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  Bob Easter
Bob Easter is one of the finest traditional bush balladeers following in the footsteps of our Australian pioneers.  Bob releases his music with Drover Music and features on several major festivals throughout the country.

Land Of The Big Blue Sky

# DE001CD
The Truckies Salute ~ My Last Old Dog
Aussie On My Mind ~ My Old Home Town
Whoa Bullocks Whoa ~ Many Yesterdays Ago
Why Do Legends Die So Young ~ Exiled
To An Old Stockman ~ Land of the Big Blue Sky
When You're Short of a Quid ~ Relics of the Past


By Request

# DE007CD
Rambin Shoes ~ The Old Mans Kingdom
The Old Gidgee Tree ~ Australian Bushman
The Coloured Lad ~ Song For The Lonely
Do You Think That I Do Not Know ~ Saddle Boy
Back Where He Belongs ~ Just Rollin
Log Book Blues ~ It Takes a Drought



Drovin' All Over

# DE006CD
with Bob Easter & Graham Rodger
Missing In Action ~ Hero of the Land
One Last Look ~ The Lady and the Rodeo Man
Like Family to Me ~ Old Heart of Mine
There At the Side of the Road ~ Mr Dusty
The Kingdom I Call Home ~ Drovin


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