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Lindsay Butler Studios

  Lindsay Butler Studios were opened in 1989
to specialise in recording Australian Country Music.

For over 25 years, award winning producer Lindsay Butler
has recorded hundreds of successful country albums,
establishing the careers of many of today's
traditional country music stars.

  History of Lindsay Butler Studios . . .

  1.  Kootingal Studio:   Opened in 1989 - closed in 1993
                                 operation moved to Tamworth

  2.  Tamworth (Bridge St) Studio:   Opened in 1994 - closed in 1995
                                                operation moved to Moonbi

  3.  Tamworth (Bridge St) Studio ‘B':    Opened in 1994 - closed in 1995
                                                    operation moved to Moonbi

  4.  Moonbi Studio:   Opened in 1995 – still operational outside Tamworth

  5.  Moonbi Studio ‘B’:   Opened in 1998 – became part of the main
                                  studio during expansion

  6.  Robina (Gold Coast) Studio:    Opened in 2000 – closed in 2020

  7.  Tamworth (Goonoo Goonoo Rd) Studio:  Opened in 2004 – still operational
hosts the LBS Studio Open Day Concert, January

  8.  Studio ‘8’ (Mobile Studio):    Opened in 2006 – still operational ‘on the road’

  9.  Tamworth Recording Suite:  Opened in 2008 - still operational

10.  Musicorp Mastering Suite:  Opened in 2010 - still  operational

11.  Kingswood (348 Whitehouse Lane) Studio:  Opened in 2017 - still operational
                                         as LBS Music Group National Headqua























Lindsay Butler

Phone:  02 6762 1104
Mobile:  0412 605 488

  LINDSAY BUTLER OAM &  SHAZA LEIGH                                       (c) Copyright LBS Music Australia 2013 - All rights reserved

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