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  Col Elliott
Col Elliott is Australia's most loveable funny man!!  He is renowned as one of the best comedians ever produced in this country and the following recordings capture his extraordinary talent.  Col has been inducted onto the Australian Country Music Wall of Honour for his contribution to the country music industry and even though his craft is predominately as a comic, he has been a regular favourite at the Tamworth Country Music Festival for many years.


MP3 N/A Col Elliott - Twin Pack DVD
# ACMEC069
This DVD is a classic collection of Col's most requested pieces.  Col Takes us on a walk through life on the road as 'Australia's Resident Madman' - arguably our most toured comedian; he pushes our belly laugh buttons combining his travel, characters, music and stand up routines, producing hours of enjoyment.



MP3 N/A Road Works
Baldness/Acne & Bi-Foc-Ulcers ~ The Hay Song
Stones Green Ginger Wine ~ I Won't Take The Piss
Can't Remember Eating That ~ Big Drug Problem
Snatch A Kiss Or Kiss A ... ~ I'm A Grandfather
Dings Rubber & Miss Appropriate ~ I Used To
Slugger Mulligan ~ I'm Not Politically Correct
How Tough Was My Grandad ~ Tassy Lumber Jack
Why Do They Call Them Random Breath Tests?
Chooka (The Roadie) Change of Profession ~ ESP
Never Drop The 'F' Word Around A Cop ~ Push



Col's New World
Divorce In The 90's ~ Ballad of the Bobbitts
I Won't Be Doin' That Tonight ~ Only An Offer
I'll Do Anything You Like ~ Merry Xmas Revisited
I Saw Her Snatch (her Notebook) ~ Early Arrival
If They Wanna Look Let em Look ~ Hat Attack
Thargaminda Bush Poetry ~ Premature Ejaculation
Proud To Be Called Australian ~No Wonder I'm Tired
Chooka Dennis ~ Turdulance ~Tiger Moth ~Di World



Altered Egos
# SW99015
Fanatics ~ Chookas Bad Day ~ Gin Gin
Home made Brew ~ Chooka As Always
I'll Play Anything ~ Dogs Cats and Herpies
Chookas Fatal Attraction ~ Sensitive Bloke
Guesseppi ~ Footy Song ~ Creation



Chookas Choice
# CDCOL30030
Chooka Dennis (Col's Roadie) - his first solo album Chooka tells it all - from his first sexual experience to his first job - he had trouble with both



Just A Regular Bloke
# SW99016
The Back Seat Sat'dy Night ~ The Tax Man
Ain't Nobody's Business ~ Hankies From Nanna
Chooka Dennis (The Life & Times) ~ Nervous Flyer
Kids, Coppers, Drinking & Stinky Jones
Are You Regular ~ Any Distinguishing Marks
Nashville Will Never Be The Same




Elliott On The Border
# CDCOL30010
Chooka Speaks ~ Roadie Blues
Col 'Live' At Twin Towns ~ Punjarbi
Home Made Brew ~ Hari Kari



Something Different
Henry Banjo & Me ~ Works Out Easier That Way
Dieseline Highway ~ I Hear A Sound ~ Gone Fishing
Smokin Again ~ Ain't Nobody's Business
Hankies From Nana ~ Only A Moment In Time
Miss Approximate ~ Crazy Dreams ~ The Sinner



See How Things Have Changed
# SW20021
See How Things Have Changed ~ Just A Dag
18 Holes of Heartache ~ Uncle Charlie ~ Questions
Road Stories ~ Aussie Till I Die ~ Coober Pedy
Karen's Song ~ You Get That Don't Ya
Road Stories 2 ~ Bruce Went Down To Sydney
A Soldier Died Today ~ Road Stories 3


10. Cozi'manozzy
Here's To Arthur Phillip ~ How Tough Was He
I'll Bet You A Kangaroo ~ Cowboy Ride ~ Boots
The Dreamatologist ~ On Your Bike ~ Billy
The Older I Get (the better I was) ~ I'm Busy
All Gave some, some gave all ~ Dedicated Drinker


Pickin' Singin' Stories 'n' Stuff
# SW99014
Barra Creek Boys ~ Skase What's that on your face
Bob Menzies ~ Comin' Up Roses ~ Line Dancin'
Henry Banjo & Me ~ Toke By Toke ~ Smokin' Again
Click Go The Shears ~ Dinky Di Aussie ~ Zzarr
Green Green Grass ~ Woulda Coulda Shoulda
What Have You Done For Australia ~ I Hear a Sound
Gotta Give The Grog Away ~ What's A Pommie
If Wishes Were Horses ~ It's A Feelin'
Hankies From Nana ~ Gone Fishin'


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