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  Brian Young OAM
Brian Young is an Australian country music legend being acknowledged within the industry with an induction to The Roll of the Renown, Hands of Fame and The Wall of Honour.  The Brian Young Show was one of the last outback touring shows and though now retired his music lives on through his recordings.  Brian was one of the finest bush balladeers of his era.


Voice of the Outback

# LBS009CD
Kakadu ~ Big Old Gumtree
Darby's Castle ~ Waiting In The Wings
I'm Not Too Proud ~ Broke
Ships Of The Desert ~ Round and Round
Land Of My Birth ~ The Era Is Not Over Yet
Champion In The Making ~ Let's All Give It A Go



The Best of Brian Young

# LBS096CD
Thistles On The Hillside ~ Have A Bloody Go
Black Man Jacky Jacky ~ No Indispensable Man
Dark Eyed Brothers ~ Barbie Doll Song ~ Migilo Man
The Horse That Could Do Nothing Right ~ Lost
Home Made Didgeridoo ~ Wobbly Boot Hotel
House Where The Wind Blows Cold ~ The Whaler
Song of Maytown ~ Please Forgive Me ~ Walk Away
Stan Coster The Man ~ You Ride On


3. People And Places I Know
# NGR0023
The Land of the Gagudju Man ~ Wilcannia Ball Riversleigh Run ~ No More Restless Boots
Big Old Gulf Land ~ I Will Still Love You
I'm Glad I Lived My Youth Back When I Did
The Mighty Kalkadoos ~ Come On Reg Lindsay
They Say In Kajabbi Their Railway Is Done
Reading This Letter ~ A Delvers Life


4. The Last Of The Travelling Showmen
# LBS106CD
That Old Wheel ~ Champion In The Making
Land Of The Flying Jabiru ~ Round & Round
Big Fella Wudumbah ~ Proud To Be An Aussie
Stockmans Hall of Fame ~ Ships of the Desert
The Land of Ringer Trumby ~ I'm Not Too Proud
The Last of the Travelling Showmen ~ Tjilpi ~ Annie



Big Fella Wudumbah
# CCM 304 CD


Big Fella Wudumbah ~ North Queensland Ringer 
All Through Baby ~ Chip Off The Old Block
Brown To Blue ~ Blue Gums Calling Me Back Home
Girl On The Dance Hall Floor ~ Country Music King
Brigalow And Wilga After Rain ~ Road Of Sorrow 
Donít Bung On Side ~ Boyhood Memories  


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