Australian Country Music
Wall of Honour


The Wall on Honour is dedicated to

                                                     Australian Country Music Artists                                                                     making an important contribution to our

                                                     Professional Recording Industry
- Established in 2004 -


                                                        Judged by a panel of executives working within The Australian Country Music Industry

                                                                 Inductions held annually in January (Tamworth Country Music Festival)

                                                                                                                    - 336 Goonoo Goonoo Rd  Tamworth  NSW  Australia -



Lindsay Butler OAM    (Sponsor  Cheapa Music - Tamworth)

Honoured for over 35 years of dedication to the Australian recording industry.  A successful recording artist and Golden Guitar winning producer of 100 albums for his own label, plus hundreds for other Aussie labels.  He's released 20 solo instrumental albums and has been involved in thousands of recording sessions as a session musician. Lindsay is a legend within the Australian recording industry and founding board member of CMAA.


John Williamson OAM    (Sponsor Tamworth Songwriters Association - Tamworth)

Honoured for a career spanning over 35 years, has released more than 36 albums earning him 23 golden guitars, 8 Mo Awards, 2 aria awards plus an OAM for services to Austalian Country Music.  He has also made a huge contribution as a songwriter bringing songs of the bush into the city.  John was also the founding vice-chairman of the CMAA.


Graeme Connors    (Sponsor Tamworth Songwriters Association - Tamworth)

Honoured as one of Australia's finest and most distinctive singer/songwriters.  He's released over 13 albums including 3 gold and one platinum and has been awarded an ARIA, 12 Golden Guitars, Mo Awards and numerous TSA National Salute Awards.  Through his music he has made a difference to the Aussie Country music scene.


Brian Letton  (Sponsor Mad CD's - Sydney)

Honoured as a force within Australian country music circles for over twenty years.  He's released 14 albums to date, has numerous Golden Guitar nominations, a swag full of Australian Bush Ballad Awards, TSA National Salute awards and almost every other independent artist award in the country field.  winning nearly every other country music award. 

Shaza Leigh   (Sponsor Country Creative Image - Tamworth)

Honoured as one of Australia's leading female country singers and most prolific songwriters; winning every major country award except a Golden Guitar.  She's also devoted over 10 years to nurturing and promoting young talent, has over 60 songs published and won several The National TSA Salute Awards.  A founding member of the CMAA.


Ernie Constance   (Sponsor 2YOUFM - Tamworth)

Honoured as one of our nations most prolific songwriters.  Ernie has had many of his songs recorded by Slim Dusty over the years.  In recent times he has built a strong and loyal fan base for his own recordings and has evolved as the modern day Stan Coster.  He has also won many major songwriting awards including several TSA National Salute Awards.


Tom Maxwell   (Sponsor White Tiger Graphics - Tamworth)

Honoured as one of the most promising bush balladeers of today.  He's released four commercial albums with LBS to date with the last one launching him into the finals of The Golden Guitar Awards and winning ‘Male Vocal Of The Year’ at The Australian Bush Ballad Awards.  Tom is a great example of how hard work pays off. 


Lindsay Waddington   (Sponsor Les & Sue Coutman Globe Butchery - Tamworth)

Honoured for his work within the industry as a session musician for the last 10 years.  His debut solo guitar album made it into the finals of the ‘Australian Country Recording Awards’ (ACRAs) in Sydney and one of his first productions made it into the Australian Bush Ballad Awards and The Golden Guitar Awards. 


Terry Gordon OAM    (Sponsor Bungendore Country Muster - Bungendore)

Honoured for his involved in the early development of the festival and ‘The Australian Bush Ballad Awards’.   Terry is one of the industry’s loveable larrikins and was one of the first to build a recording career with a comical edge to his music.  He was also host of the country music TV show ‘Must Be Country’ recorded and broadcast from Tamworth in the early 80’s.


Bob Easter     (Sponsor Drover Music - Sydney)

Honoured for his many years of dedication to bush ballads.  Bob is one of the purists in the traditional sector of the industry choosing to only perform bush ballads.  He was the artist chosen to launch the country label - Drover Music, proving to be a successful union, putting both him and the then new label to the forefront of bush ballad circles. 


Melissa Bajric    (Sponsor Drover Music - Sydney)

Honoured for her devotion to traditional country music during a period when young country  acts were all leaning towards contemporary music and traditional country was supposedly uncool.  Melissa developed her own style and with her debut album was able to appeal to the traditionalists.  They accepted her as a fresh face when females were almost non-existent.


Dean Perrett   (Sponsor Porters Transport - Kingaroy)

Honoured as one of the leading young bush balladeers and writers of bush verse.  Dean has released several albums with the latest winning ‘Album of the Year’ at The Australian Bush Ballad Awards.  He has also won a couple of the most prestigious country song writing awards TSA National Salute Awards for ‘Gospel Song Of The Year’ to show his diversity. 


Trevor Day     (Sponsor Dingo Track Records - Newcastle)

Honoured for a recording career that has spanned the decades. He first recorded for EMI in 1959, travelled with Rick & Thel & Reg Lindsay and became one of the key artists on Hadley Records in their heyday.  He is one of the last of the old breed of showmen learning their craft from the likes of Tex Morton.  Trevor's sponsor is a new label, Dingo Track Records



Garth Porter   (Sponsor  - Sydney)

Honoured as one of the most successful country record producers of the modern era.  Garth has produced many successful albums throughout his career including award-winning albums for Lee Kernaghan, Gina Jeffreys, Tania Kernaghan & Troy Cassar-Daley.  He has won numerous Golden Guitar for both his production work and songwriting. 

Ted Howard    (Sponsor  - Sydney)

Honoured as one of the most widely recognised and sought after recording engineers of the modern era.  Alongside Garth Porter, Ted established himself as one of our genre's leading engineers known for his work on albums for many of the award winning albums over the last decade.  Ted is one of the few specialist engineers working within the industry.


Charley Boyter    (Sponsor Kross Kut Records - Sydney)

Honoured as one of Australia's finest acoustic guitarists having toured and recorded with the late Slim Dusty.  Charley first recorded solo instrumentals as a member of the Legends of Guitar ensemble with Lindsay Butler and their mate, the late Barry Thornton.  Charley is also quite active within the bush ballad movement backing many of the young bush balladeers.


Rick Aitchison    (Sponsor  - Tamworth)

Honoured for his service to the recording industry as a leading songwriter having had 130 commercial releases of his songs in the last decade.  He began writing in the early 50's and made his first two 78 records in 1954.  He has recently recorded two new albums of his own material, winning him a string of awards and also elevating him as Song Maker.


Glenn Jones   (Sponsor Kross Kut Records - Tamworth)

Honoured as one of the leading traditional artists, receiving 5 Australian Bush Ballad Awards in the last five years.  Glenn released several albums for Selection Records over a seventeen year period proudly performing bush ballad music, to Sydney audiences, on the club circuit.  Glenn has always proudly promoted Australian Music.



Reg Poole OAM   (Sponsor Selection Records - Sydney)

Honoured as one of our leading traditional country artists.  Since releasing his first album with W&G in 1973, he has released 18 albums with Selection Records winning 3 Golden Guitars.  Reg has been elevated to the Roll of Renown, awarded an OAM and inducted into the Hand Of Fame.  Reg has also been named Victorian Entertainer of the Year.


Brian Young OAM    (Sponsor Aussie Independent Music - Sydney)

Honoured as the last of the travelling showmen having toured regional and outback areas for over 30 years.  Brian has been awarded Song Maker for his song writing abilities, elevated to the Roll of Renown, awarded an OAM and presented a Golden Guitar for Bush Ballad of the Year with his debut LBS Music release after several years with OPAL records.


Paul McLoud   (Sponsor Palomino Records - Sydney)

Honoured as a successful touring and recording artist.  Specialising in easy listening country and gospel music, Paul has built an enormous following around the country releasing 14 albums since 1982.  He was also inducted into the Hand Of Fame in 2003 and continues to lead the way with his style of music performing at many of the best concert venues.


Shorty Ranger    (Sponsor Bellbird Music - Tamworth)

Honoured as one of our living legends.  Shorty has recorded more than 250 of his own songs on more than 20 albums and has written or co-written 400 songs in total including his famous hit Winter Winds.  He was one of the first to be inducted into the Hands of Fame in '77, was named Song Maker in '89 and elevated to the Roll of Renown in '93. 


Ron Peters   (Sponsor Digital Music Centre - Tamworth)

Honoured as one of our longest serving country music legends.  He cut his first records on EMI Regal Zonophone label in 1951 and recorded 18 tracks for the label between 1951 - 1953.  He toured with the travelling vaudevill show "Lester's Follies" and with Jack Gill's Rodeo in 1947.  Ron made a return to the LBS studios in his 80's to record with his family.


Pixie Jenkins   (Sponsor  - Tamworth)

Honoured for his service to the industry as a recording artist and session musician.  Pixie first became involved in recording sessions for Rick & Thel in 1976.  He went on to tour with artists and bands including Buddy Williams, Bullamakanka and John Williamson.  Pixie has released a number of successful albums winning 2 solo Golden Guitar Awards.



Col Elliott   (Sponsor ACMEC Records - Fischwick)

Honoured as Australia's best comedian to ever be associated with the country scene.  Australia's Resident Mad Man, as he's affectionately known, has enjoyed a successful 30 year career gaining 13 gold albums and DVD's.  He has frequently made himself available to host the Australian Country Music Awards and bring his popular road show to Tamworth Festival.


Anne Kirkpatrick    (Sponsor Compass Bros - Sydney)

Honoured as a multi-award winning recording artist.  Anne has released 12 solo albums to date winning her first Golden Guitar in 1978 Female Vocalist of the Year.  She released the out of the Blue album in 1991 receiving the Aria country Award and another 2 Golden Guitars for Female Vocal and Album of the Year. 


Rick Carey   (Sponsor Funnel Web Design - Tamworth)

Honoured as one of Australian Country Music's national treasures.  Rick and his wife set out on tour in 1957.  For 30 years their show was recognised as one of the most famous national touring shows of all time and their recording career with Hadley Records made Rick a household name.  Rick lost Thel in 1998 due to illness. 


Owen Blundell    (Sponsor City Bowling Club - Tamworth)

Honoured as one of the leading touring recording artists.  A regular member of the Gunbarrell Highway Men, Owen has become one of the most talented and versatile entertainers on the circuit having released his early recordings with Selection Records and now on his own label Mountain Made Music.  Owen was inducted into the Hands Of Fame in 1990.


Troy Cassar-Daley   (Sponsor Big Golden Guitar Tourist Centre - Tamworth)

Honoured for an outstanding career in country music.  Singer/song-writer and accomplished musician, Troy paid his dues with the Brian Young Show before signing with Sony Music and winning a string of Golden Guitars and other accolades.  Troy has gone on to be one of the few country acts to take country music to the city and onto national television. 


Lynette Guest   (Sponsor Opal Records - Tamworth)

Honoured for her significant body of work as a session harmony singer.  Lyn has been featured on hundreds of albums recorded in Tamworth over several decades.  In fact she would be arguably the most recorded Australian harmony singer of all time.  Lynnette also enjoyed a successful personal solo recording career.




Johnny Greenwood   (Sponsor 101FM - Logan)

Honoured for his contribution as an outstanding song writer and performer.  He's had numerous songs recorded, is a recipient of the Songmaker Award and has been inducted into the Hands Of Fame.  Johnny helped pioneer the country music club scene in Australia, has presented a radio show since 1988 & originally recorded for W&G and RCA.


Arthur Blanch   (Sponsor Tamworth Music - Gold Coast)

Honoured for a hugely successful national and international career.  He celebrated 50 years as a recording artist in 2002, was elevated to the Roll of Renown, has had billboard chart hits in the US, four Golden Guitar winning songs in Australia and one of the few Australian artists to secure  a world-wide release of an album with his gospel album, released in 1999. 


Slim Newton   (Sponsor Enrec Records - Kurri Kurri)

Honoured for writing one of the greatest country hits of all time.  Slim became famous when he released 'Redback on the Toilet Seat' for ,Tamworth based label, Hadley Records in 1971, earning 3 gold records and a Golden Guitar.  He toured briefly with Tex Morton and did many Australian tours with The Rick & Thel Show. 


Webb Brothers   (Sponsor The Gympie Times - Gympie)

Honoured for their outstanding success as recording artists and continued dedication to supporting young talent.  Throughout their career the Webb Brothers have released a string of successful albums, enjoying widespread airplay and awards of recognition including elevation to the Roll of Renown.


Clelia Adams   (Sponsor The Tamworth City News - Tamworth)

Honoured for her outstanding contribution as a session harmony singer and recording artist.  She was part of the harmony trio that appeared on most Hadley releases over a couple of decades.  Clelia in recent years has enjoyed a successful solo career with her last two albums receiving rave reviews with extensive airplay and chart success throughout Europe. 


Lawrie Minson   (Sponsor New England Engraving - Tamworth)

Honoured for his significant contribution as a session musician.  The multi-instrumentalist has toured and recorded with many of the biggest names in the business.  He also produced the first Indian Country Music Artist, has won several Golden Guitars and annually hosts the Hohner Golden Harmonica Championships held in Tamworth at the festival.




The McKean Sisters   (Sponsor Capital News - Tamworth)

Honoured for their significant contribution as performers, songwriters and promoters.


Kevin King   (Sponsor RV's Down Under - Tamworth)

Honoured for his significant contribution as a performer.


Ashley Cook   (Sponsor Landmark - Tamworth)

Honoured for his significant contribution as a recording and touring performer.


Bill Chambers   (Sponsor Tamworth Recording Suite - Tamworth)

Honoured for his significant contribution as a session musician.




Deniese Morrison   (Sponsor Cards Direct - Tamworth)

Honoured for her significant contribution


Col Edmonds   (Sponsor - Tamworth)

Honoured for his significant contribution


Craig Giles   (Sponsor Butlers Auditorium - Tamworth)

Honoured for his significant contribution




Ian B McLeod   (Sponsor Jon Wolfe - Tamworth)


Christina George   (Sponsor Country Capital Music - Tamworth)

Honoured for her significant contribution


Greg Williams   (Sponsor The Pub - Tamworth)

Honoured for his significant contribution


Brett Dallas   (Sponsor Butlers Auditorium - Tamworth)

Honoured for his significant contribution


Neil Buttsworth   (Sponsor Kross Kut Records - Tamworth)

Honoured for his significant contribution





Dianne Lindsay


Wayne Horsburgh   (Sponsor Tamworth Taxis - Tamworth)





Angela Hayden   (Sponsor ButlerGilchrist Productions - Tamworth)

Ashley Cook   (Sponsor  - Tamworth)




Greg Bain   (Sponsor ButlerGilchrist Productions - Tamworth)

Noel Parlane   (Sponsor ButlerGilchrist Productions - Tamworth)




8 Ball Aitken   (Sponsor  - Tamworth)

Wanita   (Sponsor  - Tamworth)

Crosby Sisters
   (Sponsor  - Tamworth)




Peggy Gilchrist   (Sponsor  - Tamworth Pet Centre)

Rachel Jillett
   (Sponsor  - Country Capital Music)

Peter Simpson
   (Sponsor  - Dawn & Noel Smith)




Next inductions will be during the 2016 Tamworth Festival in Butlers at the
LBS Super Concerts







All nominations should be received by the end of October and Judging commences November annually.