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The LBS CD WAREHOUSE is one of
Australia's biggest country music retailers.

LBS has been selling Australian Country Music
nationally and internationally for over 25 years.

Mobile: 0412 605 488

There are over 200 independent country music
artists utilising this facility to sell their
CD's, books and other merchandise.

Retailers for The Major
Independent Record Companies
& Recording Artists


LBS Country Club




Member Benefits include:

- LBS News

- Discounted prices

(Multiple LBS CD packages)

- Discounted Tickets
(All LBS Festival Concerts)

- Free postage

(in Australia)

Facilities Available
(for Phone orders)

0412 605 488



 Artist Listing

in alphabetical order

Alan Dale
Alice Benfer
Anita Ree
Anne Montgomery
Ann Penman
Anthony Baxter
Arthur Blanch
Ashley Cook
Athol McCoy
Barry Benning
Barry Brady
Barry Thornton
Barry K Chandler
Ben Jacobs
Benning Brothers
Beryl Imhoff
Bill Murray
Bill Newman
Billy Freeman
Bluey Francis
Bob Easter
Bob Ferris
Bob Ovenden
Brad Blanck
Brett Dallas
Brian Letton
Brian Young
Bryan Watkins
Bruce McCumstie
Buddy Williams
Carol Chaney
Charley Boyter
Charmaine Pout
Chris E Dodd
Christina George
Christine Adams
Clelia Adams
Coad Sisters
Col Edmonds
Col Elliott
Connie Kis Anderson
Corinna Cordwell
Craig Giles
Country Bob Brown
Daisy May
Dale Duncan
Danny Mack
Darryl Lamb
Dave McCallum
David Croser
Dean Johnston
Debbie Grace
Deniese Morrison
Dianne Lindsay
Don & Elvie Featherstone
Doug Dayman
Doug McIntyre
Doug Rowe
Dusty Rankin
Eddie Youngblood
Elvie Nichol
Emma Jene
Ernie Constance
Evelyn Bury
Gail Smith
Gavan Arden
Gay Brazel
Geoff Brown
Geoff Williams
Ginny Peters
Glenn Jones
Gordon Parsons
Graeme Coates
Graeme Hugo
Graham O'Toole
Graham Pearson
Graham Rodger
Greg Bain
Greg Williams
Gunbarrell Highwayman
Herbie Laughton
Ian B McLeod
Ian Quinn
Jack Pledge
Jamie Davis
Jeanette James
Jean Stafford
Jeff Brown
Jim & Margaret Coad
Jim Muir
John & Avon Kilcullen
John Lecner
Johnny Greenwood
Johnny Grills
Johnny Heap
John Major
John O'Dea
Jude D Lasselle
Judy Stevens
Justin Standley
Karen Williams
Keith Jamieson
Kel Anne Brandt
Ken Chainsaw Lindsay
Ken Hill
Kevin Shegog
Kirsty Lee Acres
Kristy Schneider
Lee Brittan
Len & Rosalie Hill
Leo Reynolds
Les Lawson
Les Partell
Lex K
Lindsay Butler
Lindsay Hammond
Lindsay Waddington
Lloyd Back
Loose Connections
Lynette Guest
Mal Brodie
Mal Coad
Mal Podmore
Manfred Vijars
Marcia Armfield
Marc Roberts
Marge Graham
Mary Duff
Mathew Tiedeman
Matt Manning
Melinda Johnstone
Mel Sommers
Melissa Bajric
Michael Pincott
Michelle Ovenden
Michelle Russell
Michelle Styles
Michelle Walker
Mike Casey
Naomi Therese
Nathan Charlton
Neil Buttsworth
Nev Molloy
Noel Dobell
Noel Parlane
Norma Jean
Norma O'Hara Murphy
Oberle Brothers
Owen Blundell
Pat Pincott
Patti McKinnon
Paul Seils
Peggy Gilchrist
Pete Smith
Peter Coad
Peter Salata
Peter Simpson
Phill Davies
Rachel Jillett
Rachel Summerell
Random Selection
Randy Roots
Ray Savage
Reg Poole
Renee McAlpin
Rex Dallas
Rick & Cathy
Rick & Thel
Rick Aitchison
Rick Carey
Road Apple
Roger Knox
Ron Peters
Ross Hunt
RP White
Shane Hogan
Shaza Leigh
Shirley Thoms
Shorty Ranger
Sidey & Annie Ree
Singing Kettles
Slim Newton
Stan Perkins
Steve Brodie
Terry & Jenny Bennetts
Terry Gordon
Texas Rose
Tex Morton
The Sparrows
Three Generations
Tom Maxwell
Tom McIvor
Tony Shepherd
Tracy Coster
Trevor Adamson
Trevor Day
Trevor Keilar
Truckin' Stevens
Vic Simms
Warren Nielsen
Wayne Appleby
Wayne Pascoe
Wayne Rogers
Webb Brothers
Yolande Gibson

Compilation Albums

LBS Country Collections
(Volume 1 - 19)

The Music Lives On
(LBS Salute to Slim Dusty)

Aussie Superpickers
(Volume 1)

A Century Not Out
(LBS Music 100th album)

Call of the Bellbird
(Volume 1 - 3)


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The LBS Distribution
Catalogue has
all artists listed in alphabetical order

Over 200 artists
 listed and available
in the catalogue


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