Hills Of Home
Shorty Ranger MP3 N/A Yours With A Song
Shorty Ranger MP3 N/A Shorty Ranger's Life Story
It's All Over Now Over You ~ Jacaranda Blue
Sugarloaf Mountain Blues ~ Australia All Over
North Coast Mail ~ Blue Mountains Of The Macleay
I'm In Love With The Country ~ Cowfolk Country
Blue Saddle Boy Riding Home ~ Ruby Jane Waltz
'Winter Winds'  - Charley Boyter - Instrumental
My Little Grey Haired Mother ~ Big Bannana Land
Port Macquarie By The Sea ~ Winter Winds
Blue As The Bluegrass In Kentucky-Cedar Creek Band
Shorty Ranger


Journey Home
# Shorty DVD
These live interviews were conducted at the Fund Raising Concert during the unveiling of the Bronze Bust of Shorty Ranger oam in the Kempsey Museum.  In doing this it is hoped that the music and memory of the great Australian country music pioneer will live on for generations to come. 35.00
Sidey & Annie Ree They Met In A Mountain Band
# KKR108
Rosanna ~ Crying Time ~ I Still Miss Someone
Auctioneer ~ They Met In A Mountain Band
You Aint Going No Where ~ Don't Tell Me
You've Really Got A Hold On Me ~ French Song
Old Man From The Mountain ~ Home In Dirranbandi
Merle Haggard You Must Have Read My Mail
Singing Kettles MP3 N/A The Way It Used To Be
Volume 1 & 2

# BMCP405
Bouquet of Roses ~ Call Of The Bellbird ~ Farther Along
Please Mr Santa Claus Try ~ Courtin In The Rain
Rock All The Babies To Sleep ~ All For The Love Of A Girl
I Can't Help It ~ Storm Within My Heart ~ Broken Dreams
Hands You're Holding Now ~ Dreaming of the Sliprail
Wolverton Mountain ~ I Love You a Thousand Ways
I Still Miss Someone ~ Tell Her Lies and Feed Her Candy
Wild Side of Life ~ Lovers Lament ~ North To Alaska
Almost Persuaded ~ Game As Ned Kelly ~ Missing In Action
I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name ~ Fraulein
Singing Kettles MP3 N/A Country Harmony
# BMCP615
Jealousy ~ Wedding Bells ~ Old Log Cabin For Sale
Promise You Will Leave Me Never ~ Candy Kisses
That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine ~ I Saw The Light
Tickled To Death ~ Be Careful With my Heart
Whispering Pines ~ That Little Log Cabin Of Mine
Blackboard Of My Heart ~ Been A Fool Too Long
White Silver Sands ~ Better Times A Comin' ~ Judy
Slim Newton MP3 N/A It's Me Past and Present
A Lowdown Mean & Nasty Thing To Do ~ Damn Big Mosquito  You Gotta Take The Pill ~ If I Can't See Hank Williams There
Honey I Don't Need You Anymore ~ Three Parts Gone
You'll Never Get Her Out Of your System ~ Simply Devine
I Wouldn't Be Around To Sing This Song ~ Sad Country Songs
It'll Take More Than Jesus ~ Silver Sandals
I'm Schizophrenic and So Am I Too ~Redback On The Toilet Seat
Slim Newton MP3 N/A From Bush Ballads T' Bulldust
Lead Me Down To The Stockyard ~ Fords
Good Ol' Darling Downs ~ Small World After All
Pint Of Water In A Jerry Can ~ My Best Mate
Sittin On The Front Step ~ Rugged Not Buggered
What Is Peace ~ Footprints On The Ceiling
Old Gilbert ~ Weed Covered Rusty Old Heap

Stan Perkins &
Ian B. Macleod


Pickiní Like Perkins
# RBCD1972

Matchbox ~ Everybodyís Trying To Be My Baby ~ Pickiní Like Perkins ~Iím Sorry Iím Not Sorry ~ Rock & Roll Rhythm ~ Wild Texas Wind ~ Honey Donít ~ Thatís Alright Mama ~ Your True Love ~ Because Your Mine ~ Distance Makes No Difference ~ Boppiní The Blues ~ Glad All Over ~Blue Suede Shoes

Steve Brodie MP3 N/A This Blue Cattle Dog & I
# PIN509EP
This Blue Cattle Dog & I
Home Run
Cunnamulla Fella
No Tears for Charlie
God's Special Children
Tarscha Tarscha
# TW001EP
Sound Of Love
Sweet Mama
Why Won't You Memory Go
One Flying Miracle

Rodeo Chute - Out
# Tarscha 2 CD

Redneck Woman ~ Sweet Mama ~ Sound Of Love  Take It Back ~ One Flying Miracle ~ At Last ~ Some Days You Gottaí Dance ~ Why Wonít Your Memory Go~ Bye Bye ~Why Havenít I Heard from You

Terry and Jenny MP3 N/A The Soldier With His Banjo
# T&J01CD
The Soldier With His Banjo
Camooweal ~ Foolish Pride
A Beer Named After You
Old Love New Love ~ Watch Over Me
Ballad Of Eureka Stockade
That's What Makes My Life
Terry and Jenny MP3 N/A The Good Old Days
# T&J02CD
I Miss The Good Old Days ~ Happy Anniversary
The Horses Stay Behind ~ An Old Country Waltz
Trouble At the Diggings ~ No Longer My Town
That Little Boy ~ Cold Wind
I Love You To Death ~ Red Dog
Terry and Jenny MP3 N/A Songs of our Land
# T&J03CD
Dear Mum I'm Safe and Well ~ Weeping Willows
Porcelain Draught Horse ~ Freight Train Boogie
Save Me a Seat In Heaven ~ Memories of Home
Where Has My Australia Gone ~ A Million Stars
Swagmans Lament ~ My Dog Loves You Too
We're just passing Through
Terry Gordon
Spirit Of The Outback

# LBS070CD
Spirit Of The Outback ~ Ned Kelly
As Tough As They Come ~ One Last Look
Sittin In A Motel Room ~ I'm Independent
I Still Sing Jambalaya ~ I'm A Journey Man
Born To Be A Rolling Stone ~ The Good Old Days
Terry Gordon MP3 N/A 20 Classic Comedy Songs
# Wombat

Giviní the Lizard a Run ~ Bianca ~ The Mermaid
Big Burrawong ~ Shearerís Dream ~ Still Gonna Die
Tom, Dick & Harry ~ Betrayal of Tilly
Working for the Japanese ~ Divers Do It Deeper
Stuttering Song ~Have You Ever Stepped in Dog Shit Has Anyone Seen My Cock ~ Click Go The Gears
Iíve Seen Pubic Hair ~ My Plastic Blow Up Girl
Itís Better to be Lucky Than Good Lookiní
Put Another Nozzle in the Hoover
Give Her One for Christmas ~ Shearers Lament

Terry Gordon MP3 N/A I Just Can't Get Enough
# WOM10-2
Wide Brown Plains Near Hay ~ I Just Wanna Dance
Be Careful Who You Love ~ In My Next Life ~ I Just Can't Get Enough of Old George Jones ~ I See An Angel Everyday ~ No Charge ~ My First Night With You ~ Heaven can't Be Found ~ Let's Pretend We're Not Married ~ I Hardly Ever Sing Beer Drinking Songs ~ If I Lay Down The Bottle ~ Another She's Leaving Song ~ I'll Never Need Another You
Terry Gordon MP3 N/A If It Weren't For Country Music I'd Go Crazy
# WOM11-2
If It Weren't For Country Music I'd Go Crazy
When The Jacaranda Blooms ~ Big City
Let's Chase Each Other Round The Room
Waltz Across Texas ~ Mansion On The Hill
Don't Tell Me What To Do ~ Summertime Blues
Where Am I Gonna Live ~ Saginaw Michigan
Gonna Get A Life ~ Tennessee Flat Top Box
Don't Tell Me What To Do ~ He Stopped Loving Her Today ~  Kiss An Angel Good Morning
Terry Gordon MP3 N/A
Givin' The Lizard A Run

# VAK10689
Givin The Lizard a Run ~ Greyhound Blues
Just Thank Me ~ The Shearers Dream ~ Old Frank
The Salesman ~ Give Her One For Christmas
Livin on The Road ~ The Champ ~ Bullocky Bill
Big Burrawong ~ Back in my Childhood Days
Terry Gordon MP3 N/A The Best of Terry Gordon
Divers Do It Deeper ~ Cowboy Boots ~ Lucille
Old Flames ~ Running Kind ~ Buddy I Lied
Australia All Over ~ Time Changes Everything
Noel McGregor-Travelling Showman ~ The Salesman
The Coloured Lad ~ Back To My Childhood Days
Cheatin in the Key of 'C' ~ Cowboys Don't Get Lucky
Greyhound Blues ~ The Champ ~ His and Hers
A Couple More Years ~ If Those Lips Could Only
Terry Gordon MP3 N/A West of the Diamantina
West of the Diamantina ~ Daylight Saving
Bloke Who Knew You When You Were Shearing
Ballad of the Busted Gun ~ The Successful Serpent
Rough Sheds West of the Darling ~ Wethers
Never Been West of Strathfield ~ Sick Slushy
The Betrayal of Tilley ~ Burrawong ~Changing Ways
Terry Gordon MP3 N/A The Terry Gordon Show
Jokes ......
                Stories .... ...
                                   Songs ......
                                                    & Fibs ... (LIVE)
26 Songs including:   The Stuttering Song
He Lives in Tamworth  ~ Bianca
Terry Gordon MP3 N/A
50 Country Classics

# TS001CD
50 Songs including: The Mermaid ~ Dear One
How I Love Them Old Songs ~ Fugitive ~ Fraulein
Gonna Get A Life ~ Balmain Flash ~ Country Music
Crystal Chandaliers ~ My Elusive Dreams ~ Champ
Heartaches By The Number ~ Summertime Blues
Rainbow ~ It Takes A Drinkin Man ~ Sydney Town
You've Never Been This Far Before ~Big City & more
Terry Gordon MP3 N/A

I Forgot To Remember To Forget

# TG
Fourteen Minutes Old ~ Don't The Girls Get Prettier
Guess things Happen That Way ~ Missing In Action
Hello Love ~ the Man In Black Is Gone ~ Skeletons
Down The Trail of Achin Hearts ~ Goodbye Mary
Thanks a Lot ~ Wild Bush Flowers ~ Old Habbits
One For The Road ~I Forgot To Remember to Forget
Don't The Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time
Country Bumpkin ~ Hello Love ~ Soldiers Last Letter
Country Is ~ I Love You Because ~ Only Hurts Me

Terry Gordon


The Very Best of Terry Gordon Live Over Australia

Introduction by Slim Dusty ~ Steppin Around Australia Born To Be A Rollin Stone ~ Whipstick ~ Duncan ~ Interview with Slim Dusty ~ Rodeo Clown ~ Leave Him In The long Yard ~ Australia All Over ` Cowboys Boots ` His and Hers ~  Scobies Hangover ~ For Valour ~ Speewah Shearer ~ Running Kind ~ Country Revival ~ Port Macquarie  ~ Roo In The Stew ~ The Man From Humpty Doo ~ Stick To Him Bluey ~ Crystal Chandelier ~ Star Spangled Heaven ~ Cowboys Donít Get lucky All The Time ~ Cheating In The Key of C ~ If Those Lips Could Only Speak ` Auctioneer ~ Forty Shades Of Green ` I Would Have Wrote You A Letter ~ Country Songs ~ Bonus ~ Itís Country Today ~ Cowboys Donít Get Lucky All The Time ~ Bonus Country Close-up ~ Old Flame ~ Cheating in the Key of C ~  Australia Over ` If Those Lips Could Only Speak ~His And Hers ~ Noel McGregor ~ Divers Do It Deeper 25.00
Terry Gordon MP3 N/A

25 Australian Bush Ballads
#TS 002

Dance ith me ~ I knew this day would come 
Dubbo the old san antone ~Going out the same way One last look ~ Wethers ~ Burrawong
West of the Darling ~Never been west of Strasthfield
The changing way ~ The progressive Shearers
Old Frank ~ Greyhound blues ~ Just thank me
The shearer's dream ~ The salesman ~ The champ
Big Burrawong ~ Give her one for Christmas
Livin' on the road ~ Back in my childhood days
The sick Slushy ~ Bullocky Bill
Terry Gordon MP3 N/A
00 Not Out (4 CD set)
Keepin' It Country Vol 1 & 2
#TS 003 set
50 Country Classic Vol 1 & Vol 2  (100 tracks) 45.00
Texas Rose MP3 N/A Chicken Skin
# TEX 1
To Say I Love You ~ Baby Come Back
Hey Sista ~ The Real World ~ Rodeo Rider
My Limousine ~ Future ~ Amazing Grace
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry ~ Cry Baby
Love In Your Heart
Texas Rose MP3 N/A The ODE To Snow
That's The Way Love Goes ~ Julians Song
You Are The One ~ Running Bear
Honky Tonk Merry-Go-Round
Only You Make Me Cry ~ The ODE To Snow
The Last Leaf On The Tree
You Mess Around With My Heart
Tex Morton MP3 N/A Regal Zonophone
Collection - Volume 1

# TM01CD

Texas In The Spring ~ Going Back To Texas ~ Happy Yodeller  Swiss Sweetheart ~ The Oregon Trail ~ Youíre Going To Leave The Old Home, Jim ~ Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie  Prairie Is A Lonesome Place At Night ~ Wyoming Willie
Wrap Me Up In Your Stockwip And Blanket ~ Sing You Cowboy The Wandering Stockman ~ Old Ship Of Mine ~ Ragtime CowboyJoe ~ Just Drifting Along ~ The Yodelling Bagman
On The Gundagai Line ~ All Set And Saddled ~ Peg-Leg Jack
Lonesome Valley Sally ~ The Black Sheep ~ Rainy Day Blues
Take Me Back To Dream by The Old Mill Stream
You Only Have One Mother ~ Old Pal Of My Boyhood Days
Across The Great Divide ~ Why Should I Work ~ Railroad Bum The End Of The Hobo Trail ~ Barnacle Bill The Salior No 2
My Sweetheartís In Love with a Swiss Mountaineer
Big Rock Candy Mountains ~ The Yellow Rose Of Texas
Rocking Along In An Old Rocking chair ~ Sergant Small
the Letter Edged In Black ~ The Martins and The Coys
There Are Tear Stains On Your Letter, Mother Dear
the Greatest Mistake Of My Life ~ My Blueridge Mountain Home
I'm Dreaming Tonight of the Old Folks ~ Weeping Willow Tree
When It's Nightime In Navada ~ Red River Valley
I Left My Heart In Red River Valley ~ Bird In A Gilded Cage

Tex Morton MP3 N/A Regal Zonophone
- Volume 2
# TM02CD

Move Along Baldy ~ Old Man Duffy ~ Dying Dufferís Prayer Young Pat Maloney ~ Dreaming With Tears In My Eyes
My Old Crippled Lady ~ Crime Does Not Pay ~ Ned Kelly SongBonny Blue Eyes ~ My Old Bunkhouse Buddies
Travel By Train ~ Rocky Ned(The Outlaw) ~ Murrumbidgee Jack The Day I Left Daddy Alone ~ Sleepy Hollow ~ Old Rover
Dreams Of Silver and Memmories Of Gold ~ Old Shep
I'll Be Hanged (If They're gonna Hang Me) ~ Just Plain folks
Billy Brink the Shearer ~ When The Bloom Is On The Sage
I'm Gonna Yodle My Way To Heaven ~ Don't Say Goodbye
Hand Me Down My Walking Cane ~ Come Back To The Valley
Let The Rest Of The World Go By ~The Drovers Wife~ Mandrake
Little Sweetheart of Days Gone By ~ Everything But You
She Came Rolling Down The Mountain ~ Old Boko & Me
If You Please Me give Me Heaven ~ Story of Parsons Joe
Freight Train Yodel ~ Aristocrat ~ Beautiful Queensland
The Stockmans Last Bed ~ In The Luggage Van Ahead
You'll Never Be Missed ~ When The Cactus Is In Bloom
Rover No More ~ The Flowers Never Bloom In Lonesome Valley
The Good Old Droving Days ~ Neath The Silver Willow Tree
Through The Sin Of The Son

Tom Maxwell MP3 N/A
New Wave Of The Bush

# LBS029CD
Itchy Feet ~ Clover On The Cooper
Life On The Dole ~ Dinki Di Bushmans Kid
Mildura Wine ~ Comin Down Is Easy
Collie Jack ~ We'll Never Go Droving Again
RM Williams Boots ~ Macquarie River
Piliga Princess ~ When The Nardoo Turns To Brown
Tom Maxwell MP3 N/A Songwriters Salute
# LBS043CD
Diesel In My Veins ~ Leave Him In The Longyard
The Pioneers Reward ~ You're The Driving Force
You Can Never Do Wrong In A Mothers Eyes
The Australian Balladeer ~ Notches On The Tin
The King The Saddle & Me ~ Little Old Country Pub
Through An Old Bushman's Eyes
Whatever Turns You On ~ Favourite Squatters Chair
Tom Maxwell MP3 N/A
On The Road

# PIN505CD
Walk A Country Mile ~ Gumtrees By The Roadway
By A Fire of Gidgee Coals ~ Kelly's Offsider
Things Are Not The Same on The Land ~ Jodi
God Must Have Been A Cowboy ~ Coley
The Lady Is A Truckie ~ Axemark on a Gidgee
Homestead of my Dreams ~ Brown Bottle Blues
Tom Maxwell MP3 N/A
Rodeo Wind

# LBS073CD
Old Cowboys Never Say Goodbye
Bandy The Rodeo Clown ~ Gidgee After Rain
It Hasn't Been Easy My Way ~ Chainsaw
Trophy Buckles ~ Circle Of Sawdust
His Rodeo Queen ~ Old Rodeo Rider
Rodeo Wind ~ Old Drovers
Tom Maxwell MP3 N/A

# LBS088CD
Each Time I Hear A Train ~ Rodeo Romeo
Roan Stag In The Lead ~ Young Australian Ringers
Lonesome Rodeo Cowboy ~ Every Road I Travel
One Lifetimes Not Enough ~ Decent Steel
May There Always Be A Drover ~ Sometimes
Throw Yourself On Him and Ride ~ Fair Enough
Tom Maxwell MP3 N/A
Sing Me Another Bush Ballad

# LBS099CD
Sing Me Another Bush Ballad ~ Logan
Buchanans Land ~ West Of Winton
Freedom Is Wherever Eagles Fly ~ Bush Women
A Thousand Years Ago ~ Still The Way I Feel
Picaninny Dawn ~ The Lost Saddle
The Vanishing Breed ~ The Bush Land Never Sleeps
Tom Maxwell MP3 N/A On The Road - Volume 2
# LBS107CD
Born A Travelling Man ~ A Bushman Can't Survive
Born & Bred In The Northern Territory ~ Old No 39
Take Your Shoes Off When You're Walking Through My Mind ~ Old Gilbert ~ A Working Man
The Style Of Their Hat ~ The Travellers Prayer
Old Dogs & Children & Watermelon Wine
When The Musterings On Again ~ Now I'm Easy
Tom Maxwell MP3 N/A Further Out
# LBS118CD
Back to Camooweal ~ The Longyard To Longreach
Life On The Road ~ Finke River Blues
Kings Without A Crown ~ Tracks Left In The Dirt
Where I Wanna Be ~ Memories Movin' On
Mount Isa Rodeo ~ Only A Bushman Would Know
That's What Bushmen Do ~ Further Out
Tom Maxwell MP3 N/A Bushmans Dreaming
# LBS130CD
Saddle Is His Home ~ Picture Of Home ~ Maggie
Half The Man ~ Drowning My Blues
Georgina's Son ~ Picture In A Frame
Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold
Murranji Memories ~ All My Mates Are Gone
One Old Bushmans Dreams ~ To A Mate
Tom Maxwell MP3 N/A Spread Your Wings
# LBS130CD
One More Time ~ I've Seen His Face Before
Ride On Down This Road ~ The Stockman
My Home On The Sunburnt Plains ~ Bareback
Home In Dirranbandi ~ Reasons To Quit
If You Never Spread Your Wings
I'll Just Be A Drifter Til I Die
I'll Leave This World Loving You
Let's Talk About the Good Times
Tom Maxwell MP3 N/A Across The Vanished Years
# LBS151CD
When The Georgina Comes Down ~ Lookin For Gold
Diamantina Mile ~ Cattle Camp Reverie
That Day In Cunnamulla ~ The Cowboy Rides Away
When The Cane Knife Ruled The Land ~ City Lights
Dick Drumduff & Me ~ Travelling This Big Country
Road Is Still My Home~ Across The Vanished Years

Tom Maxwell


Acquaintances & Memories
Born A Travellin' Man ~ Life On The Road
Back To Camooweal ~ Mount Isa Rodeo
Everything That Glitters Is Not Gold
Reasons To Quit ~ Bandy The Rodeo Clown
Old Cowboys Never Say Goodbye


Tom Oliver MP3 N/A Savannahlander
# T002CD
G'Day ~ Savannahlander ~ Rose On The Wall
Sky-Rail Dreaming ~ No Bars On A Prison
Hooray ~ Wen-ar-u ~ Australias Got So Much
The Price I Pay For Loving You ~ Cow-pat Shuffle
What A Bloody Turnout ~ Old Cattle Camps
Wet Weather Blues ~ The Forsayth Waltz
Getting Old ~ Uluru ~ Sinners Prayer
Tony Shepherd


I Can't Go Back
# KKR152CD
Dry ~ Seasons Come Seasons Go
Dancing With You ~ I'll Love You Forever
It's Nice To Be Alive Lord ~ My Shadow
I Will Live Forever With You ~ A Jukebox Song
Walking Piece Of Heaven ~ I Can't Go Back
Every Day Is Special ~ Don't Worry About Me
Tracy Coster

Bush Baby

# LBS049CD
The Old Tin Roof ~The Long Straight Road To Home
Clancy Of The Overflow ~ Jaynes Song
Australia Australia ~ I'm Not Over You
Fat Cattle ~ It's Alright (To Love Our Country)
Let The Canefields Burn ~ The Memories We Made
Trevor Adamson MP3 N/A

Sunburnt Country
# PIN513CD


Come To Jesus My Friend ~ When The Rain Tumbles Down In July ~ Cattle Camp Reverie ~ My Desert Rose ~ Cottage In The Country ~ Yangupala Tjuta ~ My Home ~ The Old MacDonnell Ranges  Ngura Nyangatja Wirunya ~ Because He Lives

Trevor Day MP3 N/A Songs For Old Friends
# DTR003CD
The Cabin Is My Home ~ A Mug Of Billy Tea
Fire Of Gidgee Coal ~ Old Time Country Halls
Little Cowboy ~ Just Passing Through
The Tramps Mother ~ Santa Claus Is Coming
The Old Balladeer ~ The Brides Warning
Red Headed Kid ~ Milk Bottle
Trevor Day MP3 N/A Wisdom Wit and Wiles
Dr Days Green Pills ~ The Flying Doctor~ The Veil
A Little More Time Lord ~ Ordinary People
Changing The Flag ~ Another Lazy Day ~ Sam Holt
Picking A Plot ~ Tumba-Bloody-Rumba ~ Thank You
You Can't Take It With You ~ The Old Riders Dream
Australias Not Australia Anymore ~ I'll Tell You Why
It's Been That Way ~ Hero Of My Childhood Dreams
Trevor Day MP3 N/A No Roads Coming Back
No Roads Coming Back ~ Ordinary People
Widow Down The Flat ~ Ode To A Bull
She's Mine ~ Out By Boban Hut ~ Bill
You'll Only Have One Mother ~ Gypsy Blood
Howdy's Bar ~ Lovers Game ~ Journeys End
Trevor Day MP3 N/A Do It All Over Again
# TD02007
Do It All Over Again ~ An Empty Plate
Home made Chair ~ The Luggage Van Ahead
Memories Bring You Back To Me ~ You & Me
When His Ship Comes In ~ Chadís Dream Wedding
Donít Forget To Say Thank You ~ A True Confession
Springtime On The Range ~ Guy Fawkes Massacre
Trevor Day MP3 N/A

Boy Soldier

Boy Soldier ~ Thereís One Born Every Day ~The last of His Tribe ~ Harry ~ Truckiní Awful ~ Old Feller ~ Drink ~ When I was just A Kid ~ Say you Love Me Sometimes ~ Thank Youís Grave ~ Pride of Outdoor Plumbing ~ The Droverís Son ~ One Of those Days ~ The Old Mans Kingdom ~ extra tracks  from Live in Launceston EP ~ Help Me Understand ~ You Had Better Not Do That ~ Rocking Alone in an Old Rocking Chair ~ Sweeney

Trevor Keilar MP3 N/A Timeís A Wastiní
# TK 05

Country Trash ~ Lights on the Hill
Frankies Man Johnnie ~ I Still Miss Someone
Wreck Of The Olí97 ~ Little Boy Lost
A Lesson Too Late for the Learning ~ Wanted Man
The Night Hank Williams Came to Town
Donít Take Your Guns to Town
Put Another Log on the Fire ~Shutters & Boards
Is Anyone Going to San Antone ~ Timeís A Wastin'

Trevor Keilar MP3 N/A
Get Rhythm
Get Rhythm ~ Harmonica Medley ~ Cry Cry Cry
The Ways Of A Woman In Love ~ Ring Of Fire
I Still Miss Someone ~ You Are My Sunshine
Sunday morning Coming Down ~ San Quentin
Six Days On The Road
Hey Good Looking ~ Goodnight Irene
Trevor Keilar MP3 N/A Come Back Cash
# 2009
I Walk The Line ~ Tennessee Flat Top Box
Flesah And Blood ~ One Piece At A Time
Blue Train ~ Guess Things Happen That Way
Boy Names Sue ~ Don't Think Twice It's Alright
Home Of The Blues ~ Good Hearted Woman
Ghost Riders In The Sky ~ Walk The Line 'revisited'
Marmonica Medley ~Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Trevor Keilar MP3 N/A
Country Songs From The 60's
# 2008
Hey Porter ~ Understand Your Man ~ Amanda
Frankie's Man Johnny ~ Ballad of a Teenage Queen
Miller's Cave ~ Wanted Man ~ Country Trash
Forty Shaeds of Green ~ Cry Cry Cry
The Night Hank Williams Came To Town
Wreck of the ol' 97
Trevor Keilar MP3 N/A
Tribute To Johnny Cash
# 2008
Big River ~ Daddy Sang Bass ~ I Got Stripes
Folsom Prison Blues ~ Give My Love To Rose
I Still Miss Someone ~ Walk The Line ~ Jackson
Long Black Veil ~ Man In Black ~ Ring of Fire
Harmonica Medley ~ Sunday Morning Coming Down
Truckin' Stevens MP3 N/A Truckies Luck Day
# MON90042CD
Physical Song ~ Truckies Lucky Day
Nuts Bolts Fencin' Wire ~ Overdrive
Who'd Be A Truckie ~ Woman Driver
Lookin' Through A Windshield ~ Oldies
Where My Money Goes ~ Woman Behind The Man
Anything Leaving Town Today ~ 60 Minute Man

Vic Simms


From The Heart
# BCD333

Summer Holiday ~ After The Loviní ~ Singiní The Blues ~ Loveís Been Good To Me ~ Raining In My Heart ~ Amazing Grace ~ Room Full Of Roses ~ Always On My Mind ~ Just Walking In The Rain ~ And I Love You So ~ Anniversary Song ~ House Of The Rising Sun ~ Makií Believe ~ Thatís Life ~ To Love Somebody ~ I Still call Australia Home 25.00
Warren Nielsen MP3 N/A Kick 'n' Back
Misty ~ Yesterday ~ All Of Me
Legend In My Time ~ Deepwater
Back Home In Indiana ~ Waltzing Matilda
I've Just Destroyed The World
Bushman Can't Survive ~ Watch What Happens
Wayne Appleby MP3 N/A Burning Steel
# NGR002CD
Rose Of San Antone ~ Devil In My Body
Rock Me By The Fire ~ Seeing You With Her
Crazy Arms ~ Help Me Make It Through The Night
Wayward Wind ~ Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
Finger Nail  ~ That Says It All
Somebody's Fool ~ Love Is Just A Two Step Away
Wayne Pascoe MP3 N/A Greatest Wildlife Warrior
# WP01CD
The Greatest Wildlife Warrior
The Greatest Wildlife Warrior (Sing-a-long)
The Greatest Wildlife Warrior (Backing Track)
Webb Bros MP3 N/A The Best Of
# S&S002CD
The Palmer River Song ~ Next Door Neighbours Kid
On The Old Verandah ~ The Melody Of Rain ~ If Only
Old Australian Home ~ Pop Said To Me ~ Call Of The Bellbird
Do You Remember ~ The Purple Petrol Eater ~ My Happy Song
Sweet On My Mind ~ Don't It Make You Wanna Go Home
Dry Weather Blues ~ We've Got The Country ~ Saturday Dance
The Jockeys Are Striking ~ Who Put The Roo In The Stew
Hand Of The Maker ~ Here On This Mountain ~ June Rose Waltz
Webb Bros MP3 N/A Mustering On
We're Country Singers ~ Mary Valley Dreams
Mountains High ~ The Old Bush Hat
The Honey The Bee You & Me ~ Swagman
Call Of The Bellbird~ There's No More Blues For Me
The Day I Jumped From Uncle Harveys Plane
A Country Dance ~ Boy On Parole
Let's Hear It For The Workin Man ~ Catfish John
Yolande Gibson MP3 N/A Patsy
# WOM16
Patsy ~ Rose of San Antone ~ She's Got You
Walkin After Midnight ~ Blue Moon of Kentucky
Sweet Dreams ~ Crazy ~ I Fall To Pieces
Strange ~ Back In My Baby's Arms ~ Foolin Round
Half As Much ~ Leavin On Your Mind
Yolande Gibson MP3 N/A
A Picture of Me

# YG01CD
Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life) ~ What Part of No
I Guess You Had To Be There ~ To Daddy
Walkin Talkin Cryin Barely Beatin Broken Heart
Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under~Near You
Back In Baby's Arms ~ Blue Moon of Kentucky
She's Got You ~ Foolin Round ~ Something in Red
Till A Tear Becomes A Rose ~ A Picture of Me
Yolande Gibson MP3 N/A Thank You For The Music
(Tribute to Vera Lynn)
# MJ102
The White Cliffs of Dover ~ Now Is The Hour
Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square ~ Maybe
Moonlight and Roses ~ We'll Meet Again
When The Lights Go On Again ~ Lilli Marlene
Among My Souvenirs ~ You'll Never Know
Red Sails In The Sunset ~ Look At Us
Who's Sorry Now ~ She Broke Her Promise
Stars Fell On Alabama ~ Medley-Wishing Will Make It So ~ Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye


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